Veneficus Instructus

Main Leader

Lord Tiran Smith (Current)

Other Notable Leaders

Sir James Avery (Alive), Ammath Sunwhisper (Alive), Lady Joanna Mirk (Alive), Noble Able Solophos (Deceased)


Veneficus, Neutral


Outposts over Azeroth


Chaotic Good

Member Count


Npc Count



Magically Aligned Races



The Veneficus Instructus is a Magical Order of Spell users and magi alike. The Order was founded in the Legardemain lounge of dalaran by its three Lords: Sir James Avery, Noble Able Solophos and Sir Tiran Smith. The Veneficus have quickly expanded since its founding, having large activity in the North Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend and most recently in the eastern area of Kalimdor.



The Veneficus have long been a notable magical force in Azeroth since its creation, though its begginings are nearly all but forgotten. It began In Dalaran, after the 3 strong group had made a pact to loyaly serve the veneficus, they becan recruiting. First off came the experienced magi: Lady Joanna Mirk, a woman in her mid twenties who had become tired of the ways of the Kirin Tor, Zarrock, a ex-necromancer orc who had turned to Fel magic, Kelian; a eager young magi who had volunteer'ed almost immediately. Ronald; the hired gun, a mercenary who had been hired to aid the veneficus and Ammath Sunwhisper, a Blood elf who had grown tired of the Faction conflict and Dalaran and sourght new prospects. These many people would be known as the experienced few, along with Tiran, Avery and Solophos.

Emergency EvacuationEdit

The Veneficus stood strong, they now had a large group of magi and many others a like to follow them, and were ready to start their study. Unfortunately, Dalaran became under attack by the blue dragonflight, and during the siege; Lord Solophos was killed. His body was laid to rest in the Old lands of Hillsbrad due to his Noble heritage. This left the Veneficus with only two Lords left as Tiran and Avery decided northrend was no longer safe for their magi and departed to the lands of hillsbrad. They came to a interuption when their portal displaced them to the old lands of Tirisfall as they quickly retreated to the woods of Silverpine.

Founding of PyrewoodEdit

- To be continued.