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"The legions end draws near."






Alliance, Exodar




Ennarth (Brother) Kaalif (Father) Talaara (Mother)

Kaya (Prenounced Kay-ya) is a vincdictaor (Paladin) which faught to protect her people ever since the re-opening of the Dark Portal. After the betrayers fall, Kay-ya returned to her family and her people to assist in rebuilding the temples and villages which was destroyed through the many years. Now Kay-ya's attention is set towards the cold Northrend. Wishing to repay the Alliance's favour now when things has calmed within outland.


Kaya was born shortly after the Draenei arrived to Draenor, she lived with both her parents and older brother with at her. She was raised with love, discipline and the light.
Her family and her lived in a village by themselves. When the orc aggression started to rise, her brother, Ennarth was maimed and would have been killed if it had not been for their heroic father, Kaalif. They fleed with the remaining villagers towards Shattrath. -The city of light. Unable to do things by himself, Kaya's mother, Talaara, had to constantly service the maimed brother
making her unable to continue in the position of Anchorite. Kaya was meanwhile being trained alongside Kaalif, which now no longer had a son to train with. She trained from sunrise to nightfall and at night, she would sit with her brother and tell him about what she had learned and experienced. Ennarth himself rarely had the strength to move around by himself
as he had lost the ability to walk. He affected Kaya far more then anything else, for a long time before he was maimed, he seemed like the favoured child, being able to do anything faster and better then herself. She envied him a lot back then, even through the light forbid her to had such feelings. -But now, Kaya finally came to truly know him.

She would describe him as kind, relaxed and very generous. She grew close to Ennarth, more then anyone and still this day stands willing to sacrifice everything for him. As years passed and the times started to darken, Kaya would soon prove herself to be one of the new hopes, of the army of light.