Vaedorian Mar'Kados
Vaedorian Mar'Kados2
Hand of the Progenitor




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Dire Maul

Brief historyEdit

Vaedorian, a well experienced transmuter, had been searching for the perfect form, had been trying to become the perfect being. In a twisted ritual, he had ripped himself apart, killing him instantly. Unable to move on, fueled by the obsession that resulted in his death, and a burning cliché love, he remained in this world as a wraith, his motivation to continue manifesting in the form of his now even more sinister obsession.

Although he was able to continue his work, in a more altered fashion, he took a very dark approach towards gaining it, as the effects of Undeath loomed over him. Whilst remaining honourable and respectful in many aspects, he turned violent towards anyone who showed themselves a viable threat to him or his goal.

The years passed, yet he was able to accomplish little in his belittled form, until he came in contact with a being calling himself by the name Vendesa. Through Vendesa, and a deal made between them, he now sees the path he must take to gain the form he so craves, working loyally as Vendesa's unquestioning servant, assisting him and his allies.

He has fallen once in battle, at the hands of Seraphis and Kelinath, and was reborn through Vendesa as an even darker fiend, yet was able to keep his sentience and free will. As Vendesa ascended higher in power with the Silithid, Vaedorian was required more than ever to carry out the will of Vendesa, now almost replacing him when dealing with more meanial beings.

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