"You know nothing of this... Torment"Edit


Nalantina Starscream was a High Elf Priestess of Silvermoon; she roamed the streets spreading the word of the Light to those who would hear it, mourning those who -couldn't- and taking pity on those who -wouldn't-. She would often spend her time helping the needy, along with helping at an Orphanage.

Nalantina was almost always searching for that special someone, but nobody ever seemed to take interest; which left her rather broken inside.

Nalantina "Nala" Starscream


205, her body is also 205; 12 in Human years.


Banshee, possessed a Draenei child.


Former Priestess / Banshee


Tambini (Friend), Violet (Friend).


Dress, shrug?

Undeath, and Beyond.Edit

One day, whilst doing her daily routine of roaming Silverpine; preying on those who she could, she came across a family of Draenei. Apparently the Father of the house was in need of work, travelling to Nocturan to become some form of Guard, upon finding them she stalked... and waited... eventually she pounced whilst they slept; greatly crippling him in her sneak-attack.

She slaughtered his Wife, before once again engaging him in Combat. He was a Paladin, his powers over the Holy Light becoming reminiscient to her as she fought; yet not ignoring the Lich King's will as she battled on.

Nalantina was eventually badly wounded, and him near-death... with his final act he took pity upon her and sacrificed what little remained of his life; knowing that he wouldn't win, in order to free her from the Lich King. However, she was dying and felt her only chance of survival was Possession; she searched around frantically for a body, wishing she hadn't killed the Paladin's wife. All she was was beasts and scourge, until she finally came across the Draenei's offspring...

The Scourge were also closing in; recognising her as 'free', and she heard the cries of the Forsaken. The Deathstalkers arrived just in time to spy her possessing the Child; believing her to be a Scourge Banshee, they chased her away from the Campsite and allegedly revived the Paladin as a Deathknight; where he swore Vengeance upon the fleeing Banshee that now occupied his Daughter's body.

She eventually came across Nocturan, and, feelng betrayed by the Forsaken she decided to enter it... going under the guise of being an Orphan; her parents having been killed on the way. (Which technically they had). She shortened her name and adopted the alias Nala, before eventually entering the large Gates.

The newly christened 'Nala' quickly befriended Tambini, Violet and a couple others... but she can't return to how she was. Nalantina is emotionally confused currently, wondering what to do with her now pitiful existence; she can't live her life as a Draenei child, and she can't live her life as a High-elf anymore.

She has become somewhat sadistic and strange, wishing she could somehow start her life anew; in the right way.