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Northrend - DragonblightEdit

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The Brigade and the rest of the Alliance forces lined up behind Bolvar and Arthun shortly before Arthas showed himself.

As the Brigade arrived in Northrend, they travelled quickly to Wintergarde, the Alliance's' main base in Dragonblight. From there, they worked together with 7th Legion, but at first they weren't trusted. After some time, they began to do more missions, getting a little more credibillity. With the time at that point, Naxxramas was still looming above Wintergarde. A constant threat to anyone within the Keep. The Scourge forces was immensive, and they could do little to damage alone.

The closest threat to the Keep, was the village within the Keep itself. Durkon had planned the assault, and together with Cody they planned it all out. Once they had planned it out all, two days afterwards they did it. With soldiers on each of their sides, they charged down and slaughtered the few ghouls down there. The Scourge quickly found out, what was going on, so they brought in the abominations, necromancers and such. With those on the way, it was rather difficult.. Yet they managed to do it! The Village was reclaimed at that time, but with a price. Many of their soldiers died, which was a loss.

The Brigade then participated in the coming assaults on the "major" threats. They were also at the Midway Summit.

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The Fifth and most of the Alliance, before the assault on Angrathar the Wrathgate.

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