With the power of Technology we will defeat the Scourge!'

Words by Gynblin Tinkertrain.

About the Tinkertrain Warfare ArmyEdit

The Tinkertrain Warfare Army are a small group of soldiers relying on technology in battle using cannons, turrets, mechanical constructs and many other kinds of powerful weapons. Being Neutral they doesnt join the war Between the Alliance and Horde.

Founded by Gynblin Tinkertrain shortly before she went to Northrend the group has gained enough forces of both Humanoids as Mechanical Constructs. They are currently aiding the Argents in En'kilah against the Dragon Aspect Malygos in the Nexus.

The Creation of The Tinkertrain Warfare ArmyEdit

After finally fixing her Steam-suit after its breakdown Gynblin Tinkertrain decided to create a group of people relying on technology while fighting like she did. She thought that technology will destroy the Scourge and after placing some posters in Stormwind, The deeprun tram and Ironforge she went to Northrend starting to create a small army of Mechanical Constructs and other gadgets and soon some Gnomes and Humans came and joined the Warfare Army.

Important membersEdit

Gynblin Tinkertrain (founder and leader)

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