Part I: Winterchild

One winter, in the northern provinces of Lordaeron, a child was born. Under starless sky and thick fog was he - Romeo Havencloud, born in the mighty Havencloud Mansion in Andorhal. Parented by none other than the two nobles Elizabeth Havencloud and Montavian Havencloud, both indeed powerful and seated members of the House of Nobles. Due to their position, their son was born into nobility, there was no way around it. The last member within the Havencloud family is Romeo's only sister; Juliet Havencloud. One winter older, yet sharing the almost exact same pattern of structure. Hair black as the night and eyes icy blue as the moon itself was what both Romeo and Lisa would share in appearance. The mansion in which they grew in was big and prosperous, inhabiting many servants and important men and women across the wide borders of Lordaeron came to visit their home. Due to Havencloud's great wealth, they attracted not only the richer families of Lordaeron but too the poor. Everyone who managed to befriend a noble family would in the end be of their favour, they thought. Winters passed, and eventually - Romeo would find himself at the age of seven.

Due to their richly populated home at all times, Romeo was able to grow socially quickly. While his sister hid in her room afraid of the visitors, Romeo approached them with a big smile, indeed leading him into the right path of a noble and their important silver tongues that most of them tend to develop through their years. Romeo quickly grew the necessary manners that he needed to socialize and communicate with the others around him. He learned from his father the keys to being polite, thankful, and to be fearsomely independent. He learned to strike a powerful figure to those above and beneath him, even if there weren't many who were beneath him during his childhood. However, deep beneath this mask of nobility lurked a tiny but stout soldier. During his spare time when he was not studying, Romeo would love to fight with his sister with wooden sticks, pretending to be Grand Master Uther or Turalyon at times. However, despite his masculinity, his sister proved to be dominant and overthrew him almost all of the times they fought. Growing tired of losing, Romeo eventually contacted his father and sought training.

After a long discussion and a search by Romeo's fathers servants, who scavenged all information they could about finding apprenticeship somewhere in Lordaeron, Montavian came up with a brilliant idea. The Silver Hand, a powerful order formed by Grand Master Uther and Alonsus Faol, were at this time looking for squires. Giving Romeo the chance to become a squire was not a problem to him, however, he was troubled that due to his absence in the House of Nobles, there would be problems. Nontheless, Romeo proved himself worthy of the title Noble, atleast at heart.  After days of thought, Montavian agreed. He told Romeo that the Silver Hand needed squires and took him along with rest of their family to Lordaeron's capital city, where the Silver Hand had stopped briefly. After a last goodbye to all of his family members, Romeo followed the paladins clad in shiny, white and yellow armour, disappearing in the mass of people.

While the Havencloud family did not openly show it to Romeo, they mourned greatly after he left, specially Juliet. No longer would she face her little brother in fights in the mansion or outside, no longer would she watch in awe as he dared to talk to the strangers in their home.  But then again, if the favours turned to him, this was not their last goodbye. He was going to be trained to become a paladin, and after this, his duty would be to roam the Lordaeron regions, to spread hope, faith and strike as a shield for those beneath him. To cast a shadow of protection to the people of man. It is very similar to what he wanted, so even if they mourned, they were happy that he had found what he wanted to do in life.

Upon arrival to the Silver Hand base, Squire Romeo was quickly found by a man called Friar Lavrence. Who explained that he will mentor Romeo from now on. As a squire, he didn't really participate in any large scale battles or raise his mighty battle hammer against injustice. Instead, he learned more about the inner sections of the famous Holy Light, the three virtues - respect, tenacity and compassion, along with information about the origins of their faith. Eventually, Romeo would have learned everything he needed as the quick learner he was. Friar Lavrence was surprised, and rightfully proud over his apprentice. After a few years, he finally began to train physically, a training that would strengthen his body. It was a hard job, with constant exercise and never any time to truly rest. He was trained within combat as well, and Romeo picked a two handed blade to be his favourite weapon.   Even if he knew how to handle other weaponry just as good, the blade was what he thought fit him best.

Winters once again passed, and he was finally complete. Romeo Havencloud of the Silver Hand was now officially a paladin. He was given a simple (yet practical) armour by the Silver Hand and a steed called Gravesprint. He thanked his mentor heavily, as they had become great friends during this long process. Other than his mentor, Romeo found many other friends amongst the order. One of them was Balthazar, a younger recruit who helped him in the beginning. Tybalt, An incredibly skilled fighter who aided him in the techniques of sword fighting, and Mercutious. Mercutious grew to be his best friend, who "graduated", if you can call it that, at the same time. He took farewell to the encampment of the Silver Hand, and then moved out to Lordaeron. Now, as a shield and protector of the weak, he strolls the land with elegance and might, spreading hope.

Part II: Viola

Strolling the land of Lordaeron, Romeo grew hastily in both wealth and power as a now grown man. His reputation among the different inhabitants of the land too grew, some individuals shunned the paladin as he came to safeguard their villages, believing that he served no real purpose and just wandered without actually doing anything. Others, however, more often than not, would praise the man and those who accompanied him. Atop a magnificent steed clad in sun's shining armour, Romeo often found himself crowded amongst the people he worked hard to protect. The warmth the people of Lordaeron blessed him with always gave him a happy mood, and thus - he became more and more open and sociable with those around him as he wandered the different villages and cities of the mighty land.

Eventually, Romeo would find himself entering the famous township of Southshire, just as their patrol would have ended for the night. Him and two other paladins of the Silver Hand decided to stop here and rest, thus - they were quick to descend from their mighty steeds and were almost instantly found in the inn nearby, laughing and telling good stories to each other while sharing an ale or two. In the midst of their conversation, a beautiful woman suddenly moved past the trio of paladins, while the other two didn't seem to mind her, Romeo quickly caught her in sight and found himself mesmerized by her grace. She ordered a drink, and sat down somewhere else, far from the trio of paladins. It was then Romeo made a move.

Skipping away from the two other paladins who were deep in their own discussion, Romeo sat down next to the beautiful woman and began a conversation with her. The woman, surprised that a paladin would even notice her, happily engaged herself in the situation and soon they would find themselves passively flirting with each other until they finally kissed. The tame kiss grew to caressing, and soon - they found themselves in bed. In the quiet of midnight did the two unite as one under the darkness of a once again starless sky. And after awhile, total silence fell within the inn as they fell asleep together.

The next morning, Romeo would find himself quickly waking up in the morning, readying his things and leaving the woman with a kiss on her forehead. Outside, he met the two other paladins, patiently waiting for their third to arrive. With not much chatter there, they departed from Southshire to continue their patrolling. Without much thought about what happened that night, life moved on for Romeo and his progress as a paladin. Months had now passed, and he found himself once again arriving to the town of Southshore, however this time - alone.

Advancing further into the depths of this beautiful town, Romeo would offer as much help as he could to those around him. Some came for him for coins, others came for him seemingly  for his raw spiritual presence, which gleamed in the souls of mankind and those under his shadow of protection. This was all what it used to be. Every village would offer the somewhat same pattern, but not this one. During his walk, a woman suddenly took a strong foothold in front of him and stopped him and his steed from moving further. In confusion, Romeo asked the woman what the problem was, and she merely responded by holding up a child.

Even more confused, Romeo presumed that the mother simply wanted a blessing of sort to her newfound child. However, that was not the case. She suddenly roared out towards the paladin who stood with eyes big as globes in an attempt to understand the situation as she said; "This! This is your daughter! The daughter you abandoned! Are you going to take care of her?! Are you going to take care of me?!" She furiously stated, inhaling and exhaling heavily. Stunned, Romeo froze as she once again decided to roar out: "Do you even remember me?!" It was in this moment that Romeo snapped out of his frozen state and fear instilled quickly slithered to his sweating body. He widened his eyes, shocked and in terror of the news. He remained like this, thinking of what would now happen to him as the mother kept on complaining with his daughter in her hands. Romeo would once again snap out of it and grab hold of the reigns of Gravesprint and turn around, quickly escaping the scenery that was building up around him. However, this scenery, that was once because of his just cause and happiness that he brought with him, had instead turned into a festering hatred towards him. Running away from Southshire, he found himself in Andorhal, reuniting with his family to grasp the situation.

His father was furious that Romeo had fled responsibility, as was his mother and sister. The whole family shunned him and greatly pointed out that what he did was wrong, no matter how Romeo tried to defend himself. His father however, in controlled anger, took responsibility of the situation and sent out his own agents to take care of the chaos. The child was to be taken into orphanage under another noble house, completely terminating the existence of another Havencloud child and thus shadowing the incident. The child was adopted by a noble house known as dé Feúxxe. Here, she was officially given a name - Viola dé Feúxxe. However, the Havencloud family was eventually forgiving. Seeing it as an incident, able to happen anyone with a functioning drive for lust, the family would, sooner or later - forget about it. However, the Holy Light was not as forgiving as the Havencloud family. As Romeo continued his duty within the Silver Hand, he could feel how his powers began to diminish...

Part III: Sun

One day, when he was preaching at a church in Andorhal, a horrific scream was heard coming from one of the priests. From the door leading into the church came a screaming woman, and behind her atleast a dozen of undead minions. Before she managed to get any further, she was clawed and mutilated from behind, soon there was nothing but flesh and bone left on the ground. Roaring, Romeo screamed for the remaining people to get his blade, being a noble and honorful man, he did not want to use it inside the church. The ghouls and skeletons swarmed the area as the female priest just managed to give Romeo his blade as she was hacked down, screaming in anger and terror, Romeo quickly slashed the ghoul to avenge his fallen sister of the light. He had realised that this was leading to defeat, and in order to survive, he had to escape.

He gazed around and noticed a broken window, he quickly began to sprint out of it, leaving the dead priests inside the church. He was quickly followed, however, as he began running down the path and into the forest. However, a man in plate had little chance against those needing no breath. Unexpectingly, Romeo Havencloud was impaled by a ghoul claw, through his chest. He fell to the ground as a pool of blood surrounded him. The ghouls shortly after returned to the church, possibly by a call of someone, or by something far more powerful.

Shortly after, Romeo Havencloud was raised by the Scourge Necromancers serving as a fearless warrior of undeath. He slaughtered in the name of the Lich King with his other comrades of death itself. However, as the Scourge began to slowly take over Lordaeron, leading it into demise, a glimpse of hope, a beacon of light in the complete darkness was seen. The previous Ranger-general of the Thalassian forces stood now as the first Dark Ranger, and with the simple stare of her beautiful, crimson red eyes. The will of this fearless warrior snapped instantly, in darkness - or this beautiful light, Romeo was taken away by the new faction - The Forsaken.

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