History of Grumlig:Edit

Grumlig was born in the city of Gnomergan before the start of the irraditation caused by Thermaplugg son to a Magi father and a enginerring Mother he was raised to use the powers of magic togheter with the powers of engineering in a way that his parents hoped would be astunishing. He grew up and learned the arts of a fire-mage and of the engineer but then the irraditation came.

Grumlig escaped with his parents but had innaliated some of the poisonus gas before getting out into the fresh air. Due to the gas Grumlig started losing braincells more rapidly than normal and he would after a while be what you could call a psykopath. He was in this state for some while before he could somehow recover some of his mind and he decided to go somewhere else. At this point he didnt remember much exept how to channel the arcane within him and build some simple bombs.

He started by traveling to Stormwind and then into Westfall where he was attacked by Defias. It was this attack he became even more mentally instable as he would soon sometime be really nice to people and sometimes be very mad by no real reason and then throw fireballs, often exploding, around him. After some time just "being" he set out once more and this time into the north adn Silverpine Forest. While there he met a person named Geras(Or something, not really sure) who also had a mentally disturbance. They traveld together to a place calld Nocturna where they after that spent some time. While there he became a little more normal again and he met alot of new people. While in Nocturna there was a cat who one day more or less started playing with Grumlig and had him pretty much like a toy-mice and with him she did alot of strange things. After some time the cat, who was a druid, came back to her Night Elven form and they decided to go the icy fields of Northrend.