Mivah Winterhoof
"I am the very vassal of my ancestors. I am their spear, their sword, their shield. I am the defender of all that my ancient kin have held dear. I am Winterhoof. I am Tauren."





Character class

Druid of The Wild, Healer.


Thunder Bluff, Horde, Cenarion Circle.






Navajo Winterhoof (Brother), Tiahu (Father), Kucha (Mother).




Sun Dew (Badger).


Neutral Good.

The Earth Mother and her Druidic ties to the spirits of the planet are always her primary focus. In Northerend lies likely the most visible corruption in the all lands. She has made it her personal life goal to heal the land of this corruption and actively seeks a way to help the forest heal the damage that was done. To this day it remains, to her, a mystery. Though it remains on the back of her mind, she no longer actively pursues efforts to heal all of Northerend as the land's changes throughout Azeroth have begun to make her more concerned.

She is an exceptional Druid in terms of knowledge and bonds to the Wild and has, herself, mastered the arts of healing.


Mivahs history is hardly a mystery though it is complex which is why she only tells those wishing to know key points about it. She was born to a tribe of arctic-bred Tauren who roamed the snowy lands of Winterspring. They called themselves the Winterhoof Tribe. Mivah was the only daughter of Tiahu and Kucha Winterhoof, who gave her the birth name Pahoja. Tiahu and Kucha also gave birth to Navajo, Mivah's older brother. As a youth the Druids of the Winterhoof easily saw that the Earth Mother's gift was strong in her and so it was in her pre-adolescence that she was brought to Moonglade to begin learning the arts under the guidance of the Cenarion Circle.


Young Mivah in Moonglade.

She spent into adolescence under the teaching of the Cenarion Circle until the pilgrimage of all young Tauren Druids to Thunder Bluff. Though many of her companions had originally come from Mulgore, she was awe inspired when first she stepped hooves into the towering capitol. To be continued.

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