Zelmina Ravenscar was a prominent character on WoW-Freedom before the wipe/reset. She's mostly known for her affiliation with the Dawn of Ruin and her role in the wars that took place during the early era's of Freedom.

Personality Edit

What probably made Zelmina so famous would be her personality. Wherever she went, trouble would follow and she'd always come out unscathed. Scheming and ready with a plan to save her own hide, she'd leave anyone behind to take the fall, for if it came down to you or her, she'd cut your rope in a flash.

One thing to remember, she always has an agenda.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Zelmina's past, only that she was an orphan and survived by thievery and enrolling in various criminal activities.

Queen of Crimes Edit

Zelmina made a name for herself when she started to climb the ladder, going from small-time thefts to aiding the infamous mastermind known as Lord Seraphis Moonshadow.

It all began when she publicly insulted Sylveras, Seraphis' right hand, instantly turning herself into a living target.

Present Time Edit

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that there's been no sightings of or any words from Zelmina Ravenscar in many years. Whether or not the inevitable fate she's been trying to escape has caught up with her, one thing is for sure, she's been up to no good.

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