Volcaer Brimstone is an exiled Dark Iron Dwarf, sworn to the Black Drake Kalaran. He wanders the world, doing whatever he pleases, sowing chaos and fueling destruction across the land. Volcaer cares not for laws, for order, for anything other than his own hide, really.

His story so farEdit

Volcaer was once an ordinary blacksmith in Shadowforge City. He mined, smithed and forged weapons for his brethren using blacksmithing techniques passed down through his family. He earned an average wage, had an average wife and a pair o' average children. Yet, for Volcaer, average was not enough. The Dark Iron tired of slaving all day to earn a few coins he was soon lured by a Human named Kalaran Windseeker with promises of power.

After a few meager tests, slaying beasts in the Steppes, Kalaran discarded his human guise and revealed his true, scaley form to Volcaer - a Black Drake. He gave Volcaer only one objective - to kill as many of his brethren as he could. Being a greedy bastard with no real loyalty to his clan, he accepted for the rewards, and would then proceed to march into Shadowforge and slay many of his kin - including his wife and a child - before he was eventually forced to flee as the Guards mobilized. As they chased, he managed to kill a few with traps and such, but was eventually forced out of the mountain.

Kalaran had enjoyed the swathe of destruction he had carved into Blackrock, and so did indeed allow Volcaer to pledge allegience and swear himself to the Drake. Kalaran stayed in the Steppes, finding new ways to derail the Dark Iron Dwarves, whilst Volcaer roamed the land to mete out injustice.

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