Xenor HoperiseEdit


Xenor Hoperise






IconSmall Human Male Human


25 years


IconPaladin Paladin




John Hoperise (Father) , Lisa Hoperise (Mother) , Mardek Hoperise (Brother) , Vellithel Lightgrace (Lover)


John Hoperise(former) , Lisa Hoperise(former)


Stormwind ,

Order of the Hammer.


Calm and peacefully , he always tryes to make everyone around him feeling happy.He would try to do his best , but sometimes it wouldn't happen just as he thought.

Xenor is the typical model of a human follower of the Holy Light.Always helping those in need , from strangers to soldiers and nobles , he is always ready for helping.======


Xenor was born in Northshire , Elwynn Forest , being raised by his parents , John and Lisa.His parents trained him , his father being a known warrior around Northshire , and his mother being a trustworthy priest.

Shortly after he was born , his brother left Northshire.He never met his brother again.

His father always hoped his son will become a powerfull warrior , always training him everyday.But in his free time , Xenor was reading the books of her mother (Books full of Holy Light history).

As time passed , Xenor showed his parents a somewhat high potential of both strength and mind.

At the age of 18 , he
Xenor Baby

Xenor Hoperise as a baby.

was walking near Northshire , when a group of kobolds knocked him.He woke up in the Echo Ridge Mine , surrounded by even more kobolds.Wielding just Holy Light , he fighted his way back to the exit of the cave.

His parents and people of Northshire were surprised he could survive in that cave , not even the soldiers wanted to go there , because of the pressumed explosive being all around the cave , and every kobold that had a candle on his head(Explosive + Candle = KABOOM).

As a gift for his achievement , the people of Northshire showed him a hidden place in the Abbey.There he found a massive sword , called The Hopebringer by many people that saw the weapon.

After that event , he took the sword , and left Northshire , hoping to spread the Holy Light and become a known...


Joining Order of the HammerEdit

After some get-cats-from-trees missions , Xenor met with Akina Trueheart , a friend and a fresh member of the new Order of the Hammer. The squires of this order are honorable warriors and paladins , fighting for what's good , as it seems on first sight.

He talked with Aderathon Lighthammer , the Lord of the order , and he got quickly recruited.

Took his tabard , and ready for new adventures with his new friends and comrades in the order.

A dream and a book.Edit

After being recruited in the Order of the Hammer , Xenor went to sleep at his home , being tired from his training.(Unfinished)

Memorable QuotesEdit

(to his parents) : "Mother , father , you teached me well , but now , with my heart and body , I am something more , I am...a paladin.

(As a child , to his mom) :"Probably not today , but someday , I will be someone , someone who can change fate of Azeroth!"

(to Vellithel) : "You don't need to thank me...a smile from you is enough."

(to Lex) : "Together we will demonstrate ourselves inside and outside the battleground , because now we are...friends."

(to himself , looking at the sky) : "The sky is so full of clouds : White clouds and black clouds...but could here exists white clouds without black clouds?"

(to Maysia Moonguard) : I tell you the truth , from now and up to our graves , we are friends.

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