After his moths of beeing an Hatchling, ready to start his training.

Veraktha Slitterscale:

Veraktha Slitterscale was just and ordinary Naga hatchling, just for making Soldiers in the ever lasting war.

As Veraktha (or Verk) was just hatched, His Denwatcher Mooruba ( a large water element) saw something special in little Verk. As Tide Huntress heard Mooruba talking about a special Naga she laughed and said " a Male Naga without the marks?(the rock head,arm.). What are you trying to do Mooruba?", as Mooruba answerd" He is My'Lady,Now come.", the 2 would go towards the Den where Verk was sleeping the whole time."Wake up little one" ,said Mooruba. Verk didn't moved at all as then The Tide Huntress poked him with her bow, Verk would be awake as he stands up bowing for the Tide Huntress. Verk would bow his head making the sorry face. As she would be speachless seeing his body,tail and face. She said "We need to warn lady Vashj, he is one of the few that are marked by Ashzara!". After Lady Vashj heared and saw him she said he would get the best,hardest and toughest training of all the Naga.

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