Veridium, the rarest crystal on Azeroth.

Veridium is a rare crystalline substance, neglectfully known to mortals as Dragon's Tears, Rainbow Drops or simply Veridium. The crystal itself was once a large object possessed by the dragonflights during the War of the Ancients. In the subsequent battle, the crystal fell into the Well of Eternity and shattered into a thousand pieces, zipping across Azeroth. Over the ages as mortal races evolved, the Great Keeper of the crystals harvested them, trying to return it to it's former glory.. however, a Zeppelin flying over Stromgarde crashlanded, alerting the veridium presence to the Alliance. The Horde and Alliance marched into Un'goro, wielding weapons of great steel and shining properties. They prepared for war; prepared to land the blow and rule with these crystals. At first, they were speaking with people. They fought eachother with words and physical violence. By the end, some were rolling down the cliffside, dead or in a current struggle. However, the Great Keeper emerged from the mountainside; a mighty statue of elegant nature and glowing white florescence. The Keeper swayed his hands, smashing the people away as he summoned crystalline spires to emerge from the ground. The mortals fought bravely against the gargantuan mammoth. It eventually fell, yet took the veridium with it. The crystals smashed into thousands of pieces, spreading across Azeroth. The races began a race of time.. a time to find the most powerful crystal of all time..



The veridium crystal itself is a shining light, visible from afar. It is extremely soft, almost silky. Touching it feels like rubbing silk. You mostly have a sense of euphoria when in it's presence.


The qualities of Veridium are as such; it is extremely strong, outranking Saronite, yet extremely lightweight and rare. It has magic so powerful, it could heal armies if need by, but might kill the user.

Veridium's properties:Edit

Veridium comes in a multitude of colours and powers. The most prominent, red, is the power of fire and heat. It mostly lets life grow due to it's warmth. The second most common is blue and yellow; being water and light respectively. Orange is plague, the rarest. White is the second rare; pure arcane. The great crystal was originally white. Black is shadowic; corrupted by the dark forces. Purple is normal arcane, not purified. It is corruptive, yet powerful. The final is green; nature. It is one of the most powerful and one of the rarest. It is safeguarded by nature itself; a sentient crystal.

Location of Veridium:Edit

  • Veridium was first located outside Stromgarde, by accident.
  • The second location was in Un'goro, guarded by a giant in a cave area. Horde and Alliance fought in vain.
  • The third location is yet to be found.