Natharon Draconis

Natharon Draconis


Natharon Draconis


Landlord, Knight






Tom (Brother), Eustace (Brother), Lilian (Mother), Aothar (Father)


Alliance, Alliance of Lordaeron

Natharon is Lordaeron noble, born before the third war. His parents have died during the war and so did his younger brother. His older brother is missing. His both brothers and and father were paladins.

Now, Natharon is the leader of Legacy of Lordaeron, fighting for the people. He is willing to sacrifice anything for his people and land he loves so much.


Natharon is a tall muscular man. He has semi-long blond hair and green eyes. He mostly wears plate armor in blue and white colors. He is also wearing a Lordaeron tabard. There are several scars visable on him, letting the impression of a skilled warrior.

Childhood and early adulthoodEdit

He was born in the capital of Lordaeron, but grew up in Northfold, a small town not far from Stromgarde. From the age of six, he started to learn how to fight. At the age of nine, he learned how to strive with a sword. He loved to ride on his horse and to enjoy his life anyway he could. His father was always forcing him to learn history and pray to the light, but he was always trying to find a way out of this duties. He was always instructed to respect his people and to be just. His parrents had great trouble with him becouse he was never listening to them and was always somewhere outside.

With his older age, his father inducted him more and more into the politics and sometimes brought him to the capital. He also got his own armor. In the age of nineteen, he started to help in battles aside his older brother until he got lost. He was sent to Northrend by his older brother to help in the offensive.


Nowdays, Natharon is leading the Lordaeron forces in Northrend. He has already fought several battles. Now, he and Lordaeron soldiers are in Argent Vanguard, helping the Argents defeat the Lich King. He still beleaves in justice and right and fights for rebuilding Lordaeron and it's old glory.

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