Early Life:Edit


Grandma Cara Lynn

Age and Race

63, Human


Medic and Chef


Jev Jacobson, James and Michael Jacobson (Sons) Mia and Stacy Jacobsons (Daughters) 16 Grandchildren


White hair, that was once a silky red. Blue-ish green eyes filled with knowledge and hardship, and a very wrinkled face


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Cara Lynn was the youngest born out of the Gilmore family. Her parents were miners, working long days and nights, and her two older brothers were the typical want to be rebels that shot rocks out of slingshots. Her sister was a priestess who focused all her time on the ways of the Light. Cara was a simple happy-go-lucky child, loving to watch her mother and sister cook meals and was always helping them with house chores.

Her life was very happy and stress free, growing up to be a wonderful chef and medic. Her love life was very simple, she loved food- who needed a man? That is of course until she met Jev. Jev was a soldier in the Stormwind Army, a very dedicated one at that. Yet, he was never recognized. During their time together, Jev and Cara grew very close until one day he asked her to marry him. Of course she said yes, and the two got married a month later. Cara became the perfect house-wife, always cooking and cleaning aswell as providing four children. Two sons and Two daughters.

The First WarEdit

During the times of the First war, her two sons, Michael and James, were old enough to go to war with their father. This brought distress to Cara and her daughters, Mia and Stacy. Cara sent the two girls fled to Lordearon, where they stayed during these times. Once the war was over and done, the three men returned home with meny battle scars and stories to tell. All was peaceful until the Second war.

The Second War/Third WarEdit

When Lordaeron was attacked during the second war, Jev and their two sons fought in the war while Cara and their two daugters volunteered their services helping the sick and hungry. During one of the attacks on Lordaeron, Jev was killed by an enraged Orc. The two sons worked together to slay that Orc before moving the rest of the battle to kill as many as they could. Which wasn't a lot. Once the Horde's army weaken and the alliance were able to end the war, the greiving family decided to stay in the city and try and continue on their lives.

During the times of the Third War, Cara and her children fled to Hearthengled where the Silver Hand was stationed before moving to Tyr's Hand before quickly moving to Stormwind to begin a new life.

Starting over in Stormwind Edit

Coming whenever I have the time to write. :3

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