The Assassin Society is just that, a society of assassins. We kill people and we do it well. Oh, did I mention we get paid too? We live as a family and will allow nothing to stop us. We could also be seen as a sort of mercenary group. If you'll hire us we'll do it... For the most part..


Contact Alaris, He is usually on weekdays 4-10pm CST and tend to stick around for most of the day on weekends unless other stuff comes up.

Ranking structureEdit

Initiate: This is kind of a trial rank. Learn your way around us, and be a sort of apprentice.

Assassin: This is the standard rank. You have normal privileges and will get jobs regularly.

Marauder: You have been in the guild for a while and enjoy the privilege of getting your pick of jobs and assignments before the lower ranks.

High Council: The members of this rank enjoy the cream of the crop assignments and find themselves sitting pretty on top of the guild, they are the close personal advisors to the High Assassin

Deathwhisper: This individual is a perfect assassin. He has battled through the world and come out unscathed. He is the second in command to the High Assassin

High Assassin: The head of the assassin society, she is deadly and secretive, rarely is she seen by those outside the guild, and if she is seen it isn't always in the most reputable places.