Lorekeeper Aethalyste







Character Class:

Mage, Wizard, Sorcerer, Enchanter


Eldre'thalas, Shen'dralar, Reclamation of Malorne


Lorekeeper and Mage of the Highborne


Ashenvale Forest, Northern Kalimdor





Ability in Arcana:

Due to her long lifetime she has had plenty of years to refine her skill in arcana.

Lorekeeper and Magi of the Highborne, Aethalyste has had many years to train and refine her magical abilities, making her a worthy adversary.


Aethalyste was born in Eldre'thalas, a magnificent city that provided prosperity for it's inhabitants. Her upper class family gave her nobility in her blood.

As her father was part of the Shen'dralar and a pride-filled wizard it was only natural that Aethalyste wished to follow in his footsteps. However, due to her gender it was not socially acceptable for her to be trained in wizardry. Her father managed to teach her in private despite these traditions. In addition, she also publically trained as a sorceress at the private institutional academy of Azshara.

As time went by demons started to make contact with the nobility of Zin-Ashari, however Aethalyste's father helped keep them away from Eldre'Thalas, as the majority of the city did not agree with what was happening. The defenders managed to hold back any attacks the Burning Legion made. This isolated them from the rest of night elven society and as time passed, a kal'dorei known as Malfurion and his allies managed to fend back the demons and the Well of Eternity collapsed, causing a massive change to the landscape. Most of the highborne were captured by the roaring tides of the ocean, yet, thankfully the inhabitants of Eldre'thalas were, on the majority, fine.

Inbetween Now and ThenEdit

During the time that Aethalyste was in the ruins, she managed to get her way up to joining the Shen'dralar, and take her fathers former title, which was that of a lorekeeper. This gives Aethalyste the charge of looking after historical texts and spells, noting and capturing any ancient scrolls found within ruins.

The ten thousand years in the ruins has left alot of time to perfect arcane spell-casting. Thus making the highborne formidable.


Until recently, Aethalyste still recided in the ruins known as Dire Maul until the new leader of her people, Valthoran managed to secure a pact with the kal'dorei. She travelled with him and now aids the conquest of the Reclamation of Malorne.

Recently, she helped launch an attack on some surviving satyr, her staff breaking in the process of an abjuration spell due to too much pressure. However, she managed to find an enchanted brooch and a new staff whilst there.

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