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Character Relations Progression
Art by Seawulf


IconSmall gorloc Gorloc


Male ♂


The Oracles


16'ish years - Early Adulthood



Soo-Cha is the first well-known Gorloc and the first of his kind which have understood the usage of arcane magic and is possible one of the best within the field of herbalism and alchemy. He've achived more then the most and have even succeded in creating life from death through his potions.


Soo-Cha was born in Rainspeaker Village in Sholozar Basin, as a orphan as both his parrents had be consumed by a King Cobra prior to his hatching. Through due to a high-exposure to the arcane energies which radiates from the crystals the Oracles collects as sacred objects. His intellegence proved to be both his blessing and his curse as life went on, he excelled in everything his tribe had to teach and beyond as outsiders became to make their entry to sholozar basin, and northrend. He quickly thought himself their language, mostly common and dwarven and later on, orcish.

During his time in Sholazar basin, he had explored the alchemy like no one before him and has a understand of herbs and alchemy which only the fewest alchemist ever reaches.

After many years of wandering alone in cold reaches of Northrend where he continued to exspand his knowledge he stumbled upon a newly relocated Dalaran Apprentice which was facinated by Soo-Cha's being and with Soo-Cha's submission, brought him to the newly arrived City of Dalaran which was still mending it's wounds from a defeating blow from the undead scourge.

In Dalaran he was studied and tested on, in trade, Soo-Cha was given access to all the littarature Dalaran had to offer, through undertstanding little of magic he would quickly gain a knowledge which would prove to mindblow the most of the Dalaran apprentices and their teachers. -He became somewhat unwilling became a mascot of the apprentices' through when he finally departed, his memory slowly faded.

Years later, Soo-Cha finally was thought and understood the useage of arcane magic.

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