Neutral 32Octavian Redwind the Noble
Octavian Horse
Octavian, pre-ponytail, posing after flawless victory.








Rogue IconSmall Rogue




Redwind Manor, Hilsbrad Foothills


Tiberius Redwind (Father), Rosaline Estaché (Mother), Remus Redwind (Older Brother)

Companions/Good Friends:

Currently N/A


Long, blonde hair, tied in a ponytail, hazel eyes, two scimitars adorned on his waist, and several pockets, pouches and straps on his clothes.

"Whether I'm a friend or an enemy shouldn't be of concern to you; either way, I'm equally as likely to put a bullet in your head."

- Octavian

Early LifeEdit

Octavian Redwind was born in the Hilsbrad Foothills, just outside of Southshore. His mother was a notorious pirate, who had been captured and imprisoned just days after Octavian was born. His father, Tiberius Redwind, hadn't known of Octavian's mother's previous pirate notority, and eventually became quite a gloomy drunk, contrary to the brave, courageous Stormwind Noble he once was. Because of this, Octavian was mostly left to entertain and care for himself; which, inevitably, led to trouble. He had grown quite fond of trickery, and nearly everything he owned was stolen from someone or somewhere. He had also begun to read quite a bit, especially about magic and poison. He had become adept at stealth, thievery and deception, and moderately successful with magic. His magical abilities were quite underwhelming, although he had a bit of a knack for arcane deception. At the ripe age of 17, he "abandoned ship", so-to-speak, and embarked on a journey to Stormwind without telling a soul, including his father. He wandered around a bit, joining a multitude of colatitions and
Octavian Flawless Victory

Flawless Victory.

companies, only to leave days later with a majority of their profits in hand.

And so, Octavian had ventured to Stormwind after a rather shitty childhood, searching for his place in the world.

The Vaelian StateEdit

After hanging around in local bars and taverns for quite some time, he had caught wind of some sort of new exepedition forming in search of independent Statehood. Octavian found the idea enlightening, and decided to seek out the group themselves.

After learning of their whereabouts in Old Town, Octavian spoke to a young High Elf named Lyelle he found there, who inducted him into her small group.

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