Shanes childhood was nothing of the extraordinary. He lived with his mother, father and sister in a relatively big house in Ambermill , his father was a shoe seller and his mother worked as a tailor. Shane was his parents errands boy, he ran around and delivered the wares, got the money then returned home. It was a simple, yet enjoyable life. Nothing too fancy yet he had food on the table every day.

Shane Campbell


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And like this it continued, it wasn’t too bad. The war was there, and all of Gilneas knew of it. But the thought that it’d ever reach them ever hit them. But one day, as expected… the war came. Shane, now reaching his later teenager years was forced into the battle, not by the army but by his father. Seeing the opportunity to gain his family some kind of reputation and hopefully money Shane marched with the army from Gilneas to face the new green threat.

Returning home.Edit

Shane returned with the rest of the army, yet not like he once was. A never ending hatred had reached him, he had a hard time control himself and after just a few weeks he was kicked out from his own home. He wasn’t welcomed back in his house in Ambermill but he was not bothered. Instead, he traveled to the capital. When there, he started to look for a suitable job for a war-veteran such as himself. He had no direct education or a family of higher standard but, he took what he got. A personal guard for one of the eastern nobles. He was under the command of Vincent Hersham, a respected man amongst other Gilnean citizens.

The time passed by and Shane served Lord Hersham without questioning him, his aggressive behavior, unquestionable loyalty and skills with the sword made him a perfect body guard. It was by this time the thread of the Scourge become more and more clear for the Gilnean King. Shane did not care much for this; he merely followed his master as the news of the gate being closed reached him. Realising that his family was a part of those citizens trapped outside the city Shane went furious; his hatred against the king grew as he started to question his decisions. And, it seemed like he was not alone.

And so, with the walled closed and people starting to question their kings decision and rebellion arose from the eastern nobles. One of them was Shanes own master, Vincent. Shane, with his underlying hated joined his master without hesitation. Here he made new important contacts and fought the Gilnean “royal” armies with glory. But, everything came to an sudden end when the rebellion was stricken down by the King and his armies, Shane was thrown into jail with many others. And there he waited.

The battle of Gilneas.Edit

<Coming whenever Cata reaches Freedom.>

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