Alejandro in the Lordaeron army.

Early lifeEdit

Alejandro grew up in a wealthy noble family in Stratholme. He and his family was extremely religious, praying to the light every single day. In his early years he was enlisted to the military, following his fathers steps as an officer. He soon worked himself up in the ranks, and eventually became a Major in the Lordaeron Military.

During a ball, Alejandro met a beautiful young woman named Maria. Alejandro fell in love with her and they eventually began dating afterwards. Maria was also very much in love with Alejandro and they soon got married, and became parents to two girls.

Alejandro's sorrowEdit

Alejandro eventually turned snobbish, and even seemed to be cold towards anyone but his family and his job. He looked down on the poor people of Lordaeron and only wished to acompany the rich.

Scarlet IconGeneral Alejandro Valverde


The Scarlet crusade (Grand Crusader). The Crimson Legion (Leader). Previously Lordaeron's military.


Wife: Maria (diseased). Two daughters (alive)




The Holy Light



Though his life took a drastic turn as the plague hit Lordaeron. Maria was diseased with the plague and died, turning undead. Alejandro himself had to strike her down himself, defending his children from the undead Maria. Although this wasn't the end to his Misery. He and his children moved to New Avalon, to avoid the plague. During a market in New Avalon, his two children were kidnapped by unknown bandits, as he turned his look away from them.

This ultimately changed his view upon other human beings, rich as well as poor. He swore to protect his people from any threat, and eventually became a General of the Scarlet Crusade, upon the Kingdom of Lordaeron's fall.

Scarlet Crusade and the Plaguelands.Edit

Alejandro was the lord general of Tyr's hand during the beginning of the war against the Scourge in Plaguelands, yet he was stationed in Hearthglenn for a brief period of time. Not only the Scourge were a problem, The Argent Dawn fought the fanatic Scarlet Crusade as well.

While Alejandro and the Scarlet Crusade withstood The Argent's and the Scourge's attacks for a long time, they could not keep the Death Knights at bay when they assaulted New Avalon. General Alejandro arranged a meeting with the Argent Commander Reginald, and they soon allied, giving The Scarlet civilians a possibility to seek refugee at several Argent bases, and get away from the heat of battle in New Avalon. As he spent more time with the less fanatic Argent Dawn, he learned to accept other races of the Alliance, and became less fanatic over time.

Later during his stay at an Argent base, Alejandro discovered the existance of Calia Menethil in Eastern Plaguelands whom he had deemed dead long ago. He was and is the day today, very loyal to the Menethil-family and wish for Calia to be the regent of a New Lordaeron, once such hopefully will be established.

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