Hyperia as Lady Rosalyn Marie Hysinger, the Human persona the drake has created to blend in with the mortal races.


Black Dragon/Drake




Black Dragonflight (Formerly)




Young, not yet matured from Drake to Dragon.


Draconic, Common, very little Dwarven.


Neutral Evil


Mortal Form: Hyperia chooses the guise of a Human, like many Blackflight often do. Her Human skin is dark and holds the exact same scars as her scales, a large waxy looking patch of flesh covered the sides of her neck and shoulders. Her features are sharp and slender, again much like that of her drake form. Almond shaped eyes are an inhuman golden color. Her hair is black, lustrous, and cropped short, framing her features perfectly.

Draconic Form: Though still a large creature Hyperia is considered small for average drake standards. Her body is lithe from head to toe, a row of sharp spines trailing down her back. Her scales are a deep black and slightly glossy, like ink or the surface of an oil spill. Patches of scales are missing around her neck and back from past scuffles. Soft underbelly scales are a much lighter, bronzy color.

Personality Edit

Hyperia shows signs of classic Black Dragon attitude and behavior. Cruelty, bitterness, and selfishness. She is extremely short tempered and tends to snap back at any comment she deems as irritating, unnecessary, or stupid. She does, however, show signs of cowardice tendencies. In a situation of fight or flight, she often flies, literally. This causes her to be uncharacteristically timid at times. She's also renowned kiss-ass when it comes to things of self-gain.

She despises the mortal races and looks on them with a quiet hatred. Given her resent defection from her own flight she has learned to tolerate them, if only barely. Anything to heighten her chances of survival.

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