Warlord Araak


Large compared to other Naga, heavy armor covered in Onyxia's scales.




Co-leader and founder of The Cold Hand, Aszhara's naga. Former Co-leader of Fist of Insanity.




Priest of the tides initiate, Myrmidon, Archer.

Araak's life as a naga changed a lot during the last years, once he was a lone-wolf slithering across the shores of Azeroth, but he was planning. Once by the shores of Darkshore Araak met a strange man, his name was Hades and he was a necromancer. Araak and Hades united under one name - The Cold Hand.

While Hades Infiltrated an Alliance base at Dun Modr, Araak gathered a large army. Soon Araaks army was great enough for an assault, and the Alliance at Dun Modr was defeated, though The Cold Hand retreated from the now ruined base, as they counter-attacked. About a month later, Revantusk Village was assaulted and destroyed by The Cold Hand as well, shortly followed up by the defeat of Southshore and other parts of Hillsbrad Foothills as well as the Hinterlands.

During this Araak's power hunger grew with same speed as his army did. He wished to defeat Onyxia, which seemed as an impossible goal, but not to Araak. He marched upon Onyxia's cave, he defeated her, and took her scales as armor.

Trouble was starting in Hillsbrad foothills, as Araak returned. Rebelious Alliances were fighting his naga, one of them - Glalin. Araak fought the Glalin, and after a long struggle Glalin fell dead. Araak took the legendary weapon that Glalin had been using - Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, was now in Araak's possession. With these weapons and such an Army Araak seems undefeatable, though he's kept a low profile during the latest period, planning and gathering.

Araak's doing's through time:

  • Allying with Hades into "The Cold Hand"
  • The Defeat of Dun Modr.
  • The Defeat of Revantusk and Southshore as well as other parts of Hillsbrad and Hinterlands.
  • Slaying Onyxia and gaining the armor of her scales.
  • Killing Glalin at Southshore, gaining possession of Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

Araak as personEdit

Araak himself is actually very lazy, maybe the reason to his slow evolving to power. He's very smart(for a Naga) which is the direct opposite of the regular naga male, as they usually have a very low IQ. Araak's body mutated more than regular naga's as well, which causes his huge size. In combat Araak stays in the background, only moving a finger if absolutely neccesary, he commands his troops to do the dirty work as he simply watches. In Araak's eyes none can be spared, kids and old men and women are slain if possible, and if you oppose him, you are to be punished.