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Welcome to the Freedom Wiki

Here you will find information about the various Guilds, Characters and much more. Feel free to contribute to our wiki with your character and please refrain from editing other pages than your own. Enjoy.

Be aware that the wikia is receiving a purge in coming days; Nothing will be deleted for good! See links in forum post, there will be a google doc link for each page that is removed.

Faces of Freedom

IconSmall succubus Jikininki
IconSmall gorloc Soo-Cha
IconSmall High Elf Female Aylana Everchain
IconSmall Dwarf Male GoldHood Fargus
IconSmall Human Male Tiranus Smith
IconSmall Katrana Viola Havencloud
IconSmall Human Male Yakob Merres
IconSmall Human Female Caroline Ripley Swanson
IconSmall Human Male Gabriel Swanson
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Evan Blackmaw

IconSmall Marrowgar Gregenath Ahrental
IconSmall Kulthar Kulthar, the Wanderer
IconSmall Undead Female Leverent Doyles
IconSmall Jaina Jale Auris
IconSmall Human Male Garrow Goldenbrew
IconSmall Orc Male Garel
IconSmall Brann Durkon Greyhammer
IconSmall Muradin Glalin Thunderforge
IconSmall High Elf Female Lady Laerune
IconSmall Nefarius Cody Benedikt Hewitt

IconSmall Undead Male Nzerial Ahrental
IconSmall Night Elf Female Vydul Minn
IconSmall Night Elf Male Celefos Bearheart
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Morleru Sanguinar
IconSmall satyr Vorlus Vilehoof
IconSmall belfdeathknight Ori
IconSmall Human Male Charles Joseph Willem
IconSmall UndeadElf Female Nemain Nel'ithal
IconSmall DAKALFUCKERS Dakal Shilani
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Nathalion Dawnstrider