"My parents have gifted me with two legacies. My short, sharp ears, and faintly glowing eyes are a warning to those who oppose me."











Sorceress, Enchanter, Scriber






Born in the city of Dalaran, Eldreth was always viewed with suspicion and mistrust. Humans never saw her as one of them, and high elf children loved insulting her with the words 'half-caste'.

However, this bullying only encouraged her to better her classmates, and she would spend her free time locked into the vast libraries of the Kirin Tor. She would often arrive home late as a result, although her parents would not be home even then (both busy archiving spells, wards, and inscriptions.)

Her dedication to research and knowledge began to shine through when she was accepted into the Violet Citadel's academy. She was to learn sorcery and wizardry to a professional standard, amongst other gifted people of her age. In duels she would use her human and elven legacies to the downfall of her classmates; raw evocation against high elven students, and tiny details against human students.

As time passed, she mastered sorcery and became an adept at wizardry with elegant standing. Yet the celebrations would be short: Archimonde began to unveil his strength upon Dalaran. The spires fell, and the mansions crumbled. Vast destruction reigned across the region. Yet, through luck, Eldreth and her family remained unharmed.

Deciding to aid with the re-building of Dalaran, her mother, father, and herself, decided to help craft the spires of Dalaran using their combined sorcery. Eldreth managed to outweigh both of them in different aspects: a combination of the two races.


Eldreth is capable of channeling the elements, especially through the aid of her human half. Whilst she is able to manipulate magic effectively and to a precise detail through her elven side.

In addition, her human aspect allows her to channel a high amount of arcane energy. Giving her an edge against some opponents.

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