Neutral_32.gif Maforis Shana'Adora
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"Under nature I serve."


IconSmall_Nightelf_Male.gif Kaldorei/Night Elf


Druid of Wild, Plagueshifter, Archer


Druid of Wild (Claw,Talon,Antler), Ex-Argent Champion/Representative, Shan'do of the Moonrise Offensive.


Druids of various kind (as a child), Arch Druid Shirokami.


Alfurn Shana'Adora (Brother), Syssael Shana'Adora (Daughter), Del'Nathal (Sister)


Cenarion Circle, Darnassus, Argent Crusade (Annulled), Moonrise Offensive.


Alchemy, Herbalism (Master).


Maforis trains all who want to learn combat or ones who know basics or want to learn more of druidism.

Maforis Shana'Adora was born five thousand and one years ago in the forest of Ashenvale where you may find the Ruins of Stardust now. He was born the younger twin of Alfurn Shana'Adora and older brother, later of Del'Nathal. Maforis grew up physically strong for a child of his age as Alfurn was wiser. This did not claim the other weak, but better than the other at their trait. As they grew, they realized that they were one of the very few children of the era they lived in, therefore were close. Themselves, their sister and their parents were all they had besides their community. Though, along came Mooniel one day who was one of the few children their age who befreinded both the brothers and fell in love with Maforis at an early age, which Maforis was blind to. They spent their days racing through southern Ashenvale, playing with critters, crafting wood totems of animals (for fun) and hunting with their druid father.

At the age of three hundred, they began training as druids under their father's guidance as he granted them the power with the "touch of nature." The first years, Maforis showed more promise than his brother. Maforis's bond with nature seemed to come rather natural, though not too significant. Alfurned seemed to lack promise and was told by the elders he was no good, even his mentor gave up on him. Maforis refused to train if his brother was not present however. Alfurn seemed distrot and demoralized but never stopped him from becoming a druid. This also never weakened their bond with eachother or nature as they made daily visits to the critter's families through the ages.

At the age of one thousand, Maforis and Alfurn were given each a scythe: A scythe of the moon and a scythe of the shadow (though they claimed no magical purpose.) They trained in deadly manners and daily wounds was nothing uncommon on their bodies. Their magic was weak but still a weapon otherwise. Maforis usually came up the victor in strength, but Alfurn was much more tactful which Maforis lacked, resulting in an even match fluxuation.

As Maforis and Alfurn reached the age of one thousand five hundred, they were qualifieed druids with no true skill in transformation as haste wasn't a factor in this age. Their duties consisted of: Regrowing fallen trees, aiding wounded animals, putting down feral or animals who preyed too much; throwing off balance, plannting flowers and trees, defending from any form of invader, and scouting (basic druidic practices and duties.) Maforis still took note of Alfurn as they stayed together, but he seemed to stray away slowy, emotionally and physically (One day, killing their sister even.) This concerned Maforis and always worried him. Maforis began to fill the void of his missing brother with reading and gaining some skills Alfurn had over him like patience and some form of tactic, critcal thinking and so forth.

As they approached three thousand, (now moderate druids) they spoke of entering the Emerald Dream as they have served nature long and shall expand their knowledge and connection to nature. Maforis, beforehand took a walk through every settlement of his kin to see it one last time before he leaves to find difference in the time to come. As he watched in each passing village, he thought to reproduce to benefit in the coming ages to his people as he did not know how long he was to sleep. Within a weeks time, he found a sentinal of his age who was willing to do so. They did their deed as they went their own ways. Maforis was to sleep the next day and gave him no time to check if she was impregnated. He gave her his blessings before he went off for his final journey to the den were he went into with his brother and slept for three thousand years.

Dreaming and AwakeningEdit

Maforis from within the dream wandered about; observing every aspect of nature that could be offered. Nothing he has ever seen before could compare to it. Him and his brother went seperate paths to discover their own destiny; the last time he saw his brother sane. Maforis gained much knowledge from his visit of the inner workings of nature and took to many animals familiar to Azeroth. This is where he learned to take the form of a panther and learned the basics of such a form.

After three thousand years, Maforis found himself the first to awaken from sleep; being awakened by the dark forces stirring in Northrend and left his brother to sleep on until he was ready. Maforis was about to head to Northrend when he was stopped by his father and mother who refused him to go without regaining his strength. Maforis grew angered at the thought of more Kaldorei dying, but accepted it regardless and began training along with studying what has happened since he was asleep. He was overwhelmed by the great changes and the loss of immortality to the point of tears. Unknown to Maforis and the rest of his family, Del'Nathal went missing within half the year Maforis spent. It was assumed she either went wandering off hunting or dead by Orcs.

This stirred a great deal of emotion in Maforis and as a year went by and the progression of Northrend reached Ice Crown and Storm Peak, he made his way to Northrend by boat; his father's scythe in hand; thick, white hide armor; and an intense determination to bring back balance from what Arthas has taken.

Argent CrusadeEdit

Maforis bonding with the crow form.

Maforis's arrival to the port of the Alliance, he was sent off to the Argent Vanguard were he enlisted his representation and aid to the Argent Crusade. He showed respect to the officers such as Commander Matthew as well as Captain Taledoren. Through much work and dedication of patrol, he was promoted from squire to the next rank; then the next rank, until one day Aylana, Lady Commandress of the Argent Vanguard, promoted him to captain in which he held with pride under the banner of oppertunity. Through this oppertunity, he trained with the Arch Druid who also took residence within the Argent Vanguard as well as meeting the Arch Druid Shirokami who he from then on called Shan'do. From this he learned his next form of his totems; the crow. He took this with pride but found it difficult and consistantly crashed into events that he should have not been around to begin with.

He occasionally found himself meeting many new races that astounded him. From arcane user to Tauren, he knew none of them. From these experiences he developed a personal policy; "Every race within my presence shall be given a chance to prove themselves to me. If they show themselves a threat to balance or hostile, then I shall know." He made many friends that if listed would stretch far down.

Through random occurances, he gained blessings from the druidic feline spirit that allowed him to transform into a different cat besides the panther. He took this blessing and became a Winterspring Saber. Maforis also gained a bow form the branch of an ancient that would corrupt if he ever did and took upon his body two vines that he uses as laso/whisps/tendrils. And the last benefit he gained was traveling to the fallen world tree, Vordrassil and crafting armor of it's wood. He imbued his own life energy into all of this equipment and that is why the armor and vines are considered living upon his own body. His scythe was still held by him as well.


When Maforis was under Argent Vanguard command, he ventured into the temple of Ulduar with the coalition from the Halls of Lightning to Yogg-Saron's very end. Within Ulduar, he aided in much of the fighting, though found his abilities inadequite. His vine whips did seem rather useful against his enemies but his greatest gain was saving Freya along with the other venturers. As she fell, she blessed Maforis as the only druid within the area and refused to strike her, with a blessing that increased every aspect of Maforis's power as well as a staff that glowed a flame from the Emerald Dream called the Dreambinder that grew from the forehead of the titan watcher (though he calls it the flame of Freya.) This staff and blessing benefited his healing abilities and magical spells and blessed him with the ability to grow flowers and amplify his casting. It also increased every forms power; making his saber form able to pierce plate and rock even. In the end, Yogg-Saron fell and he thank Freya for her gifts that he felt beyond blessed to be given.


Maforis returned to the Argents after every Ulduar except the very last one. Within the times he went to Ulduar, he was the one who led the Argents into a battle at Mord'Rethar. Maforis lost most of his men. Maforis also within this meantime split off from the Argent Crusade as his duty drew to an end.

After Northrend and CataclysmEdit

After all of the events, including his aid in the fall of the Lich King, he returned home to Darnassus where he previously met a Highborne who would plead him to bring both of the former races together again after the many years of exile, so Maforis upon his return came to Tyrande and Staghelm to recieve his rewards of his accomplishments and was sent off to the Grove of the Ancients on Darnassus and spoke with the Stag, Malorne. He told them to bring the races together to face the coming Cataclysm. He did so and blessed Maforis with the horns of the very few and rare Druids who are born with this gift.

Hence then, he was named Archdruid and over time, he gained his title within Ashenvale. He went forward into cleansing all of Ashenvale of the evils with the Moonrise Offensive who aided him in Northrend and ended up going to the Emerald Dream gate when it was now known that Malfurion was trapped in the Emerald Dream. The people gathered and readied for the events to come to combat the darkness inside and to free Malfurion. Maforis did so and in the end, Broll gave him the Idol of Remulos. He still possesses it.

After this ended, he journied to Outlands with the Orcish friend he gained, Garrock of the Skullhewer and went to learn the way of the sword and grew to admire the Orcs... it brought him to his ultimate path to give up on his war against the Horde for his deep friendship he had gained and decided to take up a path of finding peace... and restoring balance to not the forest of Ashenvale... but the world.

He had then accepted that the world around him was growing and all who lived on Azeroth were now of the same balance as the Kaldorei. He can be found anywhere peril is that threatens the lives of Azeroth's beings...

And now... he has ascended to a level that of a demi god and continues to do so.

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