"Glory to the Thunderfist!"

- Vraul Jawrip, shouting out the pride he has for his cause
Vraul Dalaran

Vraul Jawrip was an orc warrior who first served under the rule of Warchief Thrall, and then Garrosh Hellscream of the Horde. He was also in service to the Thunderfist Warband until it was disbanded due to its volatile political affairs.

Vraul himself, however, had endured much pain throughout his involvement in the Horde's conquest within Azeroth and beyond. Originally hailing from Nagrand, he had suffered through many tragedies that have befallen the orcish race in recent times. While his father, Soran Jawrip, was a shaman of the Frostwolf clan and lived a long life until the Horde took off for Kalimdor, Vraul's mother had caught a terrible sickness and died long ago when Vraul was a mere seven years old. Such losses instilled a great anger in him - a weakness which his foes would eventually seek to use against him.

Though he was technically apart of the Frostwolf clan, Vraul was a warrior-born, and as such held no powers over the elements. However, he continued to wear his father's lupine mask in his memory. He stood slightly taller than most orcs, and had a bulky, muscular build, a necessity for a warrior of his type. He also had various tattoos etched onto his arms, including an image of wolf sitting atop a rock and howling at the moon, wherein two wolves could be seen on each side of, which he acquired as a tribute to both of his parents while he was still in Lordaeron. Regardless of the fact that Hellscream's political beliefs were much more militant than his own, Vraul remained sided with Garrosh and his Kor'kron, fighting for the mighty orcish race up until his own death during the Siege of Orgrimmar.

Early ChildhoodEdit

Prior to his birth, Vraul had taken quite a toll on his mother, who was constantly dehydrated and required constant attention through the second half of her pregnancy. While his mother barely survived the event, Vraul was nonetheless born a healthy child within a Nagrand village near the tremendous Oshu'gun mountain to Soran and Grime Jawrip. He was a rather large infant compared to the usual orc, but what certainly caught his parents' attention was the clarity of Vraul's eyes. Like milky eggs they were, complimented by large, dark pupils, which stared at his parents endlessly, curious of the figures that had brought him into the world.

Vraul's development was rather slow at first, as he was unable to walk on his own for a few years, and found difficulty picking up the orcish language. Such progress worried his parents, as the harsh traditions of orcish culture did not take kindly to those in the group that were branded as "weaklings". In an attempt to resolve their son's disabilities, the pair became harsh on young Vraul, fiercely and constantly teaching him the ways of their people. Once he had grown to be just five years of age, Grima had begun taking Vraul on daily trips to Garadar to gather food and water for their home. As they passed by, the citizens could not help but to notice Vraul's glossy eyes darting around, piercing through each new and exciting visual that Vraul could pick up. Many orcs soon crowded around him, trying to communicate with him and compliment his eyes, to the alert of Grima. Racing in to protect his son and hide his disability, Grima snatched him away and fled from the town, promising to keep him away until he was of age to defend himself. However, that night, Soran argued heavily with Grima for such a decision, proclaiming that his son would not be discriminated against.

The next day, Soran went off to his usual duties for his clan, leaving Grima and Vraul in their hut. However, Vraul awoke to the sound of terrible and obnoxious coughing. He looked up and saw his mother, looking pale and sweaty, coughing around the house, trying to drink it away with all of the water they had. Unfortunately, there was very little left, and so Grima decided to take Vraul out and into Garader, hoping to get rid of her annoying cough. On the way there, Grima's pace became slower and her posture became more and more droopy. When they were almost halfway there, Grima collapsed onto her face and died, letting go of Vraul's hand in the process. Vraul, in a state of confusion and worry, began shaking his other, blurting out, "Mama?", to no response. He pushed his mother over and fixated his gaze upon her eyes; such a beautiful sight they made, giving off a bright and warm greeting, even in their now-motionless state. Such a sight became burned into Vraul's memory forever, as he stared at Grima for many hours until finally a passerby came and stopped over, calling out the shaman and others for help. Vraul's father was never the same after Grima's funeral, as the regrets that poured out into his mind had left him with a broken heart and a relative loss of ambition. Vraul, still too young to understand and process the occurrence, had been told that his mother had gone to sleep for meditation and was helping the spirits find peace with the world.

Growing Up to Trouble WithinEdit

Growing up within the Frostwolf clan, Vraul was encouraged by his people to become a shaman, much like his own father, and join tremendous battles in the name of the clan. As Vraul became of age to begin the initiation, he was sent out on a trek to the sacred "mountain", Oshu'gun, in a mission to seek out the ancestors. If Vraul had been able to see the ancestors appear before him, he would be able to communicate with them and hear firsthand their wise guidance. However, Vraul arrived and saw nothing of the sort, and returned with the grim news. His father, along with the rest of the clan that knew him, had been heavily disappointed for some time. However, one of the elder shamans advised Vraul not to seek sorrow in such trying times, but instead find his own path in history. Given his superior physical strength, Vraul was convinced to take up the responsibilities of being an axe-wielding defender of his people. The trainers noticed that he had an adept ability to swing his blades in an efficient manner, and so placed him in many duels with other promising trainees. While Vraul had not garnered a perfect record in these fights, his skills impressed many of the higher-ups within the Frostwolf clan, who were convinced that Vraul's specialty and way of life was the path of the warrior.

However, not long after having such an epiphany, Vraul had noticed a sharp change within the ideas of his people. The Frostwolf clan was becoming much more secretive and divided, as Drek'thar and many other powerful shaman were convinced to practice warlockery - not knowing of the terrible force behind such power. Soon, the first Horde had been formed with the combined might of numerous orc clans, the Frostwolf included. Under orders by the puppet Warchief, Blackhand, Vraul had joined an orc offensive that included great warriors such as Durotan himself in an attack against the draenei holding of Telmor. Vraul, having the choice to either obey his clan and live or dissent and suffer a brutal demise, reluctantly chose to slay a fair amount of draenei in his path. Soon after, Shattrath City had been sacked, and many orcs were commanded to drink the Blood of Mannoroth and partake in a gift by the terrible warlock, Gul'dan.

Following Durotan's wise ways, Vraul joined him and much of the Frostwolf clan in escaping through the Dark Portal from Draenor to a strange new land known as Azeroth.

A New WorldEdit

After exiting the portal to find themselves in a vast swamp, the Frostwolf clan traveled far north to a valley within the Alterac Mountains. Noticing a positive change in the methods that the shamans practiced, Vraul once again felt a great pride in a his people, even though the clan would soon suffer tremendous trials and tribulations in the coming years. For much time, the Frostwolves were hounded by humans, or pinkskins as the orcs called them, who hunted many of them down in the forests and either slaughtered or enslaved them within internment camps. After many years of being able to successfully escape this terrible enemy, Vraul began to notice that his father's health had begun to decline sharply. A former warlock returned to shamanism, Soran Jawrip's body had taken a massive toll from such drastic changes in his use of spellpower. With his physical body aged to exhaustion, Soran's spirit quickly began to wane, and he was violently killed within the forests of northern Hillsbrad while fleeing from a raid of Lordaeronian humans. Vraul, who was running alongside his father, had shortly before been convinced by him to stop trying to help Soran escape. Vraul refused to do so until one of the human attackers managed to grab hold of Soran's lagging arm, and pulled him back into the group and quicjky slaughtered him with their weapons. The distraction granted Vraul barely enough time to turn himself around and head for the hills. Finding many others of his clan alive but wounded by arrows, Vraul vowed to one day make the humans pay by any means necessary. In honor of both his father and mother, Vraul decided to get a large tattoo on his left shoulder which he he looks at each day he wakes up in order to remind himself of the day when his father was brutally taken from him.

For Honor and GloryEdit

For many years, the orcs had been entrapped within internment camps, seperated from the rest of their brethren who, while free, were facing life nearly if not rougher than that withn the camps themselves. That is, until a remarkable young shaman soon came upon his people and became the first shaman of a new generation that the elemental spirits accepted. Soon, this newcomer - branded by the humans with the name "Thrall" - proved to the clan his capabilities when he was able to best Orgrim Doomhammer in single combat. Vraul, hearing of the plan that Doomhammer and Thrall had concocted against the humans, was eager to join in on their idea.

It was not until Durnholde Keep that Vraul was allowed to fully join in on the attack, but the wait left him extremely hungry for battle against the humans. It was there, within Durnholde, that Vraul would meet an orc prisoner, Aknug Stormrider, with whom Vraul would unknowingly have later contact with, and personally free his bonds so that Aknug was able to join in on the fight against the human wardens. Successful in their attack, the imprisoned orcs had been freed and the keep was shaken down to rubble by the might of Thrall's shamanistic powers.

Trouble Along The WayEdit

With many of the remaining orcs freed and the orcs becoming a sizable force within Azeroth, Vraul joined the clans as they assembled to establish a new base for all of the united orcs to remain within in relative safety. However, the orcs were not to stay, as the orc liberator himself, Thrall, had been given a vision by a mysterious prophet to sail the oceans westward towards Kalimdor in order to escape the humans and find their own destinies. Vraul was apart of the force that assaulted a human base that not only held a plethora of ships, but that had also encaged the great warrior, Grom Hellscream. After freeing him from his bonds, the orcs swiftly boarded the human ships and fled the Eastern Kingdoms for good. As the ship he was on drifted away from the human-infested continent, Vraul stood by and stared at the fading lands, promising to one day return and bring hell to the dastardly humans who had caused him so much grief.

While sailing the oceans, the ship Vraul and many other orcs had been on soon took off on another course, they were pulled into a storm near the Maelstrom. The ship was forced to take shelter upon an island, which happened to be inhabited by not only a mysterious race known as trolls, but also more angry humans seeking to kill the orcs. During a battle with each other, the humans and orcs were ambushed by a raid of intelligent murlocs, who sought out sacrifices for their terrible rituals. Imprisoned within a fiery dungeon inside the volcano, Vraul continued to rattle the cages until he was knocked over the head and demoralized by the wardens of his cell. It was not until Thrall arrived and freed him did Vraul regain hope that he and his people would be able to escape such a horrible fate as a sacrifice. After a mighty battle against murloc armies, Vraul and the others were finally able to repair their ships and continue their voyage towards Kalimdor.

New Homeland, Old TroublesEdit

Finding himself seperated from Thrall and the rest of the others ships upon arrival to the coast of Kalimdor, Vraul and a few surviving orcs desperately fought off attacking wildlife until Thrall managed to find and regroup them into the fold. Eventually, Vraul and the others had managed to find Grom Hellscream in battle against humans under the command of a certain powerful mage known as Jaina Proudmoore. In awe of his strength and fierce hatred against the pinkskins, Vraul decided to join him in his battles against them. Such willingness to draw the ire of the human attackers worried Thrall, as he left Grom and his Warsong clan to roam the lands of Ashenvale, and convinced Vraul to join them.

For a short while, Vraul felt out of place alongside the Warsong clan, as he was still a brown-skinned orc among orcs whom were granted a green pigment due to the time that they had previously accepted the terrible blood of the pit lord, Mannoroth. However, his fighting prowess impressed the clan, and Grom chuckled off Vraul's self-conscious thoughts and accepted him as an ally of the Warsongs. In their mission to gather lumber from the forests of Ashenvale, the orcs were sieged by angry, xenophobic creatures known as night elves, who saw the Warsongs and Vraul as terrible invaders and began a terrible conflict with them.


While fighting against the skilled, elven archers, the demigod Cenarius showed up and greatly turned the tide against the orcs. Given his imperviousness to conventional attacks, the Warsongs felt that they required a new weapon to face such a foe - otherwise, death was certain for the orcs. One of the troll witch doctors sensed strange energies nearby, and brought Grom and the others towards a fountain of blood. As the tensions grew, Grom felt he had no choice but to drink the corrupted blood in order to save his people from extermination. Grom gave Vraul one opportunity to become a true ally with the Warsong Clan - drink the blood along with the others and join the others in their attacks against Cenarius. If Vraul refused to do so, Grom emphasized that he would be exiled and left to die within the forests, alone against the elven forces. Convinced enough to follow through, Vraul engorged himself with Mannoroth's blood, and soon began feeling his body go through many terrible changes. His muscle size grew tremendously, his ferocity became unmatched by the mag'hari orcs he had left behind in Draenor, but most importantly - his skin had become green much like the rest of the clan's soldiers, that is until it turned to a dark red color - a sign that Vraul had begun the transformation into a fel orc.

With this newfound strength, Vraul joined Grom's clan in wiping out the elven forces wherever they tread. Though aimed and fired at by dozens of archers, Vraul had personally cut through numerous night elves with his dual axes. As apart of the corrupted Warsong clan, Vraul had grown to have a fiery hatred towards Thrall, and an especially strong craving for the blood of Jaina Proudmoore, as she was the leader of a race that he so very much despised for many years. However, before Vraul could be meet up with the powerful forces with Thrall, Grom had advised Vraul, as well as many other Warsong orcs, to remain behind and continue to slay elven infidels. Enraged but without a choice, Vraul reluctantly accepted his duty and remained within the southern parts of Ashenvale, where he and the Warsongs continued to cut through tremendous trees within its forests.


While walking along the battle-worn hills of the Warsong hold, Vraul began to notice another strange change within his body, as the terrible anger he held for Thrall had mysteriously vanished, and his skin had reverted to the green tinge he had held for a short while before. The remainder of the Warsong clan within Ashenvale had also returned to their pre-demonic states, but they were hopelessly confused as to the reasoning until they were told of their chieftain, Grom Hellscream's mighty sacrifice. Renewed in his ways, Vraul offered his services towards the future of his people, and left Ashenvale to join Thrall's mighty forces. These orcs would all go on to locate themselves within the deserts that were named Durotar, and establish the great city of Orgrimmar.

A New HopeEdit

The ThunderfistEdit

Vraul has become a courier for the Thunderfist Warband. An aspiring member, Vraul had joined up a few months after the Cataclysm had passed in order to seek out a decent living. He was the first to warn Garthak Thunderfist and his people of the siege that the Alliance and centaur forces were planning upon the Crossroads. His swift running capabilities have led him to become an official messenger of the warband, but Vraul secretely dreams of one day becoming a valiant soldier of his people - strong-willed, muscular, and well-armored. Soon after being assigned to his position, his message rang true, as an army of Theramore sharpshooters and scouts had invaded the Barrens. Prior to their assault upon the Crossroads village, they had nearly destroyed a nearby tower, setting it aflame and decimating the nearby population there. As word got across to him, Vraul soon informed Garthak and the rest of the warband of the treacherous attack. After the fighters had managed to enter the Crossroads and prepare for battle against the invaders, Vraul played a continual role as the primary advisor of Garthak as to the plans of their enemies. His constant watch and ability to stay out of sight aided the Thunderfist in successfully retaliating against the Theramore soldiers. While many casualties occurred during the fight, including that of well-known Dagg Battlevow, the Thunderfist had managed to strike down a tower that the Alliance troops had constructed and halted their movement against the Horde. However, about a week later, a strange sickness spread throughout the shaman population within the encampment. Given his high respect for the shamanic people, Vraul aided them as well as he could, such as by carrying a weak Aknug to any place he needed to travel for a few days while the seer recovered.

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