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Scourge Commander Decoric

Because of the constant victories of the living armies in icecrown,the Lich king has ordered his subordinate Orbaz Bloodbane to create a special cadre of deaht knights know as The Riders of Suffering to lead and coodinate the lesser undead to counter the invasion of the living army upon their master's domain.

Created from fallen heros and other Scourge loyalist,these crusaders of darkness train in their fort at the Sahow Vault to destroy the invaders once and for all and defend the defensive gates.Under the leadership of the merciless scourge commander know as Degoric,these vile champions are more than ready to kill the weak invaders and convert the strongest ones to join their ranks.Who will dare to answer the call of the one true king ??

Images (4)

Intinite of Suffering


Revious,Rider of frost

-Reconquer all of Icecrown

-Destroy or convert all the living invaders

-Reclaim or destroy any undead rebels such as Salen and Hades

-Convert Matheew in order to destroy their morale

Mounted black knight

Instructor Brandn

Death knight crest

Crest of Suffering

General Lightsbane TCG

Balian Bloodsaw,Rider of blood

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