This article has been retconned and is not part of Freedom lore.

This is the guild formerly titled the Reconnaissance Regime. Name and concept have been changed.

Horde 32 The Dawnwalkers


Evan Blackmaw


None appointed currently.

Main headquarters:


Theater of operations:

Quel'thalas, Plaguelands, Duskwood.


IconSmall Blood Elf Male Blood Elf IconSmall Undead Male Forsaken


Horde; Independent

The DawnwalkersEdit

The Dawnwakers are a group of Blood Elf and Forsaken spies, assassins, scouts and infiltrators, gathered under one common goal - to expand the eastern Horde as much as possible. While the Blood Elven part focuses more on reclaiming their scattered homeland, the Forsaken are focused on their expansion towards Hillsbrad. Though both sides of the Dawnwalkers aid each other, using dirty tricks as opposed to the rest of their comrades. Espionage, infiltration and assassination are amongst their favorite deeds when it comes to dealing with the enemy. Instead of charging head on in battle, they circle the perimiter and get behind the back of the enemy, dealing the deadly strike when the enemy least expects it.


Blood Elven spy in action.

The Dawnwalkers and the Kaldorei spies.Edit

Ever since the Ghostlands were burned to a crisp in order to hold back the Scourge invasion in the Third War, the Elves of Quel'thalas have lost their control over the southern portion of their lands. The very exiting to the Eastern Plaguelands is dangerous enough with all the Scourge and Amani traversing about, making it impossible for the land to receive any form of reinforcements. And to top that all off, the Kaldorei have nested up several encampments in the Ghostlands to spy on the Sin'dorei. The Dawnwalkers have gathered their supplies and are preparing to storm the fronts against the intruding force. Taking An'daroth, An'owyn and Shalandis Isle before the Kaldorei can react and assuring a secure position in the Ghostlands, whilst eliminating a potential threat. It's like killing two birds with one stone.


A Forsaken assassin.

The Dawnwalkers and StromgardeEdit

The Forsaken have focused on expanding their reach throughout the entire lands of former Lordaeron. Still ripe from the battle of the Undercity, they now have a new target in their sights - the Human city of Stromgarde. With Tarren Mill at their disposal and with Southshore out of the way the Forsaken have a clear opening to march in Arathi and assault Stromgarde. The Dawnwalkers have chosen to aid the Forsaken in their endeavors and help defeat Southshore, thus furthering the Forsaken's trail of destruction and expanding their unending reach over the once tranquil forests of Lordaeron.


The predator closing in on its prey.

Other GoalsEdit

The Dawnwalkers also wish to establish themselves as a running faction in both the Forsaken and Sin'dorei societies, like the Deathguard and the Farstriders. While they do use more malicious and less than honorable tactics, they could be of great use to the Eastern Horde. They also have other targets in their sights.

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