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5th Legion's RanksEdit

These are IC guild ranks of the Fifth Legion, and NOT the offical ranks of the Alliance PvP ranks. We've edited them slightly for convinience. Please read them if you're planning to join or are in the Fifth Legion.

Rank Privileges
Alliance blue [0] Recruit This rank has no special priveleges, however, you should rank up in no-time. You must wear the standard uniform for normal footmen if you're class allows you to do so. No cape.
Private [1] Private You're now offically in the Fifth Legion, yet do not have any special priveleges; except knowing you're one step closer. You must wear the standard uniform for normal footmen if you're class allows you to do so. No cape.
Corp [2] Corporal Being a Corporal gives you status over Privates, yet you cannot command Privates unless you are the highest ranking member in action or sight. You must wear the standard uniform for normal footmen if you're class allows you to do so. No cape.
Sergeant [3] Sergeant Sergeants are the first offical officer rank, with this rank you may command Recruits, Privates and Corporals in the base, and in a non-combat situations. Sergeants are for non-combat work, such as peacekeeping and getting lower ranks to do work. Sergeants MUST wear a cape, so people know who's a Sergeant, and they may wear what they like within reason.
Sgtmajor [4] Sergeant Major The Sergeant Major is the leader of the Sergeants. Offically, it is above the 'Knight' rank, but below the 'Knight Captain' rank. However, Knight Captains cannot overcommand Sergeant Majors when the Sergeant Major is commanding his/her's own troops, in a non-combat situation. There is only one. The Sergeant Major MUST wear a cape, so people know his or her's rank, and he/she may wear what they like.
Knight [5] Knight Knights are the people who will lead you into a battlefield, the one you listen to when fighting. He will lead you into the battle, and train and discipline you outside of it. There are only three Knights. They are the elite squadron, and do more 'special' operations with other trusted soldiers. They wear their own uniform, which is a comfortable yet powerful set of plate armour, cape included.
Knightcaptain [6] Knight Captain The Knight Captain is the third in command of the Knights, and the right hand of the Knight Champion. He or she is probably one of the most trusted of the Knights, and can carry out orders and give people tasks at ease. He/she wears the Knight uniform, which is a comfortable yet powerful set of plate armour, cape included.
Knightchampion [7] Knight Champion The Knight Champion is the second in command of the Knights, a trusted, strong yet fearful person who can discipline troops ready for battle. He/she holds almost the same amount of authority as the Lieutenant Commander, yet slightly lower.  He/she may wear what he likes, cape included.

[8] Lieutenant Commander / Knight Commander

Lieutenant Commanders are the right hands of the Commanders and Marshals, people to order around the troops as well as doing the paperwork. They are the leaders overall in battles when Commanders cannot attend, or are wounded/are not in a condition to command. They may wear what they like, cape included.

The Knight Commander is the head of the Knights in the Legion, leading them above all else except for the Commanders and the Marshal. He is a strong, prestigious warrior who people look up to in the Legion. The current Knight Commander is Sir Farren Mariah.

Commander [9] Commander Commanders are the leaders of battles and the leaders of brigades or divisions. They are the 'top people' who are almost/or in supreme control. They will make sure everything in their division or brigade is under control, and that all tasks at hand are complete. They have alot of responsibility, and to become one requires hard work, as well as trust from the King. The Current Commanders of the Fifth Legion are Garrow Goldenbrew, Farren Mariah and Fargus. They may wear what they like, cape included.
Marshal [10] Marshal Marshals are veterans and highly trusted individuals who have won countless battles and proven themselves many times of their ability to lead. They are the leaders of large armies and will be given very important tasks to complete. Marshals in the Fifth Legion are Cody Benedikt Hewitt, Durkon Greyhammer and Gryan Stoutmantle who co-lead the Fifth Brigade together, although Cody having the 'overall' lead of the Brigade.

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