Victucide is an arcanite runeblade imbued with the souls of the fallen. It was crafted by Gregenath and his Enlightened, being used by the former. The runeblade was based from the Trungeons of the First Generation Death Knights, Gregenath using the same ritual as Gul'dan to imbue the souls into the weapon - through memories gained by the Skull of Gul'dan. It was created in a series of steps, which shall be explained below.

The first step was gathering the Arcanite needed. The skeletals of the Enlightened, whilst still inhabiting Duskwood, had previously made weekly trips into the Swamp of Sorrows in order to mine Thorium and they had taken the stored ore with them to Caer Darrow. Arcane Crystals were also harvested from the deposits, although less frequently, and Gregenath combined these two using his knowledge of transmutation through Alchemy to form Arcanite - much like his predecessor Peregrinn had when creating Clandestine.

The second step was the forging of the blade itself. In the forges and blacksmiths of Caer Darrow, his kin worked tirelessly on forging the peculiar shape of the blade - leaving a socket free above the handle, below the hilt. After being forged, it was the subject of a few rituals performed by former Shadow Council Warlocks - allowing it to be compatible with imbued souls through the use of runes.

The third and final step were the souls themselves. Gregenath already had the souls of thirty slain Orcs from Blackrock Spire, yet this was not enough. Over the next few days, he took enemies alive - including the pirates of Scalawag Point - and eventually imbued them into the blade via runes with a ritual mirroring Gul'dan's creation of the Orcish Death Knights' Trungeons.

Within the weapon itself, are a multitude of small sockets, with which he intends to fill with certain gems.

-The sockets have been filled with shards of Frostmourne, containing the souls of unruly Val'kyr, which allow the blade to re-raise Undead.

The blade had been completed, yet it's large capacity allows it to contain more souls than used already. They, however, need to be added to the count via a similar ritual to the first intake.

Gregenath can summon it at will, and he usually does so by pulling it from his throat.

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