Tanis Greenbranch


Formerly Half-Elf, Now a Hybrid Sserathi


27; Immortal

Character Class:

Assassin, Ranger, Demon Hunter






Scarlet Crusade(Former), The Fifth Brigade(Former), The Sserathi(Now)


Thomas Broadsmith(Father, Undead) Loriana Greenbranch(Mother, dead) Calia Menethil(Lover, alive) Sophia Menethil(Daughter, alive) Coran Menethil(Son, alive) Morleru Sanguinar(Uncle, alive)




Thomas Broadsmith, Riordian




Brief HistoryEdit

Being revised.


[Ignore this section for now] Tanis is rather slim for a human, but to bulky for a Elf. He generally is a mix between both sizes. Having a height of 6ft and Weight of 164 pounds. His hair is a Dark brown, Usually sporting a goatee but never a mustache. His pupils are a unnatural Sapphire color, Given by his High Elven Heritage. His ears are the same size as a regular human's but has a pointy tip in Recent times, He has had his right ear tip bitten off by Belmezzub. Tanis is usually adorned with Green dyed, Flexible and thin leather armor. Typically has a Dark mask attached to his cloak that he uses to cover both his ears and his face.
Half elves


Through the passage of trials and fallouts, Tanis has become bitter and brooding. Not caring for the attention of others, he remains in the corner of a room. Covered by a cowl, commonly blue dragonscales. Preferring to remain silent until a situation irritates or catches his attention.

An interesting note; Tanis cannot stand seeing himself in a reflection. This became noticable when the Guide had created a 'clone' of him, through the use of an arcane mirror. Tanis expressed his urge to kill it.

The only true time when his attitude ever lightens, is in the presence of his children.

He always seems to be the slave of one addiction or the other; ranging from alcohol to demon blood. Due to his high elven heritage, addiction is a way of life.


Tanis seems to constantly berate the light, and most of it's followers. Although shown at times for having appreciation for Priests/Paladins and their devotion for justice. Despite his connection with demonic energy and having a self-destructive behavior, he respects nature and believes in druidism.

He is nihilistic, seeing no true purpose in living. Though he struggles on, with a bit of suicidial tendencies.


Azothinot:"I...see...I....I shall not fall to a blade...I.."

Tanis:"Sorry, I don't do treatry."

-After Tanis plunged the blade into Azothinot's stomach for threatening Viola.


-Tanis was bullied as a child, revealing this to the fel-elf.

-His true surname is Sanguinar, though his mother changed to Greenbranch as a cover.

-He sees Riordian as a Father figure, substituting for the one he never had.