"Light. Don't forget it! It may become the only thing you have..." - Nobundo speaking to Naanul

Before the LegionEdit

Naanul as a Shaman


Vindicator (Formerly)




Broken, Draenei (Formerly)

Character Class:

Warrior whit a bit of training in Shamanism, Vindicator (Former)


Ashtongue Deathsworn, The Sha'tar, Temple of karabor (Formerly)


Akama, Nobundo and other Broken


Vindicator/Farseer Nobundo





Naanul was a Vindicator in trainin, hes mentor was Nobundo, but in those peacefull times he thought the

training won't be needed, he was happy then, years after he finished his training he moved to the Temple of Karabor to defend it from anything that disturbs it's peace, there he met whit Akama, they became firends,he fell in love with a woman named Avelii, but his feeling stayed unrevealed.

Naanul before he became Broken.


One normal looking day a explosion was heard and then screams, everything happened so fast, the temple was full of orcs. Naanul followed Akama and the others to the Temple in Shattrath, but soon the city was sieged by the horde, the group had to move once more, but now there was no place to hide, they were forced to wander Zangramarsh for years, but under the influence of fel demonic powers they began to mutate and became "Broken". In some time after that Naanul and the others led by Akama returned to Shadowmoon Valley and lived in a small village, until...

"The Betrayer"Edit

After years, the now named Black Temple, became the home of Magtheridon. Naanul fought his orcs with Akama and the others, but with no success, and then came Illidan "The Betrayer", they aided him to take the Temple, but after the Figth saw what were Illidan's Plans. After the re-opening of the Dark Portal, Akama and the Warden Maiev Shadowsong made a plan to kill Illidan, Naanul was one of the Broken who aid the Heros who came to slay the Lord of Outland.


After Illidan's death, Naanul decided to learn the ways of shamanism from an old friend he met in Zangramarsh, Nobundo. He soon abandoned his training after he heard about the death of his close friend Akama, killed by Demon Hunters. At the moment he wants to resume his training in Shamanism.

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