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The Fifth Legion's uniformsEdit

The Fifth Legion has uniforms enforced on specific classes. The very main compoment is the tabard of your nation, which is included in The Alliance. Mostly these tabards are Tabard of Stormwind and Ironforge Tabard.

Human/Stormwind uniforms:Edit


-Tabard of Stormwind

-Imperial Plate Helm [Plate Head 1; Page 5]

-Imperial Plate Chest [Plate Chest 1; Page 5]

-Imperial Plate Leggins [Plate Legs 1; Page 6]

-Imperial Plate Shoulders [Plate Shoulders 1; Page 3]

-Imperial Plate Belt [Plate Waist 1; Page 4]

-Imperial Plate Boots [Plate Feet 1; Page 6]

-Imperial Plate Bracers [Plate Wrists 1; Page 4]

-Gloves of your choice

Fwiki 5thbrigade humansoldier

Example of The 5th Legion human in his plate uniform.


-Desert Shoulders [Shoulders 1; Page 3]

-Light Cloth Belt [Waist 1; Page 1]

-Robes of Arcana [Robe 1; Page 11] -Boots, Hat(within reason), Gloves, Pants, Wrists, Shirt is of your own choice.


Example of The 5th Legion's mage in his uniform. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Dwarf/Ironforge uniforms:Edit


-Ironforge Tabard

-Spiked Cobalt Helm [Plate Head 2; Page 6]

-Spiked Cobalt Shoulders [Plate Shoulders 2; Page 8]

-Spiked Cobalt Chestpiece [Plate Chest 2; Page 10]

-Spiked Cobalt Belt [Plate Waist 2; Page 8]

-Spiked Cobalt Legplates [Plate Legs 2; Page 12]

-Spiked Cobalt Boots [Plate Feet 2; Page 8]

-Spiked Cobalt Bracers [Plate Wrists 2; Page 6]

-Spiked Cobalt Gauntlets [Plate Hands 2; Page 10]

Fwiki 5thbrigade dwarfsoldier

Example of The 5th Legion dwarf in his uniform.

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