Trekkar, son of Dakkar, son of the Warsong clan and the horde.

Horde 32 Trekkar, warrior of the Horde


Sergeant of the Skullhewer Offensive



Faction (clans also)

Horde, Skullhewer offensive, Warsong clan and soon to be Skullhewer also




Dakkar (father/alive) Metra(Mother/alive) Makkar (Grandfather/dead) Mekkar (brother/dead) Mitra (sister/dead)


Garel, Log'toir, Krogar, Draga, Salentherial, Garrock, Caeleya, Jale...

Location and status:

Fighting in Northrend and alive

Trekkar is a normal orc warrior, he uses his grandfathers axe which was recently in Northrend enchanted by the Grand Magister Salentherial. He is a Sergeant in the Skullhewer Offensive, General Garrocks offensive.


Trekkar was born in Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows. His family was in the Warsong clan from the begining. Trekkar remembers his days in Hillsbrad nothing before. At the age of 4 he was asked if he wanted to chose the path of a shaman or the path of a warrior. Trekkar looking up on his Grandfather Mettar chose to be a warrior.

Ever since he said he wanted to be a warrior his days of training started. They were long and tiresome. At the age of 7 he went to the woods, alone. He was caught by a human guard. He was sent to a little camp where there were also young orcs. Trekkar a scared little child was tortured by the the human guards. Though he cried him self to sleep at nights, one night he told his fellow orc friends that they must get out of the camp. The next morning the orc children made a little riot, luckly four of the seven guards went to get supplies from the nearest Lordearon town. Two children got out, Trekkar and the other children were punished, they were beaten so hard that some died. The next morning a horn woke up Trekkar, luckily it was a Warsong horn. Trekkars father with the other warsong orcs rampaged into the small camp and freed the children. That event scared Trekkar for life, from that day on he thought human were scum.

At the age of 11 he went threw the most dramatic thing of his life. Humans attacked the village he lived in and killed his brother and his sister. At the age of 13 he went the Kalimdor with the rest of the Warsong clan.

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