"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit Salad."

"The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

"I thought I wanted a career; turns out I just wanted a paycheck."

~ Skyler Mcdonell

The BeginningEdit

Neutral 32Skyler Mcdonell

Gender and Age:

Female, 26


IconSmall Jaina Half-Elf, Half Human Half High Elf


IconSmall MageMolly McDonell- Mother, dead

IconSmall MageEletlaag Greenhunter-Father, said to be dead


IconSmall Hunter Hunter/Ranger


Common, Thalassian




Long golden hair that reaches her bum, large midnight blue eyes, pale skin, and a thin frame.


Skyler, Sky, Shoelaces.


Neutral/The Kindred

Many moons ago in a far off place lived a High Elf man and a Human girl. They lived together for many years before the Third War. Living in the outskirts of Elywnn, the couple never ventured near society for fear of being shunned. The duo lived a non-dramatic life, only living in the comfort of the other. One day, the female Human announced she was to carry a baby, the puny High Elf ran away never to be seen again. (Rumor has it he was killed by some Defias while trying to run through Westfall) The heartbroken Human, still keeping the half-breed, went into a state of depression only to come out of it 8 months later when the child was born.

The Third WarEdit

Skyler Mcdonell was a smart and energetic Half-Elf. She never paid as much attention to the other children her age, since most seemed to shun her anyways due to her heritage. Skyler always pushed herself to be the best of the best, and she excelled in Archery. At the ripe age of twenty, the Third war broke out. Skyler inlisted in the army and helped fight off enemies. Once the war ended, Skyler returned back to Goldshire only to wander around aimlessly. During the war against Illidan, Skyler was in Stormwind making a living by selling homemade bows.

Saving the LynxEdit

It was a cloudy day in the town of Goldshire, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The clouds
were dark, threatening to flow over with heavy rain. Skyler, effected by the darkness, was not in a great mood and decided to go hunting to clear her mind. While in the depths of the forest, Skyler heard the unnatural sounds of animal roars. With her advanced hearing, she followed the sounds and saw many red masked Defias. Near the Defias was a small Lynx, barely older then a few months. The Defias were haggling over the Lynx, and none of them noticed as the Lynx was replaced by a bundle of soft red fur. The Lynx was ever grateful for being rescue by the Half-Elf, and from there on never left her side for even a moment. That started the bond between the two friends that lasted a lifetime.

Adventures with ViolaEdit

The Mage TowerEdit

The Goldshire inn is usually a noisy, rowdy place, filled with hookers and gamblers. But on this day, at this moment, Lion's Pride Inn was only filled with two people, a dark haired Human and a golden haired High-elf. After some very brief chit-chat between the two, and getting to know the other, the duo ventured to Lakeshire where Skyler was sent to work. They traveled quickly on Bishop, Skyler's horse. Once they were fully rested, they set out to explore an 'Abandoned' tower which Viola had heard about. After traveling a long distance, they found themselves face to face with an Arcane guardian. Viola, thinking she would be sneaky, sneakily sneaked her way behind the Guardian and tried to go up on the steps, but the Guardian sent a bolt of Arcane through her. Viola crumbled to the floor, and Skyler was about to go and help her when a voice stopped her. A male voice that came from behind the gates of the tower. The man, the owner of the tower, interrogated the two girls. Viola fought against him but he knocked her out and stuffed her into a large orb. After speaking to Skyler he gave her two choices, go into the other orb or die. She chose the orb. After being cramped in two orbs for over an hour, Skyler and Viola were very exhausted and needed a way to break out. Viola, being the creative person she is, managed to break out then used a pendant of hers to summon a dark creature and destroyed the Guardian. After freeing Skyler, the pair ran to the side of the building where Viola proceeded to knock down the whole tower, crumbling it to pieces while it began to downpour.

They took refuge in a militia tower down the road and rested there till the rain stopped. After having a few moral talks, Lakeshire was their new destination to head to and after just a few more days within the town, they left to go back to Goldshire.

The 'Abandoned' HouseEdit

It was a stormy day in Goldshire, the darken clouds covered the skies. Skyler and Viola were once more walking aimlessly about Goldshire, having no idea what to do. Coming across the Archery Targets, Skyler decided to shoot a few to pass the time. Viola brought up the topic of her not being able to shoot an arrow, and for a short while they passed the time by trying to teach Viola how to shoot, which ended up horribly.

Soon it began to rain, and Viola saw an old abandoned house near the road leading to Goldshire. With a large


metallic gate around it and no door blocking the entrance way, the two decided to go inside. Luckily, the rusty gate was not locked, and they got in just fine. After looking around the bottom floor, they took the stairs leading upwards and looked around the living space and bedroom. As they were looking around, multiple footsteps and voices could be heard. The two froze in their spots, rooted to the ground in fear. Gazing around the room, the two knew they were trapped when they heard soft food steps behind them. Turning around, they saw a girl that looked to be about 9 years of age. The trembling girl ran downstairs, screaming to her parents and Grandfather. Skyler quickly led the way down the stairs, hoping to not be caught by them if their attention was at the girl, but they were caught.

Skyler, being to one who was not afraid of getting into fights, directed their attention to her, while Viola slipped out the door. After being knocked unconcious by the Magi Grandfather, Skyler was brought outside and thrown into the mud. Once waking up, Skyler looked around for Viola. It was once again raining and she couldn't find her anywhere. Spotting a dark, human-shaped shadow on the roof, Skyler came to the assumption that the shadow was Viola, Skyler stayed hidden in the bushes of the House until the Grandpa and Father came outside, bickering about calling the guards. Thinking on her feet, Skyler ripped the end of her cape and waved it about, talking about how she stole the old mans wallet. Only the father seemed fooled by Skyler when she came closer to offer a deal. After failing miserably in striking a deal, Skyler threw the wallet up hoping to distract their attention while sprinting to pick up Viola. The elderly man threw a fireball at the back of Skyler, who quickly ripped off her cape and, enduring the pain, ran to the Chapel near Goldshire where they were healed and stayed until the next morning.

The Iron-Dwarf and Another Abandoned HouseEdit

Stormwind was another loud and obnoxious city which Skyler visited for business, finding the black market a great place to sell and trade the animal hides she skinned. Leaving her trusty companion at home, Skyler set about her daily routine of selling furs. The guards that day were particularly high in numbers and Skyler found herself in the middle of a guard fight. Trying to pass by, Skyler found her path blocked by an unusually tall, bald, deformed man. Having to wait until the man moved she frowned and stared at the floor, hating most guardsmen but never showing it. After the long wait she was free to go. Stumbling out of the alley-way, Skyler was approached by a dwarf in full plate armor.

Unsure of what he wanted she made her way around him and tried to walk away, but the dwarf chased after her talking to her in a way a man never should. Threatening to report the tin-dwarf Skyler found herself being awkwardly picked up by the tin-dwarf. Screaming loudly the dwarf threw Skyler against a nearby pole and sprinted away as fast as his short little chubby legs would take him. Soon the authority came, and Skyler told them the whole story, and that’s when she noticed her bow. Her bow lay on the ground, the stem snapped in half and her furs were ruined in mud. Growling, Skyler demanded the guards to replace her bow- but they could not. A nobleman named William offered to lend Skyler a sword and she accepted. Viola was in the small crowd of on-lookers and quickly got the attention of Skyler. After running to her shop in Stormwind, Skyler retrieved one of her practice bows, not a very good one, but a bow none-the-less. Soon after returning to Viola the two made their way to Goldshire.

It was another soon to be stormy day in Elwynn Forest, the sky dark but not yet raining. The duo of Viola and Skyler were inside the tavern of Goldshire having a quick meal before leaving. After much aimless chit-chat, Viola brought up the topic of another house she though some one used to live in. Asking who, Viola replied a succubus but she didn't know it at the time. Simply nodding, the two embarked on a new journey.

Crossing a small grove then going through a deep river, the two found themselves in front of a small one-bedroom house. They made their way into the house and froze at what they saw. A man was tied to a chair, looking beaten and close to death. Viola quickly ran out of the house to get a medic while Skyler set to work untying the man. While in the middle of untying him, a figure appeared out if thin air. He seemed to be a Half-Elf, one Skyler thought she knew. After accusing the man of murder Viola came back and confronted the man. She too seemed to know him, a lot better then Skyler. After rushing the man outside to the healer, Viola and the man she knew as Tanis got into an aggressive argument about a man named Riordian and an army. Skyler had to hold Viola back before she did anything regretful. Once Viola calmed down, Skyler let her go but Viola somehow managed to knock Tanis out the window. Tanis landed near the lake and when the two found him he was knocked out. By this time the rain began to pour and Skyler suggested moving him near the house in case the rain made the lake overflow. Moving Tanis, the two walked back to Goldshire but stopped before going there. Skyler demanded to know what the two were fighting about in the house but Viola only replied with an "I'll tell you later." before walking off, leaving Skyler alone in the woods.

The Not-So-Golden Trio: The Journey of Ross, Banquo, and Skyler

The MeetingEdit

With business in a good flow, Skyler found herself on a trip to Loch Mondan to deal with Dwarves. Having a good background of hiking and taking long trips this adventure would be a breeze for Skyler. She found herself relaxing in the tavern having a cup of ale when two Humans stumbled into the inn. One man, seemingly old, approached the bar tender and began to question him about an adventure he was planning. Skyler, over hearing with her Half-Elven ears, smirked and began to walk towards the second man, he who seemed to be completely and utterly stupid. The two men saw her walking towards them and none of them noticed her ears. After a brief talk of her convincing them to let her join, the main leader of the journey, Ross, and the retard, Banquo, were ready to embark on their mission- Go to Menithel Harbor.

Spiders, Spiders, and more SpidersEdit

The Trio plus Signy, Skyler's Lynx, and Gilda, Ross's Gryphon, finally made their way out of the Tavern and were heading down the road linking Loch Modan and Wetlands when suddenly they heard guttering and hissing. Looking around, they saw no-one and the three idiots forgot to look up. Out of no where, something leaped onto all three of them. Spiders, giant ones. Skyler quickly shoved her dagger into the Spider, spewing blood and guts everywhere before going to help out Banquo, who seemed to be a hopeless fighter. With the help of Signy, Skyler was able to free Banquo of the spider and slay him then all three of them turned to Ross, who seemed to go blind with Spider venom in his eyes. Signy managed to eat the spider, while Banquo ran to get water. He actually got Ale, and when he poured it into Ross's eyes he only did more damage. At this point, Skyler was on the floor laughing. When Banquo finally got real water the three continued on their way, making quick jabs at one another for their stupidity.

The Journey to WetlandsEdit

After fending off spiders, getting piss, and other substances out of Ross's eyes, the trio continued on their not so merry way. They had to cross the small passageway to get to Wetlands. On their way there, the three ran into a few not wanted 'friends'. Their first encounter was a lovely french man with a horrible accent, who was most likely delusional. The second encounter, at the bottom of the entrance to the second tunnel, was an unfriendly Orc. Not too keen on being a meal for the Orc, Banquo jumped on it's back whilst the others escaped before running off- Banquo narrowly escaping with his life. They continued on wards, towards the second tunnel when Ross and Banquo realized that Gilda was missing. The two went into a panic, afraid their loyal and trusted companion went missing, while Macduff (The French Man) and Skyler simply stared. After the two male's temper tantrum, they continued on to the final tunnel before making their way into Wetlands where it began to downpour.

Lovely Roads of WetlandsEdit

Ah, at-last they finally made it to the wet lands of Wetlands. The place the three, and the French man, were destined to go. Without Gilda, most of their supplies were lost and the four continued on with heads hung low in remorse at their loss of food- and of course, the wonderful Gryphon. Making their way along the roads was a long and tiring journey for them due to the weather and their loss of Gilda, Signy was not as loved as Gida was. Not by a long shot. About three-fourths into their journey, they stumbled into the path of a crossing Crock. They had two choices, either to attack or flee. Skyler, seeing this as a perfect time to get food and a hide, quickly killed the beast with the help of the others and Signy, then set to work skinning it. After collecting the hide and meats the group continued on, dragging their weary feet as they walked until finally... They came to Menethil Harbor.

Menethil HarborEdit

The weather was calm, salt-smelling air all around as they entered the port-city Menethil Harbor. Grinning from ear to ear, Skyler went with Signy to first the Leather-Worker to trade in the Crock's hide then met the two men at the Inn, Macduff seemed to have gone M.I.A once inside the walls. They sat inside the inn near the fireplace as they chatted, laughed, and drank. Soon, Ross took out his Lute and began to tune it before slowing beginning to strum it as he began his song. During the long and simply amazing, song Skyler began to slip into a deep sleep, the long walk taking a toll on her. After Ross stopped playing and Skyler was woken up, they had a few more glasses of rum before going to their rooms, (Ross and Banquo shared a bunk-bed while Skyler slept on her own bed) and they retired for the night. After a few days in Menethil, finishing up a few business ties etc. the trio was ready to leave again, this time heading to Ironforge.

The passage-way to Ironforge: The attackEdit

The wind was strong and steady as the Trio made their way to Ironforge, little did they know this would one of their last journeys together. They made their way across the roads of Wetlands to the narrow tunnels that connect Wetlands to Dun Morogh, unaware of an eerie presences that floated with them. As soon as they stepped foot in
the tunnel, Signy could feel another presence and roared at Skyler who stopped the two men from walking. The tunnel suddenly filled with fog as the three moved close to one another, afraid of what was at the other end of the tunnel.

The sound of scales scratching along metal was the only sound they heard as their opponent drew closer to them. Soon they were able to make out a large shape from the shadows, it seemed to be a Drakonoid. Skyler was the first to react, grabbing her bow as she notched an arrow onto the bowstring. She fired at the Drakonoid's chest, piercing his torso, but continued on. The three fought viciously against the Drakonoid, though they were on a losing side since Skyler was the only one with a handy weapon, although Ross scarified his second-best lute against the Drakonoid while Banqou merely crapped his pants. Figuratively speaking.

After what seemed like hours, Skyler and Signy quickly defeated the Drakonoid by hitting one of it's explosive sacks in it's back, getting blood and guts all over them. Ross and Banqou were both poisoned by the Drakonoid and Gilda refused to travel in the tunnel so she was not there. Both, with hardly any strength in them, managed to walk to the end of the tunnel and onto Gilda, where they flew to Ironforge for medical attention, but their supplied were very limited and they both slipped into some sort of sickness, leaving Skyler , Signy, and Gilda to fend for themselves.

The KindredEdit

Wetlands once moreEdit

Gathering her things, taking Signy and Gilda, Skyler made her way to the gross and swampy lands of: Wetlands. Making a slow and harsh way of life by hunting raptors, gnolls, and crocks Skyler was living a lonely life. That is of course until she stumbled upon a small hut with a few guards around it. Upon further inspection, Skyler could make out two distinct forms, a small weak looking man on a horse, and a Blood elf. Cautiously approaching the two, she studied them before asking what the camp was about. After a brief explaining about the Kindred Skyler was feeling more comfortable around the two, having shared and agree'd views. Deciding to take part in their group, Skyler joined ranks of the Kindred.

Scouting Trips With: Edit


After many days at the camp, Skyler began to organize groups to scout and hunt. The camp growing significantly. A particularly familiar face caught her eye: The half-orc Cimeran, whom she previously met in Goldshire. On a rather dull and boring day, the two decided to go on a short scouting mission. Heading up north, the two plus Signy crept up towards the north, passing a grove of Raptors. Nearing a large tomb, an unseen Raptor quickly charged at the group. Signy was the first to react, leaping onto the raptor and biting into its torso. Skyler notched an arrow onto her bowstring as she waited for Signy to retreat. After getting bitten in the hind leg, Signy crept backwards, letting both Skyler and Cimeran attack the Raptor. Skyler fired an arrow at the raptor, which didn't go in to deep, and Cimeran threw a knife. The knife did the most damage, and Cimeran quickly killed the Raptor by sending a spike of Lightning at the Raptor, basically cooking it from the inside out. They then scouted up north, coming towards a dwarf camp, before going back to the Kindred's camp.


After hearing about a few gnoll attacks on the campers, Skyler , Signy, and an Elf named Iriana finally decided to go to the nearest camp and put an end to a few of them. They found the smallest camp, consisting of three gnolls. The first two were taken out with ease, but it was the third that caused trouble. While Skyler chuyler was bent over the two dead gnolls, removing anything of value, the third Gnoll crept towards the two before bashing Skyler on the head with it's mace. Iriana turned, kicked the Gnoll backwards, and then stabbed the knife into the Gnoll. Signy pounced on the Gnoll, ripping up it's throat, as the Gnoll fell backwards. To it's doom!

After a few minutes, Skyler regained consciousness before once more going over the useful items the Gnolls had. With three maces, dried but fixable leather, and some mail for the smiths the three returned to the camp.

Grizzly HillsEdit

It's been many weeks since the camp settled in Wetlands, but news came that the dwarfs weren't happy about them 'stealing' their lands. The campers would have to go unless they wanted to make enemy's with them. They decided to move to a more or less abandoned place. A place like- Northrend. More specifically, Grizzly Hills. Taking a boat to Continent, the many campers were cramped in the boat for weeks. Luckily Skyler was a great look out with her keen eyes and got to stay on deck most of the time.

Finally arriving at the abandoned camp Skyler, Laersect, Aidan, and a few others were the first to look around a claim houses. After a brief scout for houses, the group settled by the fire. Having aimless chit chat that lasted for a good time.

The Final FightEdit

It was a few days after finally settling into Grizzly Hills when Cimeran and his group reluctantly joined the Kindred


once more. Though, something seemed to be annoying Skyler. She was constantly picking fights, yelling at others, and not to mention she kicked a wolf quite a few times. Finally, after getting into a rather large fight with Cimeran and Octavian about how she treated the wolf, she left to go near the fire and quickly fell asleep. Awakened by a strange feeling on her lips, Skyler was very dazed after just having the best bit of sleep she's had in ages. Blinking, she realized Cimeran was a few feet away from her, calling her name. After agreeing to go on a walk with him, Skyler and Cimeran left the camp.

Once a fair distance away from the others, Cimeran confronted Skyler before asking her why she was acting this way. After a rather large confession from Skyler, Cimeran told her to pack her things then come back to the camp. Doing so, she found Cimeran speaking to Laersect. The two left to head up a small cliff, where they met up with Seveanna (Whom Skyler calls Sleave and had a small fight with beforehand). After a brief fight with Sleave, she stormed down to the town. Cimeran, deciding it would be best to end Laersect's life, and began to prepare for battle while Sky passed out in a tent.

After waking from the nap, Skyler heard Cimeran coming back from the fight. Apparently, Laersect wasn't dead but he didn't fight back. Ashamed of himself, Skyler talked Cimeran into them leaving for Kalimdor. Which they did. Little did they know they had a follower.

The Cim CrewEdit


Arriving in the Port-City Ratchet, Skyler was a bit dizzy after staying on a ship for many days. Cimeran, who seemed unfazed by it, walked up towards the town's inn. Following, they met up with Syre: One of Cimeran's traveling companions and a Night Elf whom Skyler has met before. After a brief conversation, their follower show'd herself. Sleave hide on the ship and managed to beat them to the inn, sitting in a secluded corner. She watched them converse then picked the right time to intrude. Sleave (Real name being- Seveanna) spoke to Cimeran, apologizing for the way she behaved and re-joined the group. More chit-chat came before Cimeran decided it was time to test Skyler and Syre. They were to fight each other.

The Duel Against SyreEdit

The two females found themselves on the outskirts of the town, on a hill heading down to the town. Skyler scanned the perimeter and smiled, then motioned for Syre to attack. Syre quickly raced towards Sky, using both her swords she tried to slice her left side. Using the hill as an advantage, Skyler quickly flipped backwards- landing a kick square on the bottom of Syre's jaw, before rolling a few feet away and stopping. Syre turned towards Skyler, who landed near a burning Braizer, before once more running towards her. Sky quickly lifted up the non-burning end of one of the logs in the Braizer and quickly smashed it in front of Syre, stopping her attack and sending smoke everywhere. She then charged towards a near-by tree, climbing up it with grace before sitting perched on a branch, awaiting Syre.

After finding her way out of the ash, Syre saw Skyler sitting on the branch and quickly sprinted up the tree. Skyler was ready to attack, Dagger out and ready, but mis-understood Syre's angle and missed her completely. Yet, she made it seem like she know what she was doing when she simply flipped off the tree and back-tracked to their original starting point. Syre quickly caught up to Skyler and tackled her to the ground, but Skyler rolled them down so Skyler was sitting on her, a dagger positioned at her throat.

The two bursted into grins, before looking at Cimeran who spoke, "You two take this way to seriously." which only caused them to laugh more.

Skullhewer Village Edit

Cimeran and his group decided it was time to move on from Ratchet and let Cimeran find his old master. Together,


they walked to Skullhewer Village. They were to stay in one of the abandoned sections, surrounded by only wooden walls shaped into large spears. Skyler quickly located the large tree in the middle, before running up it and helping Gilda land on the base of the tree. Signy stayed on the ground, not liking heights. Skyler made a hammock out of her thick leather cloak and was quickly settled into camp.

After many days in the camp, all rather peaceful and quiet. An unpleasant day arrived, when it all fell a part.

The Break-DownsEdit


This particular incident was the main push in the falls. The first fall.

Early mornings, the Crew were having small aimless chit-chat when a Tauren Death Knight came to the group. His armor and size gave him a large and scary look to him, and his stance was tall and straight. He set towards Jaddek, the only other Tauren and one of the Crew's newest members. The two didn't seem to hit it off well, and soon enough they were both angry at each other. The Death-Knight accused Jaddek of having no honor, and after Jaddek challenged him to a duel to the death. Immediately, the three girls got in the middle of the large Taurens, trying to push them both in opposite directions. Skyler was the first to loose hope but Syre and Seveanna continued. In the middle of trying to help, Seveanna was smacked by the Death-Knight, flying backwards into a barrel and breaking through it. Face first. Skyler screamed in outrage before quickly running to Seveanna's side and picking her up. She quickly found the Matron Kawna to help heal Seveanna.


After getting healed by the Matron, Seveanna began to realize things weren't what they seemed to be. She thought Cimeran was beginning to change, and the rest of the group alike. The first: Skyler. Although the two never really were friends they did defeand each other. Until Skyler couldn't stand her any-longer. Seveanna was joking with Skyler when she began to sing an old nursery song: Old McDonald, but Sky had no patients with that and quickly tackled Sleave to the ground. She took out her dagger and held it to her throat, demanding she shut up before she made her. Seveanna apologized, but Skyler still left a thin red line on her Neck. From there, Seveanna began to rapidly slip from the group.


Cimeran's decision shaped the Crew's future, sealed the fate's with his actions. The one's that made the group crumble and fall.

The group was moved to one of the un-used watch towers after the attacks. Due to Jaddek still in a supposed duel with the Death-Knight they were no longer safe until one or the other died. Cimeran, who happened to be away during the day, was un-aware of any of the events and when he came and found them at the tower he demanded to know what happened. The Matron explained, and that angered Cimeran even more. He decided to take the duel himself, and set out to prepare for a fight against a Death-knight. The group followed him, trying to convince him it wasn't his fight and he shouldn't risk his like. Yet, the half-orc was ignorant. The only solution they had was to knock him out and drag him back to the camp. They tied their leader to one of the watch towers posts, and bound his mouth shut so he couldn't activate his runes. Cimeran slipped into consciousness when Syre and Skyler were on watch. He was furious when he awoke and found he couldn't speak, but that didn't stop him from trying to break free. Syre was forced to knock him out in the end.

Once Jaddek returned, they untied Cimeran and woke him up to explain to him the situation, they also took his weapons so he couldn't attack. If there was a way to enrage Cimeran even more, it was when Dragga came up to the Watch-Tower, screaming about how Cimeran shouldn't off been allowed to bring the alliance here. After much scream from both Dragga and Cimeran, the half-orc let out a large rage-filled cry- Screaming he couldn't take it any longer, and quickly jumped off the Watch tower, only to have a cloud of dust cover him before disappearing.

The disappearing act of their leader tore the group up, Jaddek screamed at the three females to leave. He litterally kicked Skyler out, throwing Seveanna out afterwards.

The group would never look at each other the same again.

Skyler AloneEdit

A Visit From a FriendEdit

Leaving the camp with Signy and Gilda, Skyler made her way to Stonetalon Mountain. She was planning on heading up North to the Ashenvale/Winterspring area to continue her quest of seeing the world. She was resting in a small bent in a hill when she heard her voice being called. A familiar voice.

The same voice that belond to a man who the people in the Skullhewer Village thought to be dead. Cimeran. He seemed very weary, stressed, and torn-up. The two talked quietly for a few minutes, but Cimeran said he had to move on, having other things to get on with. After saying a brief good-bye, Skyler was in the air once more on Gilda (Forcing Signy onto the Gyphon as well). She flew up to Winterspring, staying in the small town of Everlook for a few days while she explored the wonders of Winterspring.

Meeting Miss Havencloud Once AgainEdit

Landing in the cold air of Winterspring, Skyler ventured to Everlook- Where she checked Gilda in to a Gryphon keep, letting the Gryphon rest after the long flight that most likely exhausted her. Taking Signy with her, Skyler wandered down the lone road through Winterspring, taking an abrupt turn left and coming across a frozen cave. Admiring the view, Skyler softly spoke to Signy and was gazing to throughtfully at the Cavern she wasn't aware of the snow white object flying at her. Hit in the side of the face by a large snowball, Skyler was taken back and lost her footing.

Falling to the ground, she quickly covered her face as another snowball smashed into her arms. Recovering her wits and packing a loose snowball in her hands, Skyler chucked the snowball up the hill at whatever was up there and once the snowballs stopped she raises a single eyebrow and made her way up the hillside. All she saw was a dark black object in the snow- The shape of a human female.

Pulling the female out of the snow, she was hit with another snowball and discovered it was none other then the infamous Viola. The two were confused as to why they were both there, Viola claimed she was studying the Highborne (Or: [4:43:53 PM] James (Velkar): did some shit for a dragon) and Skyler explained on how she was going to see the world.

The two spoke for a few minutes before they decided to venture to Ashenvale together, Skyler to see the sights and Viola to visit the Highborne ruins. The two traveled back to Everlook and got Gilda from the Gryphon Keeper. The well-rested Gryphon happily accepted the two onto the driver seat, while Signy (Against her will since she hated flying) was thrown across her neck area. Gilda leapt into the air, then headed for their destination- Ashenvale. Though she did travel lower and not as fast as her usual speed due to the added weight of Viola.

Ashenvale Edit

Arriving in a small trail in between the thick trees of Ashenvale, Skyler and Viola found a small refuge camp they stayed at. The Kal'dorei, very cautious at first, allowed the two to leave their gryphon there, showing them how weary she was after the very long and tiring journey. While Gilda and Signy rested, Viola and Sky peered at the lake below the camp and Viola pointed out a small island with ruins on it. The two left the camp, after tying Gilda and Signy to a safe ledge, and proceeded down the small path to the lake.

Traveling into the water and onto the Lake, Skyler froze from the cold water while Viola's enchanted clothing protected her from getting wet. Looking around the island, Viola searched for any Highborne things while Skyler dried her clothing. The two were so caught up in doing their own thing they didn't notice another pair of watchful eyes staring at them. Out of the darkness, a tall and beautiful Highborne female walked out. The Highborne, a Miss Nessara Dawnblade, scared the crap out of Skyler while Viola seemed to know who she was.

The two conversed while Skyler skipped rocks into the water. After what seemed to be a few minutes the two finished talking and Skyler rejoined them. The three decided they'd go and visit some old Highborne ruins, but they needed a map from Astranaar first. Viola went to there while Skyler headed back to retrieve Gilda and Signy before meeting her in the town. Nessara said she'd meet them at the ruins, but had other business to attend to and left the two of them to navigate there alone.

Horribly bad at reading a map, Viola lead the two to a small uncharted kal'dorei town. Finding themselves behind an old house, Viola suddenly disappeared as two Night Elves made their way to the back. One female, Talanaar, and one male, Nadeth. After a long and rather boring rage-fest from the Druidess, Skyler was able to walk free. So, she climbed up one of the nearby tree's and waited for Viola. And waited, and waited, and waited, but Viola had her own plans. She spoke to the Druidess for what seemed to be an hour, and Skyler was soon asleep in the tree with Gilda and Signy at the base.

Sky woke up to the sound of her named being called, and quickly scaled down the tree. Running towards the sound of her voice, with Signy and Gilda at her heels, she found Viola at the lake they were at before. The two decided it was time to go their separate ways. Skyler left on Gilda, only flying to Astranaar to pick up a copy of the map Viola bought, before flying back down to Ratchet. Gilda only just made it to Ratchel when she finally passed out, Signy and Skyler along with her.

Adventures With AlecEdit


After awakening from a long sleep, Skyler strode towards the Ratchet Tabard with Signy at her heels. The two were starving after going for days without food. Taking a seat near the door, Skyler scanned the Tavern to find
Schuyler Alec Edit

Skyler meets Alec

only one other being in there. A smug looking human with dark brown hair. At a first glace, Skyler recognized him as a hunter, studying his gear and bow tilted near his chair. Quickly ordering her food, she remains quiet until the man first spoke to her. Rather intrigued by find another archer/hunter like herself, she moved to his table where they had rather harsh chit-chat. Soon, he began to get on her nerves with his witty and annoying way of speaking. Skyler tried to leave more then once but he always said something that made her sit back down and argue with him. After what appeared to be a few hours, the man said his name was Alec and Skyler decided then since he stood his ground against her during the fight and was a rather good competitor she decided she'd let him join her on her quest to see the world. The two picked up their supplies while Alec paid for their food and Skyler , Signy, Gilda, and Alec made their way to the harbor where they bought rides on the ship to cross over to Booty Bay.

Strangethorn ValeEdit

After many long days a sea, consisting on Skyler puking her guts out whilst Alec pointed and laughed, the boat finally docked in the harbor. Making their way onto the dock, Alec quickly made his way to the Tavern- claiming Goblins sold the best beer, while Skyler tried to resist throwing up again. Making her way slowly to the Tavern, Skyler found Alec drinking away before she sat down next to him and told him to order them a room with two separate beds. After many arguments that were deemed chit-chat, the two finally went to sleep.

Skyler awoke to the annoying sounds of Alec's snoring. After yelling at him to shut up several times, she realized it was useless and got up from her bed to look around for a pitcher of water. Once finding the water, she poured it onto Alec when laughed hysterically when he screamed and awoke. After greeting him rather cheerfully she went downstairs to order a raptor omelet and began to munch on it while waiting for Alec, who took his time getting ready. Once he arrived downstairs and the two had breakfast they made their way to the end of the Harbor to get one look at the view before turning towards the stairs and exiting the Port City, leaving them both in the wild.

The walk through Strangethorn Vale was long and tiring, and their attitudes didn't help the arguments they had. After making their way near a large structured Area, the two were abused by trolls. But the Trolls seemed to be friendly, and escorted the two down the road. After nightfall came, the two sat down near a large palm tree before unpacking their things and quickly falling asleep. Little did they know that they would be spending a lot more time under that tree then just a simple night.

By morning, the two were woken up by the most unpleasant feeling. They were both completely soaked with rain water. The two crept closer to the tree, trying to block out the freezing rain, but the tall tree did hardly nothing to help them. After what seemed to be five consistent hours of rain, Skyler was incredibly annoyed and rambled to herself while Alec carved a piece of wood that some how managed to stay dry. Soon, a few civil words were exchanged as Alec gave Skyler a perfect replica of Signy- in the shape of a wooden figurine.

The shocked and confused Half-Elf muttered a dazed 'Thank you' before returning to trying to sleep under the tree but covering her face with her hat. Once the rain cleared, which was about three hours later, the two were finally able to make their way out of the jungle and onto a small path. Following the path, they found themselves at a small refuge camp at the end of the road near the bridge to Duskwood. After restocking on supplies, Skyler and Alec- along with the two pets made their way to the cold forest of Duskwood.

Duskwood/Deadwind Pass/Swamps of SorrowEdit

Crossing the bridge connecting Duskwood to Stranglethorn Vale, the two began to long and weary walk along the blood covered roads. Having no idea where they were heading to, due to the dark and their tired states, they miraculously made their way to Darkshire where they checked into a room and collapsed on the two beds. (7 AM) Waking up in the morning, Skyler found out she was cursed with a horrible curse and spend the day cursing, kicking things, and terrorizing little children while Alec did his best to stay clear of her path. After recovering from her sickness the two checked out of the inn, grabbed a meal to eat, and left Darkshire. Grabbing a map from a passing teenager, the two marked a path up to Deadwind Pass then to the Swamps of Sorrow.

Stuffing the map in her backpack, the two managed to awake Gilda and Signy then walk with them to the entrance of the Pass. Reading the warning signs, and having second thoughts, Skyler and Alec had to drag the two animals across the small stone bridge to the other side before literally sprinting to the end of the Pass.

Looking at the view of the Swamps of Sorrow, the two decided to toss Signy onto Gilda and fly above the tree tops in order to not be spotted by different animals and Orcs. Spotting a temple in the middle of a giant lake, the two decided to make camp there. Finding a nearby boat, the two fished for food before setting up their own camps and falling asleep. For two days they stayed at the temple before using the boat to cross the lake and calling over Gilda.

They walked near the hillside, following a small trail of animal footprints, before coming across an abandoned camp. Looking through the supplies, Alec found a large skull. Covering his face with it, he crept up behind Skyler and simply poked her. Skyler turned, let out an ear piercing scream, and punched the skull. As pain shot up her knuckles, she proceeded to scream at Alec- saying very un-lady like things, while he simply laughed hysterically.

Continuing on their walk, they managed to find a road that led to the Blasted Lands. They followed the road and made their way to a large keep, where they decided to spend the night.

Blasted LandsEdit

After a nights rest in the Keep, many bickers between Alec and Skyler (most about Alec's horrible smell), and a few meals. They decided it was time to move on. As they exited out of the Keep, with Gilda and Signy, Skyler heard a distant and familiar voice calling her name.

Turning around, Skyler was greeted by the face of none other then: Banquo!

As she narrowed her eyes at him, she mentally thanked the Light for her grip on Gilda's reigns. She knew Banquo well enough to know he wouldn't track her down just do catch up and say hi, he came with a deeper motive. To take Gilda.

Sliding a hand to her bow, Skyler hissed at him before asking why he came. He had the nerve to challenge her to a duel for Gilda. Easily accept and coming up with a few remarks towards him about what she'll make him do once she wins, the two entered a duel. Banquo somehow managed to pull out a stick of dynamite, his nickname of course being -Dynamite-, and lit in on fire.

As he threw it into the air, Skyler grinned before moving back and sprinting towards him. With the dynamite still flying threw the air, Skyler jumped up and punted the little batch of dynamite as it flew off. After hearing a loud 'Boom!' echoing in the distant, Banquo screamed at Skyler before threatening to return later and steal Gilda before running off into the abyss. Laughing at Banquo's attempts, Skyler turned to Alec who simply raised an eyebrow before giving the reigns of Gilda back to her. The two left the keep and turn to the road leading to the Dark Portal. Finding the cliff and it's surrounding guards, they jumped onto Gilda before quickly flying into the Dark Portal and making their way to the other side. Outlands!

Hellfire PeninsulaEdit

If one were to look up at the sky during a time Gilda would be passing overhead, they'd notice two bickering beings sitting on a weighed down gryphon with a far to big Lynx along it's neck screaming for help in loud roars. And that's what many saw while Skyler and Alec were traveling through Hellfire.

They managed to fight and bicker their way to Honor Hold, where the two (Still bickering) managed to make it to the inn and rent a room. While going up the stairs, the two had a rather horrid fight which resulted in Skyler storming down stairs to the bar while Alec decided to stay in the room they rented.

After a rather long drunk night at inside the bar, Skyler stormed up the stairs to her bed, or what she thought was her bed, and "passed out". Waking up in the mid-morning with a horrid hang over, Skyler woke up to realize she was in fact sleeping in the same bed as Alec, screaming and efficiently waking him up. The two argued for a hell of a long while before both 'falling back to sleep'.

When three days passed while the two were in Honor Hold, they decided it was going to be best if they left. But Alec is a man and always likes to delay things so they spent another day within the walls of Honor Hold. After the fourth night, Skyler decided it was time to leave and once more woke Alec up by pouring a bucket of water onto him. Chuckling at his rage, she simply shrugged before informing him they were going to be leaving soon.

Going downstairs to order some breakfast, Skyler calmly waited for Alec to come down the steps. When he did, Skyler went to get Signy and Gilda from the stable keepers. As she walked, she noticed two familiar heads of hair and her pace increased back to the inn where Alec was waiting. But she got there to late.

Two year passEdit

After many adventures with the crew including Alec, Banquo, and Ross, Skyler decided it was time to move on and discover a new adventure and crew. For many months, she made the quest to travel from the Outlands back to Azeroth, or more specifically the Eastern Kingdoms. She moved from town to town, city to city, in order to find a new squad. Yet when none came, she found herself traveling around Ironforge- drinking with dwarves, fighting with gnomes, and gambling with traveling humans. She obtained a length debt in common Taverns, and even once lost Signy in a card game. But all good days need to end, and one faithful day Skyler receives a strange letter from a familiar and old companion. 

Alec and CompanyEdit

The letter was very informal, an invitation from Skyler's older acquaintance: Alec Alasdair. He requested a meeting with the Half-Elf, inviting her to join himself and a group of others for a mission. The location was set in Cut-Throat Alley within Stormwind. With an agenda clean; Skyler decided to travel to Stormwind, arriving precisely on time for the meeting.

The MeetingEdit

When Skyler arrived at Cut-Throat Alley, the bundle of humans was a strange sight to behold. The group involved: A Witch Doctor with a fetish of taking his foes ears called Jamal, an elder Mage who was past his prime named Charlie, A cocky mixture of a Thief and Assassin named Markus, and Danchae, a slightly delirious Runemaster. Once the group managed to settle down and introductions were made, they grouped together near the table where Alec explained the reason of the mission and why everyone was invited, stating each had their own purpose to fulfill during the assignment. As everyone agree'd to help with the expedition and reap the rewards, they left the premises of Cut-Throat Alley, and Stormwind all together, the troop made their way slowly but surely to the Swamps of Sorrows, their primary target: The Sunken Temple of Atal'Hakkar


Alec had a contract from Ravenholdt, who had found papers about a prisoner escaping from Tol Barad who has an item of interest on his person. Recent news had led them to the Sunken Temple, and for that, Skyler and the crew were directed to Swamps of Sorrow. They spent many days setting up camp, hunting for food, and securing a path to get into the temple. Using the map, they constructed different ways of moving within the temple, yet ultimately, they had to split up. During their exploration, questions probed their minds, answer truthfully or face the consequences. With every correct question, they moved closer to the center of the temple, with every wrong answer, screams were heard within the halls of the temple. Once there, they realized each was on a separate alter within a giant circular room. On the bottom grounds, trapped against a stone, was Alec. Large crystals pointed at various limbs, whilst one was aimed directly at his neck. For every wrong answer they gave to the questions, a crystal pierced his skin. Yet the truthful questions weren't the only form of enigmas that day. The man, who managed a levitation spell, went to each member of the group. He asked a riddle, they gave their responses. From there, he asked for a riddle himself. If he got it right, a crystal struck Alec, if he got it wrong, nothing happened. On and on the group went, spewing out riddles made upon the spot. By the time they completed the test, only one crystal never touched Alec. The one directed at his neck. The group rushed down towards the center of the temple, where they began working on mending Alec's wounds whilst some began to collect the relics found in the room. When everything was collected and Alec was in stable health, they departed from the temple and returned to their camp.

Twilight HighlandsEdit

It is unsure how, nor why, Skyler began to visit the Skullhewer Village. Yet, when the bells of war rang, she picked up her bow and ventured with the Village to Twilight Highlands, her affiliation now appeared to be with the Horde. On top of a might Airship, the clan and members of the Horde made their way to the cursed lands. It took many days, and when the shore of the land was in view, the alliance attacked the ships. Yet that was not the major threat that day. Instead, Deathwing made an unusual appearance, destroying the ship and forcing the poor soldiers to swim to shore. Now soaking wet, Skyler and the other fighters made their way through Dragonmaw Port, speaking to various leaders of the Horde. Whilst this happened, Skyler adventured through the port, meeting various new and old faces, and managed to snag a tent for later that evening. Days blurred together during the weeks in Twilight Highlands, where many strong bonds were form, arrows were brought, sold, and traded, and many battles were fought.

During those harsh struggles, Skyler obtained many wounds. At one point in the war, it was considered to ship her back to the Village or not. Thankfully the healers at the camps were skilled and determined, for she owed her life to many of those priests. Within the attack at the Twilight Bastion, Skyler was chosen by a Proto-Drake to be his new companion and owner, and the two spent many days flying over the lands bonding.

Skullhewer Village Edit

After the long war at the Highlands, the troops and Skyler returned to the village, where she managed to snag a small house resting within a tree. Many people returned to the clan, and once more the bonfires were surrounded and idle conversation resumed. Whilst the war at Twilight Highlands ended, a new threat called to the land of the barrens.

The MonolithsEdit

News spread through the village, a strange threat was awakened at the Overgrowth within Southern Barrens, many strange creatures were walking the lands and attacking the wildlife. Recruited for the job, Skyler, Zora, and Malarous ventured south, where they met a Turtle-Shaman called Xorak, and a Druid named Falithral. They informed the group of the situation and how they planned to fix it. By traveling to a monolith affecting the population and cleansing it. Whilst Falithral and Xorak cleansed the monolith, it was up to Skyler, Zora, and Malarous to defend them, for monsters were called to attack whomever tried to cleanse the Monolith. It was a difficult fight, where, once more, Skyler succumbed to grave injuries. Yet it was not in vain, for they managed to protect the Shaman and Druid long enough for them to complete the task, and the monsters changed before their eyes, obtaining their original, animal shapes


Azure and Skyler gather a group of individuals to fight against the forces in Un’goro to replace the broken down pylons. With each pylon to replace, came arduous riddles and adversaries that often brought harm to the group of travelers. The mission took accumulatively three weeks to complete, yet the most distinctive event that occurred was the pylon taken by Azure, which brought anger and outrage out of many members of the lot. Yet, overall, the adventure was incredibly successful and each person was awarded a prize for his or her efforts. Skyler was awarded a quiver that can store more arrows and can blend into its surroundings. 


The SserathiEdit


- Love, Sunny.

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