Mavina N'aar'udarEdit

Mavina N'aar'udar
Shaman Draenei by Nadou
This is Mavina,rough,smart and sometimes serious.


Kinky,charming,arousing,kind,thinking before doing,smart,cute and sometimes serious if she has to be.


She has skyblue shining eyes


IconSmall Draenei Male IconSmall Draenei Female


Some tight cloth suit,with plates and leather around it. A modificated Rookie helmet from the Naaru,her Grandfather's Axt with lightning abilitys.


IconSmall Warrior Warrior


Anara (Sister,Paladin)


13.275 Years


IconSmall Draenei Female Draenei,no Eredar relations or else,clear Draenei.

Mavina N'aar'udar (Draenic: M'avina'ar N'aar'udar) is a young though strong draenei girl,just hitting her adult age three years ago. Shes not known,shes not famous. Shes some girl,who wants to make his grandfather proud,leading his weapon for the force against the scourges and hordes.


Mavina was born in a small neutral and hidden village. This village had nothing to do with the needs and such from the Draenic leaders,but still they always have to give some packs of Food,because it most of produces more Food than useable Fighters. Whatever,Mavina moved alot around with her sister Anera and they both made very often some "epic" Duels with wooden weapons,Mavina won in the brutality and strengh but Anera was always the more countering and defense girl,the one who can take much more hits.

Honestly,in their heads,they wanted to show their grandfather,a former big protector of the Naaru,how good they are and they got motivated by him alot.This went like every day,with some little conflicts,repairs and wounds,until they've grown almost to adult,getting pretty girls and getting respected but also favourised by this village...But thats nothing against this Draenic Capital town they had,because in there,they were just some still pretty,but newcoming and unskilled fighters or saints (in Aneras version).

Well,as they wanted to be like their grandfather,they got enlisted in the barracks,as the only two girls. It wasnt a nice time,always getting this aroused draenic guys around them and such,but that was a piece of cake for them,if they shown the cold shoulder,as they did. After a small couple of years,reaching adult age,their grandfather died because of being too old and sicked alot. The only sign he left them there,was an axe and a sword,each for them fitting like nothing best. They wear it with proud of course. And after this,they also crashed in another realm,the Azeroth realm. They went with the draenic survivors to the next best towns,getting armored,positioned and prepared for moving,supporting or working with their new "friends". Mavina and Anera,as they are curious,motivated still and thirsting for exploring,they did it to get in Northrend. Here they are now,in the Icey desert-Northrend.


Name: Mavina N'aar'udar

Class: Warrior

Faction/Sub faction alignment: Draenei/The Argent Crusade

Race: Draenei

Gender: Female

Personality: cute,serious,nasty,brutal,mercyless,cold against the horde,lovely,open for conversations

Age: 13.275

Origin: Some destroyed Planet,they fleed from.

Status of herEdit

Physical Power: Brutal-Immensed (85/100) - Strong,savaging,wild and brutal.

Magical Power: None (0/100) - Shes some kind of Atheist.

Physical Defense: None (0/100) - She only attacks,because "Attacks are the best defense" she says.

Magical Defense: Average (50/100) - Her suit is protective against magical attacks.

Knowledge: (60/100) - She likes to read alot.

Rune-useage: (0/100) - Never.

Magic-useage: (0/100) - Never.

Melee-useage: (100/100) - Grandfather's Axe chops everything down.

Ranged-useage: (0/100) - None.