Alliance 32 Haldran Bearheart
382 wr drow


Son of Celefos




Night elf (Humanoid)

Character class

Rogue, Hunter




Lanariel Shadeleaf (mother, deceased), Celefos Bearheart (father)

Haldran Bearheart is the son of Celefos Bearheart, and Lanariel Shadeleaf. A typical night elven soldier, though with an even shadier set of mind. He has taken on some skills typical for a rogue.


He was born slightly before the War of the Shifting Sands, In a small house in the Southern Jungles of Kalimdor. His mother, died durring the war while fighting the bug-like monsters. This unfortunate event caused him to be raised by friends of his mother's who fought with her durring the war. They were all three sentinels and sisters. At the age of eighty-five they brought him to Moonglade. After two-hundred years of training, meditation and study with the Cenarion Circle he still hadn't shown potential or a change of the glow in his eyes. Thus, he was sent back to those who took him into custody after his mother's death.

Once back in Feralas, the friends of his mother took him out often to train with their own swords, though they hid it, knowing that he would never be allowed into the Sentinels. He became a volunteer soldier, not used as much as he liked to be. He took on a few "Off the record" jobs to hunt down Highborne, provided by his adoptive parents while he was a militia-man. He accepted the fact that he could never achieve anything of notice, so he withered somewhat, and took rules less and less serious.

He fought in the militia, under the command of the Sentinels durring the Third War. After which he left his night elven kin, wishing to see the other half of the world he had yet to experience. He was one of the first night elves to travel to Stormwind, Ironforge and even the by then ravaged ruins that once were Lordaeron. After seeing much of the "New World" he took off to Draenor, where he lingered to long to catch up with his father, who had already left. Back in Darnassus he had gotten word that men were accepted into the ranks of the Sentinels, knowing this he was more determined to meet his father, who he hadn't seen since he was last in Moonglade.

After not finding him, he figured he'd join up with some sort of other army. Now he searches, to develop his skill.

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