Maximilium wearing the colors of the Scarlet Crusade. Also, he's pretty pissed about the pussified Argents.

This article is all about the remake of Maximilium, the paladin whom got so full of the Argents and their pussified way of getting to Justice, that he ultimately joined up with teh Scarlet CRUSADE IN EASTERN KINGDOMS. As everyone knows, the Scarlet Crusade gets shit done, and this is what Maximilium strives for.

Childhood, and all that nonesense!Edit

Little to nothing is known about Maximilium's childhood. He probably had some kickass parents with that surname though. He was quickly punted in the direction of the Church, as I assume that his father was quite the paladin as well, and he was schooled in the ways of the Light.

However, things did not bode well for Maximilium, for he was a man of action, and not words and shit. He was given a sword then, and after kicking some ass at sword-ing, the priests went all "that nigger goin' paladin on our asses", and so he did. He was pretty average at it, I guess.

But now he is old!Edit

Obviously, Maximilium is quite the grey-haired man now. It is said that through his zealousy and rage, he has become this unloving monster, respecting no race, but the humans. He has as little sympathy for a dying bloodelf, as he has for a braindead squirrel. His actual age is hard to guess, with the grey hair and all, but he probably ain't as old as he looks.Either way, gaining the respect of this Light-infused juggernaut is just as difficult as it is worth it!