Greatfather Winter is a happy, generous old Dwarf who frequently travels to the Northrend Front to give presents for the ultimate cause of raising morale.

Nobody knows if Greatfather Winter is an alias, his true name, or anything really about him other than what you see.

He is rather large bodied, with pale white skin and a large white beard. His hair is balding atop his head and usually accumulates around the back, allowing a cosy spot for a variety of Winter's vale hats to situate themselves within. He is almost always seen in a red robe, large red gloves and shiney black boots.

Occasionally, when dealing with rougher areas, he will be equipped with his Gran'pappy's trusty broom and, when on a mission to deliver presents, he'll have a large red sack over his shoulder.

Looks are deceiving, though. If engaged in battle, one would be surprised at the magical & physical might of this Dwarf - he gets stronger the closer it is to Winter's vale - and the weapons at his disposal.. namely his trusty mount, Metzen the Reindeer.

Stealing from the Greatfather is the biggest offense in his book or, more appropriately, trying to steal. His big red present sack is enchanted with all kinds of magic, along with booby traps to thwart any cutpurse.

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