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Alliance_32.gif Commander Garrow Goldenbrew
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Garrow, as he is now, staring at someone.


Commander of the Alliance / Member of the Seven


IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Worgen Human/Worgen


IconSmall Warrior Warrior


Wrath-Logo-Small.PNG Alliance (The Fifth Brigade), Bc_icon.gif Previously Crows of War, Previously 7th Legion




Common, Dwarven


Gabriel (also Brother in Arms)


Gabriel, Fargus, Laeyana, Volmer, Ajoro, Cody


See Below


Blue eyes, wavey dark hair, beard, small ears, medium nose, angry eyebrows and a serious face.

Stuff to know about Garrow

Garrow has a varity of skills, weapons and armour he uses for differant occations.


  • Garrow wears the Fifth Brigade Lieutenant armour, which is an expensive, comfortable plate. Almost like wearing steel PJs into battle.
  • Garrow has a custom-made steel shield he uses for defensive combat. He also carries a knife, and in some situations, a crossbow.
  • Garrow uses the sword Void Sabre, which he gained in Ulduar, given to him for his spirit and courage. It's an icey sword, that gives the weilder some mild ice-based attacks. Better than a steel sword, eh?
  • Garrow has Armageddon, the massive sword which he gained from Naxxramas. It's now in the Fifth Brigade armoury, as he cannot use it, and is waiting for a correct time to give it to someone or to use it in the future.


  • Farming is like walking for Garrow, as he has done it for most of his life.
  • Ale making is also one of his skills, as he has spent alot of time in Ironforge in his past.
  • He can do amateur blacksmithing, but nothing too fancy at all really.


The Goldenbrew family where once a family of farmers, they all lived together in a large farmhouse. They are known for their love of ale and loyalty, as well as being very easy-going.


Sybil in a tavern, an example of Goldenbrew attitude. Picture by Grandiot.

  • Grandparents: Unnamed Granny (Alive, 70s), Unnamed Grandad (Presumed deceased)
  • Parents: Marleen(Mother, undead), Derek(Father, deceased)
  • Brothers: Travis(37), Nick(35), Blake(28), Larry(26)
  • Sisters: Aramorel(29), Robyn(25), Maizy(22)
  • Nephew/Nieces: Sybil(20), Sadie(??)


Garrow has made countless friends in his journeys over Azeroth, however the ones he has the closest friendships with would be:


  • Physical Power - Strong (80/100) - Garrow is strong, from using large weapons most of his life.
  • Magical Power - Nope (00/100) - None.
  • Physical Defense - Ironman (85/100) - Full steel plate armour, with a large shield.
  • Magical Defense - Meh (50/100) - Iffy, none really, but plate armour could withstand some arcane magic.
  • Knowledge - Average (60/100) - He's not the smartest of blokes, but he's learnt alot in the last few years.
  • Rune-usage - Nope (00/100) - None.
  • Magic-usage - Nope (00/100) - None.
  • Melee-usage - Blaaghr (90/100) - Mostly all the time, exept when in rare occation where he uses his Crossbow.
  • Ranged-usage - (50/100) - He has a Crossbow, that he uses from time to time, mainly to hunt.


I chose this song because it shows both of Garrows personalitys, that of a soldier and a killer and that of a jolly farmer.

  • Garrow has been involved in a pillow fight and a game of 'strip dice'.
  • He has killed a Vrykul with his bare hands.
Era EPL Pre-Northrend Northrend Pre-Cata
Activity Scale 2 - Secondary Character 2 - Secondary Character 1 - Main Character 1 - Main Character 1 - Main Character



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