Race:HumanClass:Scarlet paladinage:25


Early life in Lorderon and Stormwind :

Mother Kelebgill(dead high elf) Father Ostin(dead human)

Borned in Lorderon city.

His father was a grand paladin of teh silver hand (good friend to Uther)

Kalaus traind for a paladin when he was just 12 yers old. When his father was murdered Uther compleate his training. When the Scourge overtaked Lorderon Kalaus traveled to Stormwind and lived there like a paladin for 3 years (curently then 22 yers)

Searching for The Scarlet crusaders :

Kalaus knowed that he shood search the crusaders but he was unsure. He killed many Scarlet crusaders (turned in undead) and take there armore so he can search for the real scarlet crusaders. In 1 year search he finaly found them and joined them .

Looking for a love:

Kalaus is realy yong and he is searching for a woman that he can love but no one likes him becose he is strange for them (like strange i meen he talks to them like that "Um ... uhum im... Kalau....s and i ...i...i...want to talk to you" But he knows that he will find someone that will love him .

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