Loriana GreenBranch

Loriana in a younger age.

Loriana and Thomas

Loriana and Thomas's Last time together.

Title: Mistress Loriana

Age: 153

Character Class: Ranger

Race: High Elf

Occupation: Retired, Tailor

Location: Somewhere outside Stormwind

Status: Alive

Relatives: Tanis GreenBranch (Son)

Toris GreenBranch (Son) Thomas Broadsmith (Ex-Lover)

Brief HistoryEdit

Loriana was born in Stromgarde by a High Elven Noble. She was trained to be a Ranger with her excellent bow skills and hiding skills. Her Father is extremely strict and selfish. Loriana was really pretty in her youth (and still is) was always wanted by other High Elven boys and men. After awhile going threw Stromgarde with her friends she happen to catch the attention of a Human Archer by the name of Thomas. She would go past his guard post everyday and he would just stare at her beauty, After she notice such looks she would start flirting with him something that other High elves would come to notice.

Her father found Loriana another High Elf to marry, saying "He is of another noble family". Loriana did not want him but only wanted Thomas, She would sneak out to see him. One day she found herself pregnant. Knowing of such news she told him she had great news but it would have to wait. That night she snuck out as usual and they meet outside the gates of Stromgarde (Thomas being a guard had access to secret doors). Her Father noticing this action gathered group of other High Elves he had control over to tailed her and kill the human if they meet. As she got there the High elves began to surround and swear, sluring curses at them. Loriana and Thomas (always being precautious) got their bows ready for a fight, after a few kills Thomas was struck in the chest by a arrow. Loriana finished off the rest and came to his aid, As he laid dieing she pronounced her love to him and the news of her pregnancy. He died right after kissing her.

Loriana being in exile left and made with what money she took from her father and bought a cottage outside Stromgarde somwhere. She had two sons and named them both with T's in Thomas's honor.