This is a joke article for educational purposes only and shouldn't be concidered WoW Freedom Lore.

131px-Calia Hastings
"Futalia as she looked without her manhood"


Princess, Futa, lesbo.


IconSmall Human Female Human



Futalia is a inside joke of WoW Freedom about the character "Calia Menethil" Futalia was nickname the character was given as the player Ad3sa also known as Reginald decided to give this character a Manhood and further more attempt to have sexual intercourse with some of his guild members and even the undead he/she was supposed to hate.


Once upon a time there was born a magical princess, blessed by the maigcal fairy Jale. This angered the evil wizard known as "Xaram" but as he was unable to kill her due to this magical faries blessing he did the next best thing and cursed her to become the most fearsome thing to ever reach the surface of Azeroth. -A futa.

When her not-nearly a magic emo brother, arthas went apeshit and killed her father and stuff she ran to a kingdom far far far far far far away, somewhere where the lorehounds could never find her, through one day she returned to rule over her now sundered kingdom as Arthas now had picked up his shit and put himself on ice.

Through 'twas not long before her curse urged her to get freaky with some of her fellow knights and allies and in the end, her curse was exposed- Through when all hope seemed out, a great big crow flew known as "FUCKING PINK FLAMINGO" flew in and dropped a great big hamemr onto Futalia's manhood- Thus creating a cosmic singularity and sucking futalia into a whole other universe- only to replace her with a less cocky version of herself "Calia".

-Fire ze missels.

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