Zandalari, Horde (Loosely)








Historian, Voodoo Priest


Xukundi originates from the great island of Zandalar, spending a majority of his life there. During his days there, he delved deeply into the ancient texts of his people and the words of the elder Trolls to gain his understanding of the Troll race as a whole, rather than as it is split into the various warring tribes. Alongside his involvement with his teachings and fabled stories of the great Troll Empires, he also took a particular interest in Voodoo, which now serves him well as he makes his first rove across Azeroth, also fueled by his curiosity for the Darkspear Tribe and their unique behaviour when compared to their less cunning Jungle bretheren. What is aimed to be gained from this venture can be speculated to be anything, but his main drive is to learn more about his Darkspear Bretheren, who's involvement in the defeat of the various factions alongside the Horde has moulded their reputation into that of traitors and heroes.


Xukundi holds true to his Zandalari affiliation, but has found himself forced to aquaint himself with the Horde in order to make an appearance in any city/town as he makes his way to Orgrimmar, the first checkpoint before Sen'jin Village. He is wise enough to avoid the the Alliance civilization, already well aware of their arrogant behaviour and expansionism, their Alliance with the Kal'dorei only worsening the grudge towards them.

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