L. Grakk the Terrible.
Grakk's Portrait of his former self drawn by Kicasso, the most famous Azerothian painter (Mitler actually)

Race, Gender

Formerly an Arakkoa. Male.


'Regent-Lord of Redridge', 'Thief-Lord', 'Dragon, The Dragon Slayer'.


Battle Mage, Inscriber, Professional Whiner.


Himself. Alliance (formerly) Sethekk (formerly)

Spoiled, megalomaniac and psychotic creature - that is what Grakk might appear to be. He is a sinister and backstabbing snake, which is quite infamous for the plenty of trouble have caused around Redridge Mountains (Which is a kingdom now). But in the end - becoming it's ruler. No matter what a tyrant he seemed to it's folk, the kingdom seemed to arise from it's darktimes as L. Grakk proclaimed himself a Regent-Lord. With both Maim and Nefarian dead, he brought two victories to Redridge. Crushing down the rebellion and taking control over remaining gnoll tribes of Redridge. After such events he is known called as "Dragon, the Dragon Slayer". But people of Redridge call him 'Lord L. Grakk of Redridge". None have noticed Grakk being blinded by the power over people and abusing the title that people has agreed for him to have. But that is for now, since we all know that the pure black heart will never return to it's pure pink color.

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