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Alliance 32 Thane Durkon Greyhammer


Onehundredandtwentytwo (122)


Marshal of the Grand Alliance's Military, General and Champion of Ironforge


IconSmall Warrior Mountain King


Mists-Logo-Small Alliance (The Fifth Legion), Kingdom of Ironforge & Explorer's Guild




Glalin, Huglarin & Kazdun


Dwarven & Common



Most of this page was written a long time ago. There are a lot of grammar mistakes and the writing is extremely bad!



The 'Dark' Portal. A demonic building, standing in the Blasted Lands. The Portal, had been vital for the coming of the Orcs, in the First War. A demonic structure, nonetheless. Towering above the crater, which is in.. The Portal stands. It was closed, but once again.. It opened.

Durkon heard about the Portal being opened, and he quickly traveled on the back of his gryphon.. To the "Dark Portal". As soon as he arrived, he saw hundreds of soldiers, magi and whatnot.. Standing ready to push forward. The time to strike forward had come! Quickly getting some rest, and then once again ready to push forward.. Silence came, to the camp infront of the huge portal. The leading officers, let out a speech to boost the morale of the men... Then the word came. The word, that would make hundreds of soldiers to walk through the portal.. "CHARGE!"

The word was yelled, and the hundreds of soldiers, magi, rangers and more.. Ran through the Portal, getting to another world. Once they got on the other side, they were met by demons.. More than they were. A bloody, and long battle was ahead.

As the Battle of the Dark Portal ended, the surviving soldiers, exhausted, and grievous wounds they rallied around the Leaders.. Letting out another speech. The Alliance heard of Honor Hold, and the Horde heard of Thrallmar. The soldiers of the Alliance then went to Honor Hold, and the Horde to Thrallmar.. Alot was ahead, and it would be no joke.

This would be the start of some of the toughest months, for Durkon.. And many others.

Hellfire Citadel. The "Capital" of the Fel Horde.

The Horde and Alliance, began to fight against eachother.. While also fighting against the Fel Orcs, Demons, and any trait of Demonic Activities. All of them, struggled for gathering outposts, resources and what not.

He fought vigilantly, acquiring the rank of Commander at one point. His former earnings, and servitude to the Alliance was also helping to this, but he was also capable of handling it.

Taking the task as a Commander of the forces, he fought against the Horde and the horrors of Outland.. But then one day. Some of the Hordes men, and his soldiers stood there. They watched eachother, before attacking mindlessly against the opponent. They agreed, to hold a truce. A truce, which seemed to be needed as Outland was one of the biggest challenges, known yet. It would only hold, for as long as they were in Hellfire. They agreed on this, helping one and each towards the Citadel, and the land beyond.

Outland began to get more time consuming, and the War against the Fel Orcs seemed endless. Once they got to Zangarmarsh, the land beyond Hellfire.. The truce still seemed to work. Oddly, this was not what they had intended.. But for whatever reason, they did not bother. As long as they vanquished the enemies of the Horde and Alliance.

Zangarmash was infested by Naga, servitors of the Illidari. The struggle for the Naga, was also a great task. Their spells, cunning and brute strength. A foe, that you should never underrestimate. But the task lied ahead, and Durkon was obsessed with fighting these fish-looking humanoids. But they had the upper-hand, and knew most of the terrain. Getting too close to water, at that time, could ensure you a slow and merciless death.
Coilfang Reservoir

Coilfang Reservoir, the huge fortress of the naga, as Durkon sees it from the inside.

The Forces slowly began to destroy, whatever outpost the Naga made. Challenging, and rough. But they managed it. Their Fortress, was huge and once they had killed their leader, Lady Vashj.. The water poured in. The Hydras outside, began to attack the structure and water began to fill up the Naga Fortress. They all managed to get outside, and the Naga threat in Zangarmarsh.. Was gone.

Then the time came, when progression was slowly. But it happened, but more slow than usual.

The campaign went on.. Into Terokkar, and into Nagrand. After these regions, they had to rest, as they were told. But Durkon was eager to fight, and heard of this so called "Argent Dawn", needing aid. Therefore, he went through the Dark Portal, once again.. Travelling towards the Plaguelands, to meet this.. Argent Dawn.

Time helping the Argent DawnEdit

Durkon arrived at the point where the Argent Dawn held Tyr's Hand. He quickly decided to help them, as this was the reason he came for, doing such as the "usual" drills. He was asked several times if he wanted to truly join, yet he said no.

He helped the Argents untill the "fall" of Corin's Crossing, where he got a letter to return to Outland. With no other choice, he said to the Argents and that he would return later on.. Which he eventually did.

But to Outland, he went.

Brewmaster? I am no Brewmaster!.. Or am I?Edit

As the War in Outland continued, a Masquerade was made. It was held within Shattrath City, in the Scryers Tier. The Tier was decorated with all sorts of decorations, most notably the Blood Elven ones. The Tier was 'beautiful' for some, but Durkon did not bother that much. He attended to it politely, trying to get a good time. All was to wear a mask, or either a hat that covered you face. Durkon shrugged, and used his favorite hat.

The masquerade went smooth, and the participants had a great time. No one could recognize each other, and some tried to recognize them by the voice.

None seemed to do, but the activities went on.. Rumors was whispered, that each faction leader was there. (From the Horde and Alliance).

This was soon proved true, as each of them had a task. The only one I am going to mention, is the one given by King Magni Bronzebeard.

His task was to make him a delicious alcoholic brew. All got a specific time, and so they began. Durkon, being frustrated and confused what to choose.. Just stood there. He did nothing.

But. A kind dwarf, told him about a brew that perhaps could make him win. A local brew, from the town of Thelsamar. Gladly he took the ingridients, beginning to work... But the time was up, and he could not make it. Curse it all, he thought-- But once again, the kind dwarf helped Durkon. He threw him a tankard, which Durkon carefully grabbed.

The dwarf said to Durkon, that he should hurry if he was to make it. Durkon nearly did not make it, but he did..

Once it was his turn, he told King Magni, which ingridients there was in and so forth. After Magni had drank the brew.. He was satisfied, and clearly drunk. After all those brews, even he would be.

The winner was to be named, and King Magni could nearly not say it.. But he pointed at Durkon, saying that he won. He asked Durkon to kneel down infront of him, and Durkon obeyed. The King uttered drunken words, but clearly gave Durkon the title of Brewmaster.

A great honor, or well. For Durkon.

War had to be finished!Edit

Indeed. The War in Outland was clearly not done yet! Something missed. Something threatening, and the biggest threat at that time.. Shadowmoon Valley.

The land of Illidan, where his servitors, minions and slaves reigned supreme. The gathering around the High Ranked leaders, was once again. But this time in other circumstances, in Shattrath. They gathered around was told, that the next day, that they would march in, in Shadowmoon Valley!

The next day began, and so did the march. Flying above the rest of the marching soldiers, he looked ahead and tried to spot if any enemies was ahead.

He did not spot any, so he nodded back down at the ground, indicating that they could march forward without any problem.

But what he did not see, was soon revealed. Demons, being at each side of the 'road', began to charge upon them. Brutally, they murdered few of those who stood in the front, but not many. Soon they were overwhelmed by the other soldiers, and they began to attack the outlying demons. But they did not go too close, to the Demon infested fortress, right next to them-- After some time, they came to an orcish village. The Horde began to roll in, and helped wherever they could. Fortifying a little, with wood and such lesser things.. The Horde had now a base of operation.

But what about the Alliance? They went further southwest, following the damaged road. They saw struggling dwarves, fighting against incoming infernos..

Wildhammer Stronghold

Durkon seeing Wildhammer Stronghold, from the air.

The Alliance rallied themselves, and took out the infernos. They all went inside the fortress, helping as best as they could. They began to advance around, and Alliance too had now a base of operation. Once the both faction had settled down, the Leaders agreed to have a neutral 'command center'. The center was only a smaller outpost, where the tasks was given out.

As they all advanced in, having taken advantage of the surroundings and the few resources left.. The Horde and Alliance was infront of the Black Temple.

The huge temple, enormous. Tales tells of it once being a pure place, of the draenei. A place to pray,

Black temple air

Durkon, seeing the temple from the air.

and worship. But that soon changed, when the orcs came... Enough story lessons, lets continue.

Durkon was infront one of the hugest structures in his life, taking to his head. Thinking this specific sentence: "'Ow tha' bloody fel, ar' we goin' tae' take down tha' Temple?!".

The day came. The day to make the first strike at the Illidaris headquarter. The Fortress of Illidan. The soldiers was ready, getting a morale speech. The thud of the soldiers storming on the temple was enormous, and they managed to get inside and clear most of the Temple.. Or well. ½. This assault, would take two days.. But he had been wounded heavily, so he could not make the second day.

The Horde and Alliance, Scryers, Aldors.. And the Sha'Tar. They had won. The second day was a succes, and the war was over.

Or was it?

Kael'Thas, the last high commander of the Illidari was still left, and they began to focus their powers on advancing towards him.

Durkon did not bother with some elf, rather wanting to help his friends in the Plaguelands. He was told, that he could bring a large portion of his men, but some had to stay back. Durkon left through the Dark Portal, and the long travel once again to the Plaguelands began.. This time companied with his men.

Return to PlaguelandsEdit

The long march, soon began to give out. They arrived in Chillwind Camp, a 'small' camp at that time.
800px-Chillwind camp

Chillwind Camp, when the others was resting, and Durkon observing it.

They rested for some time here, preparing to move on. Marching through the Plaguelands, without the Scourge knowing it? It may sound insane, but that is indeed what they did.

But they had a trick with themselves. The gnomish engineers, which was under Durkons command.. Had crafted a device, that drew the attention of the Scourge other-place. Only for five minutes, but they hoped it would hold them out of their way, so they could freely pass through. This was what they thought, and they tested it. They used a smaller 'robot' and made it walk inside Andorhal, while the device was on.

The robot never came out.

This was a setback, and they wondered how the they would even get to Lights Hope. But all their plans, never worked out. Finally, they did something that they had not expected.. Portals. What about them? Could they really transfer, that many soldiers.. To Lights Hope?

They gave it a shot, and well, well well. It worked! Although, they had to call for around thirty magi, before all of them could get there.. But they did it!

Time was short, and they began to set up with their mechanical devices they had brought. The Steam Tanks, which was one of the reasons that they had to get so many magi, was getting repaired, so it was ready. Engineers was working on setting turrets up, and two gryphon riders, which also was under Durkons command.. Scouted around, trying to spot any movements from the Scourge. They did not spot any, so they flew back and rested.

As they came back, Durkon was talking to some of those, he had met before he left. Specially Reginald, whom was pleased that he had brought reinforcements.

They talked about plans, tactics and what not. He was also allowed to get inside the Chapel, once, and hear what they talked about. But rather quickly, he was asked to get outside. It was only for high ranking Argents. He did not bother with it, he just wanted to hold his promise.

And then the days came, where lesser Scourge assaults happened daily. Perhaps it was leading up to something?-- Anyhow, the lesser assaults was just minor ghouls, annoying those at the Chapel. They quickly got rid of them, repairing, preparing and so on.

But one day.. Everything was quiet. No sounds of Scourge, no sound of repairing (as they had repaired it all, at that time). Odd, they all thought. It was not every day, that the Scourge was quiet.. Then suddenly, thousands of Scourge, outside of the Chapel. What was this? The Scourge did a major attack on Lights Hope?

Durkon was readying himself. It seemed that there was another rider, on a drake of some sort.. It seemed it was 'created' out of shadow energy, but once again.. He did not bother! The Rider, challenged Durkon and he accepted the challenge! Now to see whom the best was!

Claws, and bites. Spells, battling and whatnot. This battle was immense, and everyone did their best.

After over ten minutes of fighting against this rider, Durkon was above him and flew straight down at him. His gryphon, Tanwryn, drilled(?) its claws deep within the shadowy drakes head, killing it. Tanwryn then tossed the shadowy drake, whom was 'vanishing' and the Rider on it, down at the ground, at the Scourge minions.

The Scourge archers noticed Durkon, and fired their arrows at him. Tanwryn was armored, and easily evaded the arrows. But arrows also hit him.

The two other gryphon riders, whom bombarded the Scourge with explosives, threw their bombs at the Scourge archers, taking out a large portion of them.. But the Argents seemed still not to win, but then. Silence came, as Tirion arrived. Uttering words at Darion, saying and whatnot. After some time, the Lich King himself arrived, and cackled.

Darion, now hearing that the Lich King admitted, that he sent them to meet their doom.. Was angered. He charged at him, but for no use. The Lich King did a terrifying spell, weaking Tirion.. But Darion threw the Ashbringer to him, while Tirion attacked and made the Lich King flee.

Victory it was!.. But great losses. 1/4 of his men had died. A loss, that Durkon would be saddened over. But this seemed to be the downfall of the Scourge in the Eastern Plaguelands.

The Azerothian SummitEdit

As the happenings in the Plaguelands ended, Durkon got back to Ironforge.. For this so called Summit.

Every faction leader was called to this meeting, within the ancient halls of Old Ironforge. Political discussions was talked, and so forth. The vast number of faction leaders, made this interesting, for Durkon and surely many others. Topics were taken up, and the last topic was one about the Lich King.

They agreed, that the fight had to be taken to Northrend.. The land of the Scourge. Durkon thought this was insane, but followed without disobeying. Great battles shall be fought, and great losses shall be lost.


Northrend. The roof of the world, as called by some. A wasteland of ice, and the home of the Scourge.. And other notable races.

The time came, when Durkon was to leave for Northrend.. Hearing about the call of the Explorers Guild, he wanted to join. Fascinated by finding artifacts, or any clues to where the dwarves originate from.. This was one of the things, that fascinates him deeply.

Sailing from Eastern Kingdoms, they sailed towards Borean Tundra, as it was later told to them, the place they arrived at, was called. Unluckily, how they arrived was by a ship-crash, and they were lucky to survive. Tanwryn, at that time his gryphon, as the other died in Outland, survived too the crash and so did Durkon, and other notable people. (I will not mention them, 'cause alot of people was with the ship..).

Their misfortune from the crash, soon turned to luck. As Valiance Keep, was close by. But it was heavily under attack from the Scourge, and they quickly got inside.

The next days began with slowly pushing back the Scourge, from the Keep. He wondered how it went with the Horde, and he soon got answer. They were too under attack from the Scourge, but they managed it.

The days went on, and Farshire was soon eradicated by the Scourge. The Argent soon fortified it, and made it their base of operations. The following days went with much, and soon they went to this so called place.. Sholazar Basin. The place was overrun by Scourge, at a place called the "Avalanche".

WoWScrnShot 070610 093359

Durkon, as he appears in-game, in Sholazar.

The region was lush, and beautiful. Tropical, and so on. The wildlife living, and whatnot.. But the Scourge threatened to ruin this. They soon helped, eradicating the Avalanche from the Scourge, and they returned.

Planning, moving forward, so on. The day came, when they had to assault En'Kilah, (at that time, a Scourge Fortress) and they planned.

Durkon scouted around, seeing something up in the air. A rather huge individual.. A vrykul! Riding up a form of.. Dragon? (Proto-Drake, so you get the picture)

The Vrykul was enormous, terrifying and perhaps the leader of the Scourge forces there.. The Proto-Drake also made its rider look more terrifying, but indeed it was itself.

Long teeths, an enormous jaw, huge wings. Terrifying, for the most. But Durkon sighed at the Vrykul, laughing at him.

The vrykul yelled: "I am the ruler of the Skies! None may challenge me!".

Durkon easily replied: "Pfwah! Prov' it, y'bastar'! An' we'll see, wh' (who) th' best is!".

Foolishly, he flew straight towards him and their long aerial battle began. Soon, the Proto-Drake, got around Tanwryns head.. And with its mouth, filled with the long and sharp teeths it has(had?) into the neck of Tanwryn.. After ten seconds, the drake tossed Tanwryn lifelessly down at the ground..

You may now ask, if Durkon falled with Tanwryn. No. He was stupid enough to jump on the drake, and hang there.. Once they got inside the Fortress, he threw one of his lesser bombs within the mouth of the drake, making the giant drakes head explode.

Durkon falled to the ground, exhausted.. He got captured, and so he was there for the rest of the assault.

At final, he got rescued and he lost his family heirloom, Azgol Reghan. With the loss of his gryphon, and his precious family heirloom.. Durkon began to loose his interest, for fighting anymore.

But then again, the task still lied ahead. The soldiers was called to get to Dire Maul, to talk with the Highborne there.. About the Veridium.

Immol Thar s Prison by TargornXelos

Immol'Thars prison, before being released.

They met the leader of the Highborne there, but he was mad at those whom insisted on getting their Veridium.

They all left, only to see Immol'Thar, the demon whom was in Dire Maul, only to be realesed.

Even the New Council of Tirisfal got there, or Valeera Sanguinar, Broll Bearmantle and Rohan the High-Priest of Ironforge was there.

They fought against Immol'Thar, and won. But then.. The leader went insane, and took a large portion of the Veridium.. And turned into a being, strong of the Arcane.

They fought against him too, and won once again. They left upstairs, only to be met by the Circle of Sinners, which had taken control of the restoring Dire Maul.

A battle was fought, and the Circle was pushed back.

Durkon left quickly back to Northrend, only to think of one thing..

Journey to Sholazar!Edit

Durkon has spent most of his time, in Northrend, looking for any sort of artifacts that may be an interest, of the Explorers.

WoW Sholazar Basin by randompuppet

A picture of Sholazar.

So far, he had only found those of interest in a specific region (except for the headquarter, which is a building of titan origin, in Borean), called Sholazar Basin. Whether to judge, it is a vast tropical region, filled with thriving wildlife and beasts of all size. Unlike the rest of Northrend, which is mostly a desolate ice-covered regions.

But Durkon journied here, after the fall of his gryphon. He told his superiors, Brann & Magellas, that he went here. To look for artifacts, description of the region, wildlife and beasts.. And more treasures. But there is also one more thing, that he holds secret. Few people know of this, and Durkon keeps it a secret for the time.

Durkon have already been in Sholazar, when they fought off the advancing Scourge. He have around the time by now, got himself to know most of the region.. Having already found alot of treasures and artifacts, he now focues on the missing task, that he does here. (The secret).

Tanwryn, arise!Edit

While Durkon were in Sholazar, most of his time was spent on trying to find an artifact of great power, that could resurrect his dead gryphon, trying to get a map up for the Explorer's, and help some local hunters, whom hunted down Drakes. The hunter part, was only due to that they made him able to be in their camp, or else he would not even have helped them, as Drakes is a powerful animal, whom he respects.

Nonetheless, he finally found an artifact, after two months! He found it in a cave, whom he had not seen before those two months. He ventured inside it, only to meet a guardian of the artifact, which he never got the name of.

The Guardian, a golem of Earthern crafting, stood there and eyed Durkon up and down, before letting out an echoing yell:

"Whom dares enter my domain? I am the Guardian, and none shall get the artifact!"

Durkon stood still, watching as the Guardian walked closer to him. Apparently, it did not seem to harm it first, but that soon turned to be a lie. The Guardian slammed its 'hands' down at the ground, making the entire cave system shake. How would he be possible to survive such a powerful one? He thought it would be easy enough, but it's easier said, than done.

After around five minutes of running for his life, he got an idea. He yelled to the Guardian, that it should listen to him, for three minutes. The Guardian stopped, peering with its mechanical eye-sockets at Durkon, whom took to his belt, showing him his jewel from the Avatar of Freya. The Guardian, amazed over the sight of the jewel, stopped and said: "Where have you acquired such a jewel?!" Durkon answered, that it was a gift from the Avatar of Freya, and the Guardian nodded. He walked over to the artifact, giving it to Durkon. "Seemingly, you have proved yourself for the Avatar of Freya. Such an act is rare, and I am wondering if to trust you. Nonetheless, I shall give you this artifact, to revive your gryphon. Come back with it, once you're done!".

And so he did. He found his fallen gryphon at the camp, reviving it with the artifact, having his loyal companion once again.

The Fifth BrigadeEdit

Durkon, just making it at the time to the sailing to Dragonblight, where they met some problems at sea, made it to Dragonblight, before getting a most troubling letter. He was to report to Stormwind, immediately. He wondered why he should, but saw an opportunity to get a portal to there, from a person he knows, Riordian. Durkon asked Riordian, if it was possible that he could get a portal to Stormwind by him, but Riordian wanted his jewel for it. In no way, would Durkon hand over the jewel to another person, so he said no. Sighing, and leaving over to the group of Magi, asking for a portal there, where he met some more friendly Magi. They agreed to make one, but it would take atleast one and a half hour to make it ready. He nodded, waiting patiently.

While he waited, he met another one he knew... Sendormeth. A Night Elf, whom he had fought together with in Outland. Sendormeth asked if it was possible that he could come with Durkon, to Stormwind. He said to Sendormeth, that it was possible and he would gladly be followed.

Once Durkon got to Stormwind, he went to the Command Center, only to meet his old friend Cody, whom he had fought alongside, in many battles. It was a happy sight for him to see Benedikt once again, and he was glad.. Untill he heard what Cody asked him about.
WoWScrnShot 080710 141724

Durkon, having a good time with Benedikt, after he agreed on the offer.

"Durkon. I know that you miss the old days, those where we fought alongside, bashing orcs! Cracking their skulls, fighting for our homelands! I know you miss those days!-- Therefore. I need your help, with the Brigade. I need your help Durkon, as you're one of the few people I trust."

Durkon, deep inside himself really wanting to, said no at first. He did not want to give up his Exploring, just for rejoining the Alliance! No. He wouldn't give up that easily, no.

Hours went on, and Durkon still thought. He thought and thought, untill he finally accepted the offer. He accepted it, because he inside himself really missed it, and wanted to give it a go again. He got to lead the Dwarves and Gnomes of the Brigade, and being the Second In-Command. He also managed to add the Greyhammer Offensive into the Brigade, giving them a vast number of dwarven soldiers. Everything from footsoldiers, to steam tanks, and to gryphon riders. While Cody was doing other importantly missions, Durkon took care of the missions for the Brigade. From kobolds, to bandits, to warlocks and even to orc attacks.. It would have been a fun time for Durkon, but he does not know about the recruits.. One day, he trained the recruits, only to hear an odd message..

An audience!Edit

As Durkon got the message, he quickly left the training, taking the tram to Ironforge, where he was supposed to talk to King Magni himself. He walked inside the Throne room, quickly saluting his King, and kneeling before him. Magni squinted down at Durkon, saying that he should get closer. Durkon did as he was told to, and Magni then said: "'Ah 'ear ye' wan' ta' talk ta' me?". (Not exact words).

Durkon nodded, studdering the words forward. "Wou-woul' it be possibl', tha' 'Ah-'Ah was mad' a M-Mountai' Kin'?".

King Magni looked down at Durkon, eyeing him up and down. He said that it takes more to be a Mountain King, and after telling Durkon some more wise words, he walked down to him, taking his hammer above his head, saying the words that is needed. He placed the hammers on both of his shoulders, and there. There was Durkon made a Mountain King. Thane Durkon Greyhammer. Durkon fell to his knees, quickly enough, getting -very- happy. His mood changed from being nervous and studdering, to be proud and honored! "Stan' up." Durkon stood up, and looked at his King. "Lad. Mak' yer' peopl' prou', an' let our enemies knoo' who 'ey los' tae'... An' per'aps eve' try tae' ge' a beard as fine as mine!".

Durkon nodded at Magni, saying that it would be difficult to match his Kings fine beard, but the enemies part would he try as best as he can. He bowed before his King, saluting and left out of the throne room, going to the Deeprun Tram, getting back to Stormwind to continue the training.

Thane Durkon Greyhammer...

Back to NorthrendEdit

Durkon would soon get excited, about the travel back to Northrend. They got everything prepared, setting sail. While on the ship, he talked to Viola, untill they got unto the open sea, where he got seasick. He hates to be on a ship, and prefers to be in the air. While they got unto the open sea, and closer and closer to Northrend, they would soon get attacked by some scaly murloc like creatures. These would be called Gorlocs. As they attacked the ship, Durkon as the fool he were(is?) charged through those at that time on the upper deck, to get to the front. Here he would fend them off, but would soon get overwhelmed. Nonetheless, he survived but with grieve wounds.

After the attack from Gorlocs, they would soon get attacked by Sea Vrykuls, also called Kvaldir. Their laughter and insults could be heard not so far away, and soon they attacked the ship. They had no other choice to just wait to get attacked, and fend them off for so long as possible. Durkon would help from the air, flying down and attacking the Kvaldir as much as possible, without getting shot down by their harpoons. The Kvaldir soon overwhelmed the Brigade, and they thought they had lost. But soon a screech would come. Five Gryphon Riders, from the other ship they brought, came to help the Brigade. Surprised over this, Durkon yelled that they should not loose faith, but keep fighting. Some of them seemingly agreed, continue-ing to fight on. The Kvaldir soon got defeated, luckily and the Gryphon Riders flew back to their own ship.

After some time, the ship came back to the dock, and Durkon ran down the stairs, jumping down on the ground, cheering. Most of the people around him would call him mad, but he was glad that he survived. Later he saw Tanwryn come, and he cheered once again. The landing back to Northrend, was dangerous but they came here.

Obsidian SanctumEdit

Durkon had known about the task, which he had to do the next day. To his surprise, so got the Fifth Brigade with him. They were told they were the relief force, but Durkon shrugged. They soon got to the place where they were send to, to get the task from Alexstrasza herself. The task was to activate the Dragon Statues around the Dragonshrines, but the Black Dragonflight might had a thing or two in it, she said. The stone which should activate the statues was given to Zackaroth, whom activated the statues at every shrine.

At the Obsidian Dragonshrine, they were encountered by a place devoured by flames and battle. The Scourge had apparently attacked it the Shrine, resurrecting some of the dead dragons, into dragons of undeath. They encountered by a dragon of undeath, burning like never seen before. It began to attack the Heroes, but were soon overwhelmed and got on to the ground. Soon, it got up, but only to meet a stormbolt from Durkon, that flied through its skull, exiting at the end.

The volcano on the top of the cave began to rumble, shaking the whole area. They had to hurry themselves, before the cave would be cutted off forever! And so they did. They rushed inside the cave, to get inside an intense heat. Zackaroth activated the Statue quickly enough, and they all ran outside, to see the volcano erupt. They got to Wyrmrest Temple, to get inside the Obsidian Sanctum, as it was called. All of the eggs soon got destroyed, and only Sartharion, a black wyrm awaited. Durkon charged into battle, throwing a stormbolt at his neck, but only to get blocked away by the huge powers of Sartharion. He did few other attacks too, but they also got blocked. Nonetheless, the Heroes succeeded in defeating Sartharion, to meet a Black Drake flying down and eyeing the group up and down. It finally flew over to Garel, and licked his face. Garel then acquired the Drake as a mount, and such things was done. They all got outside, to meet Alexstrasza again. She had a cape, which is resistant to fire. After much discussion, he threw it to Nathalion, whom got it. After that, Durkon left back to Wintergarde to rest.


The assault on Azjol-Nerub was planned quickly, and they attacked it. At first, Durkon were not allowed to come, yet at the final end.. He was (along with more Alliance & Argents). It got quickly assaulted, and they got to Anub'arak. The majordomo seemed to be worthy of a challenge, and fought hard at the heroes. Something odd happened, and the platform began to shake violently. It soon fell down, and Anub'Arak got the opportunity to flee and so he did.

The platform fell, fell and fell.. Only to finally hit a web and get binded from there. Many was wounded, but they soon realised they had to move. Else they were doomed.

So they did, and ventured longer inside the old kingdom of the nerubians, and faced great horrors. Yet no easy task, they overwhelmed their enemies.

The heroes finally came to the largest building, a temple of sort, and inside there.. Was a horror that Durkon did not know of. A faceless one, as they are called. The heroes fought against the Faceless One, and they won. It said an advise, yet it was confusing. Durkon did not see the meaning off it, and left out with the others, as there was an exit behind the temple.

As they got back to Wintergarde, Durkon began to hear odd whispers. Durkon still does not know what these whispers do, and he is utterly confused whenever he hears them.

The assault of NaxxramasEdit

Yes. The assault of Naxxramas. The dread necropolis, looming right above Wintergarde. It was no easy task, yet they got inside. The assault began, and they charged through the quarters. The quarters was with horrors themselves, frightening monstrosities of the Scourge, whom was slaughtered. Whole Naxxramas was a challenge, and yet they got through the quarters!

WoWScrnShot 082710 220621

Gothik, as he unleashes his magic, before the victim charging towards him. You can see Razuvious, lieing dead on the ground.

At the Millitary Quarter, they saw something odd. Gothik the Harvester wanted to give them an offer, but at first.. People denied it. Gothik used his magic to prevent them from attacking him, as he -was- a quite excellent necromancer. His offer was, that they should get to the Horsemen, without fighting that much. At final, people accepted the other and went on.

The Four Horsemen proved up to their rumor. A hard task, yet defeated. Gothik came, once the artifacts from the Horsemen's chest was taken, and gave over his enchanted sword to an elf.

The assault continued, as they marched through the plague quarter. It was the place, where they met something odd. Heigan the Unlcean, wanted to dance. Heigan got beaten in his own game, and they continued yet once again.

As they cleared all of the Four Quarters, they got to Sapphiron's Lair. The Guardian of Kel'Thuzad. The mighty Frost Wyrm stood high and proud, and he fought against the heroes. It seemed meaningless, yet he got beaten. Durkon wanted his skull as a trophy, yet he didn't have the time to take it.. Nor could he bring it from that distance.

Mr. Bigglesworth stood in their way, and yelled utterly at the people. He got killed by one of the people, and got thrown at Kel'Thuzad. Kel'thuzad was furious by this action, and waited for the attack. In the whole attack on Kel'Thuzad and even in the previous attack on the Lieutenants, Relan, Arthun and Matthew had channeled their light (with the help of Calia). At final, they unleashed their energy into one being.. An avatar of light charged at Kel'Thuzad and damaged him grievly, yet he survived it. The avatar was diminshed, but then something odd happened. The Lich King arrived, into Naxxramas! He took the "soul" of Kel'thuzad as he was dissapointed. Yet before he left, he made Naxxramas fall down. Naxxramas was on its way to get crashed, and so it did. The whole necropolis was utterly destroyed as it crashed, and people were greatly wounded.

The High Commanders was scattered all over the beach, and got found. Durkon traveled with the others back to Wintergarde. Here he rests at the moment, with great wounds, an enormous headache.

Angrathar the WrathgateEdit

The time had come another strike at the Scourge. Angrathar the Wrathgate, the back entrance to Icecrown Citadel. An assault should be made upon this huge structure, which the Horde and Alliance prepared for. The Alliance being in Fordragon Hold, and the Horde in Kor'kron Vanguard. Durkon overlooked the battlefield from the Hold, talking with Cody. He teased him for not showing his new armour, which Durkon had got earlier that day. He shrugged at Cody, saying: "Patience is a grea' thin'. Ye'd 'ave tae' wait fer' th' battle, lad." And so got Cody annoyed and begged Durkon to show some of it, yet he didn't. He would've also had talked to Salentharial, whom he hadn't talked to since a talk in Wintergarde... Nonetheless.

As the battle began to start, Durkon saw the restoring men marching to the battlefield.
Fordragon Hold TCG

When Durkon watched over at the Wrathgate and seeing the soldiers marching.

"Victory will be oor's, mhm. Th' Scourge stan' nae' chance."
Thought Durkon, as he took on his new armour. As he had changed he stretched out, happy. He got quickly on Tanwryn, flying on to the battlefield, where the others stood.

The battle started and the people charged forward, with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon and Saurfang the Younger in the front, the soldiers attacked the Scourge whom stood there. The battle was rough and enduring, encountering several powerful Scourge beings. A Val'kyr, for an example.

As they stood infront of the Wrathgate, silence started. Durkon flew above them all, together with the other aerial fighters, he viewed up from there, holding at his wound on his arm. He listened as Bolvar called out for justice and honour, calling also for Arthas the Lich King. Durkon watched as the Lich King walked out Angrathar, and he shivered. Frightened by the sight of a being like that, he took to his weapons. Not even the Lich King should get away without a fight.

Yet a fight they didn't get. As the Lich King talked, he was interrupted by a barrage of catapults firing. Men died, and a large cackling could be heard. Grand Apothecary Putress stood there, laughing. "Did you think, we had forgiven? Did you think, we had forgotten?". Durkon looked in shock at the undead, before flying away too late. He was already hit by the several catapults, firing this so called.. Neo-plague. He fainted on his way out on Tanwryn's back, where Noilaz picked him up to the medics. There, he slowly got tended by a medic with Tanwryn overlooking him.

After one hell of a night, Durkon was capable of standing up and talking. He walked to the battlefield, seeing one of his old friends.. He saw Tagoro. Tagoro and Durkon began to talk, where Durkon offered him inside the Hold. The soldiers were not happy by this act, yet they had to follow the orders.

As they talked, they got met by two others veterans from the Outland War: Rhenerina and Glalin. The four of the veterans talked about several things, before Durkon left to sleep once again. His coughing was taking over.. Durkon coughs whenever his temper takes over, when the neo-plague damaged his lungs. He does not know if it has more consequences, yet one thing is sure.. He does not trust any Forsaken, anymore.

After some days, the Brigade moved to Grizzly were they are right now. Durkon is at the moment relaxing at a structure, where he met Karif once again and an odd Runemaster Apprentice, Lara. He relaxes there, untill the Alliance is really ready to move out and do the action in Grizzly Hills.

Grizzly HillsEdit

As the Brigade fully moved into the Grizzly Hills, they began to settle down into their bases, quite obviously. Durkon, still angered that he was wounded wanted to remove them quickly, yet he had them for several weeks. He has only just recent got the bandages removed, and "healed" them.. But that was soon to be changed.

With the reason to why they moved to Grizzly not getting told to him, he had to take a guess.. And whether that guess is true, or not.. We'll maybe never know.

The Horde whom moved into the Grizzly Hills, had been there for longer time than the Fifth. They had raised a mighty Hold due to they having alot of time to build it.

The Fifth and the Horde soon began to fight eachother, while he still was wounded. It demoraled him, as he enjoys a good old fight, but nevertheless.. The "war" began. With the Horde having an advantage, being close to the Crossroad whom the Alliance used as their trading route, quickly got taken. Although the crossroad got taken, Durkon reacted too quickly on this, and their counter-attack failed miserably. He learned of his failure, setting the men to upgrade the defenses at the brigde.

With the Brigde under more control, and it getting more defended due to the Blue Sky Logging Grounds finally getting finished, he began to work more on training himself. His wounds managed to get back, and he clearly still have some.. Yet he doesn't bother with them anymore. They are a nuisance, and he doesn't bother.. But the medics finally managed to put bandages on, -again-.

The "Lodge" then one day, gained a "plague" which made the whole camp get quarantine. Without anyone having masks, Durkon reacted quickly and put majority in quarantine, too, and killed some few people. And the "random" people in their bases begins to be an annoyance for him, as he highly dislike civilians in a war-zone.

Voldrune. A vrykul town whom soon got to be attacked, yet something firstly happened. Talaredon, an elf, found an odd "port" of somesort. He showed Cody, Durkon and Viola the location, only to find humans residing there. These humans belonged to the Westfall Brigade, whom under a "conversation", so to say, between Cody and Howser, the leader of the Westfall, merged the Westfall under the Fifth. They gained the port where the Westfall resided, and gained quite some men too.

But the siege on the vrykul town itself, was cruel and hard. Why would he also fight on land? The siege went smoothly firstly, but soon turned to change favour. The vrykul flanked the soldiers, mostly humans and destroyed them. They were rounded up, and Cody fought against their leader... Thane Torvald Eriksson, but that didn't go well.
WoWScrnShot 101510 141926

Durkon sitting on a chair in Venture Bay, trying to get some rest.

Eriksson managed to pull out a dagger and stab Cody several places, while Durkon watched. Durkon could do nothing at the moment. He was surrounded by stronger and eager vrykuls. He charged them at some point, headlessly wanting to fight but he got hit and thrown backwards again, whistling out, calling for Tanwryn. Luckily, he managed to fly away and get help.. But to a price. Tanwryn and Durkon got damaged under the process, obviously, but the dwarven soldiers ran to town, getting the survivours "safely" home.

The siege had failed.

As they returned back, Durkon began to rest and get -more- bandages on, only to his annoyance. He now seems to sit back, commanding over his troops while recovering once again, yet still fighting when needed. Time is at hand, and petty wounds cannot hold him back.. Not those he have at the moment, atleast.

The Battle for UndercityEdit

The siege at Wrathgate ended with the betrayal of the Forsaken, and the time to get revenge was now. Garrow 'n' Durkon decided that they had to move to Undercity, to help the Alliance already there. They order'd the mages to conjure a portal to Undercity, where they would meet up with rest of the forces. The mages did so, and they all went there.. But Durkon did later than the others, as he fell asleep.. Somehow.

As the Alliance forces gathered themselves at the entrance to the sewers, King Wrynn ordered the charge. As they all got inside the sewers they were met with traps, bombs and other sorts of obstacles to prevent them for a succesful assault. Yet it didn't work. With the "cleverness", they managed to get past them, only to face an ooze in a pool of the same kind of "liquid" it was created of. Some of the mages, Jale and Jinalina being two of them, began to freeze the ooze, while Durkon "created" a stormbolt to electrify the pool, and then he hurled it at the odd substance, killing it.

The assault continued.
WoWScrnShot 101710 202615

The Alliance standing infront of Putress, and his diabolic "laboratory".

They came to where Putress was hiding out, only to began attacking him. He had prepared alot to the "guests", woundin' majority of the soldiers. Yet that didn't stop them from attacking! Eventually, Putress knew that he had no chance of survival, so he commit'd suicide. He rather wanted that, than getting killed by the hands of Alliance. Odd, but that's how Forsaken are.. Nonetheless. The Alliance continued forward, slaughtering the undeads in the quarters. They killed everything in their path, some with unease, some with ease... Untill they went towards the Horde. At this point, Durkon was exhausted due to the constant fighting, yet his morale was at the highest. His armour was damaged and his beard was full of goo, from the ooze which exploded at the stormbolts contact. Thrall called out for the element of Earth, blocking the path for the Alliance.

They couldn't do that much from that point, except than waiting, resting and get bandaged with what they had. Durkon got bandaged himself, helped 'n' healed.. Untill the assault continued. Varian charged towards Thrall, and from there, the two began to fight both of them. Durkon couldn't really see what happened, but at some point Sylvanas appeared. Varain sounded the retreat, but had the assault been a failure or a success? They had killed Putress, the "trouble-maker". Durkon deemed it a victory, happy about the result.. Yet mad that they had to retreat.

Wounded, exhausted and so forth, the Brigade and Durkon went back to Northrend.

As they returned back to Venture Bay, Durkon began to carve into a large piece of wood, over several amount of days. If he failed on doing it "perfect", he threw it out in the cold, arctic water. But eventually, he managed to craft it. It resembles a gryphon at the top, but at the bottom it's an ordinary totem. The top has a gryphons head, and widely spread out wings. It covers the top, as said, and the bottom is an ordinary totem.

He went over to Tanwryn, apologising before he made a little part of blood drip unto the totem. Durkon did the same on himself, and the mixed blood was on the totem. Durkon knew that he had to do something with this, and he concentrated on the sky, the fresh air and the joy of flying.. Slowly, the eyes of the totem began to glow, and the blood vanished.

Aftermath of Grizzly HillsEdit

"After months of fighting which was leading no where, the Alliance and Horde have agreed and signed a peace treaty. Grizzly Hills itself will be split with no conflict between the Horde and Alliance, allowing both factions too harvest lumber in a fair trade. Where Commander Cody and General Garrock decide to go has yet to be seen, but Grizzly Hills has been concluded."

(Quoted from the Forums)

Just as Durkon finished ensuring that some of his men would overlook the lumber harvesting, he thought about what to do. Some of his comrades had left back to Stormwind, some went to Dalaran.. Some went elsewhere. He didn't to go any of those places, so he just sat down and began to think. Some days later he received three letters, about a specific location. Storm Peaks.

He packed up everything he deemed important enough to bring with him and then he embarked on his travel to the Storm Peaks. - Yet he did not want to go through the weather which could kill him. Instead he went to Dalaran, to get a portal there. Way better, in his opinion.. Even though he dislikes being in Dalaran, for some reason.

He made it through the portal, ending up in Frosthold. He met some of his old friends, in Frosthold, too.

WoWScrnShot 120510 183113

Durkon standing in Frosthold.

Here he helped the Coalition in some missions given by Yorg Stormheart to them.

He got heavily injured and exhausted in one of them and he has after a week recovered from it.

Eventually, he got news of the Alliance coming to the Argent Vanguard, making his entrance there. He crashed in the snow, due to the bad weather condition in the air, a blizzard. He felt dissapointed by this, but soon got it out of his head. He talked to some of those there, and he was

asked if he could make it to the next assault on Scourgeholm. He didn't exactly know if he could come, but he said he would try to. - From there, Durkon ventured back to Storm Peaks, resting and preparing for his next objectives and the assault on Scourgeholm.

Storm PeaksEdit

The assault on Scourgeholm was succesful, just a few scratches here and there, since he was late to it. By alot of time. He shrugged, resting in the Argent Vanguard before he would journey back to Storm Peaks, on the back of Tanwryn. The travel was harsh, due to another bad weather, but he had to go through it. He made it, finally and came to the location of the Coalition. He gave his assistance to the tasks given by Bouldercrag the Rockshaper, King Jokkum; king of the Ice Giants, and lately Embla, the (new?) leader of the Hyldnir. He awaits further tasks now, residing still in the Storm Peaks, as he thinks that Dalaran is "cursed".


WoWScrnShot 010911 212814

Durkon seeing the objects whom obviously represents planets, in Halls of Lightning.

has Durkon helped within Storm Peaks, in the Halls of Stone and Halls of Lightning. He got severe wounded in the Halls of Lightning, where he had to take a rest. In Icecrown he helped with the assault on Mord'rethar, and he has attented to the various meetings that has been made. He also attented to the job in the Caverns of Time, where various heroes came to 'save' the time. But soon the heroes found out what Riordian wanted all along; the last shards of Atiesh. Nonetheless, he was happy that he had the chance to help.

Now he is doing paperwork, training with the men and keeping an eye on them.

Durkon yet again got an ‘offer’ from Riordian, in an opportunity to help him vanquish another foul beast. – This time, a black dragon. To be more precisely, Nefarian. Durkon quickly accepted, not letting an opportunity like this to pass away with a blow of the wind. – He awaited eagerly for the time to arrive, where they got summoned to location. They arrived on some kind of platform, with various runes on it, while it hovered in the air. After Riordian yet again telling the plan, they got inside. – Inside, the first thing they faced was a giant wall of flame, blocking the way forward.
WoWScrnShot 012111 212642

The flamewall that blocked them from continuing.

The flame wall was quite annoying, but Garel managed somehow to get over ‘n’ kill the warlock, who held the wall up. – After the wall went down, they were met by some few dragon spawns. They were easily slain, by the powerful bunch Riordian had assembled. And then the time went on to the ‘leader’ in that room, a huge dragon spawn. It took some time before he got down, but he did.

Eventually, after having fought their ways through a lot of challenges, they arrived at Nefarians ‘room’. As they entered the massive room, they were met by Racar, Malorna and Seraphis. – Durkon changed his focus unto Nefarian, which he saw as the dangerous being in there. He looked at the massive wyrm, before he got slammed to the wall, nearly breaking something. It took him awhile before he could stand up again, where he ran to a pillar.

WoWScrnShot 012311 200736

Nefarian as he is about to 'walk' around one of the pillars.

Here he stood and ‘channeled’ electrical energy for stormbolts, which he eventually hurled towards Nefarian. As others were attacking him too, and he were close to the edge, the powers combined pushed him off the edge, which made him fall to his death, since he was in no condition to fly up again. – From here, Durkon fell over in exhaustion, as the entire building soon was to collapse. He was dragged out by Nzerial and Leverent , thanking them. He then found his own way back to Northrend, as he had to rest until Ulduar.


As Durkon entered within Ulduar for the first time, he was standing in awe. – He had missed the first part for still having injuries, but at least he attended the second, eh, eh? Anyway…

Durkon looked at the fantastic details of the room he stood in. – Everything was just an amazing sight. But not long after would Muradin begin to speak, as the second part of the assault was about to start.

WoWScrnShot 012311 203634

The "eel" looking like statue, in the "hall" before the second part started.

He spoke not long, for who knows why, and then it all began. They walked up the stairs to a giant door, which opened when a certain word in Dwarven was spoken. They walked over a stair, coming to another glorious room. Durkon was in amazement until he realized he was on some kind of train, towards the first Watcher they had to fight. They had fought some mechanical minions on the way, but he wasn’t really awake. He was simply amazed. But on the train, he realized it was time to be serious, not daydreaming. As the train stopped, they saw another amazing work. They ran down, finally seeing their “opponent.” Mimiron.

The battle went on, but Durkon kept distance. He didn’t really do anything against Mimiron, except than trying to dodge the various ‘attacks’ that was send towards him, but else it was quickly over. They went onwards towards a lush place, which reminded Durkon of Sholazar.. Sholazar, that place where he spent too much time. – Damned large insects… Anyway.
WoWScrnShot 012311 214337

The "Keeper of the Grove", at the lush area.

As they came inside; something which looked like a ‘Keeper of the Grove’ was there, telling them not to trespass, or something. Durkon didn’t really listen, but he charged forward, as soon as the being did. The ‘heroes’ went forward, finally getting to the one known as Freya. They fought against her, and when Durkon attacked her, he hit her with a stormbolt, at the same time as Glalin’s stormbolt hit her, too. The life, the plants was odd for Durkon, but he found it tranquil. As soon as they left, he felt slightly more depressed, since he didn’t know what horrors that would come.

They went onwards to another Watcher, this time Thorim. The heroes entered some kind of arena, with Thorim standing on a “balcony” of some sort, speaking down to the heroes. He send some Iron Dwarf minions to them, but Durkon saw some kind of gate. He threw a stormbolt at it, wrecking the gate, so the others could get past. Impatient bastard.
WoWScrnShot 012311 221024

Durkon lookin' up at Thorim, as he looks back the people.

They battled their way up against Iron Dwarf minions, and giant mechanical guardians. They fell sooner or later, however, and then the group could challenge Thorim. They all fought valiantly against Thorim, eventually winning. – He gave out a shield, a ring and a mace. Durkon looked around, asking if he could acquire the mace. They nodded, and so he took it.

Yet again they went on, finally getting to Hodir. He was one tough one, but as all others, he fell… They took a quick rest, before going downwards. They saw some oddly dressed person, who turned out to be cultists. The heroes didn’t want to get interrupted by crazy fanatics, so they killed them and went on. A faceless one was there too, trying to infiltrate their minds, but they overwhelmed it. They went further down, until they saw that objects were flying in the air, broken glasses and an odd color on the ‘floor’, or what was left of it. It didn’t feel too well down here, but alas. They had to move on. As they came into yet another hall, everything was crushed. There lied dead cultists, and a monster that Durkon never had seen before. The horrors of it were disgusting, but he held it back. He shouldn’t let fear win today. As several people began to attack him, some went insane and attacked others. Nonetheless, they beat the monstrosity, going onwards.

Durkon then saw something more terrifying than anything else in his entire life; Yogg-Saron, the Old God of Death. He told something about Viola being his prodigy, and he wanting powers from her… Durkon didn’t quite get it, so he attacked him with a stormbolt.. Durkon didn’t see if it did damage to him at all, but he tried to survive the encounter…

WoWScrnShot 012311 232843

Yogg-saron. (duh)

Which he did. Eventually they ‘slipped’ through the ground, having to watch several historical moments, before they could damage his brain: The assassination of King Llane, The creation of the Demon Soul, and the Lich King talking to a person who seemed nearly dead.. And then one more. Between Teron Gorefiend and Sif; Yogg-Saron in disguise.

And when they all went up again, they came to a place looking rather unfamiliar. – Soon, it all looked like the room vanished and a celestial being came. He said that he wanted to ‘reorganize’ the world, since it had been corrupted. – Not having any other opportunity, they all attacked him, trying to see if it changed his opinion. They could not deal any damage to him, but a certain grenade did. This made the celestial being change opinion, and he stopped the reorganization-thing-y-me-bob. The being vanished and a cache appeared with several items. Durkon saw a rather odd looking mace, picking it up quickly. He swung it around, checking it out. It was alright. – And then Muradin and Brann congratulated them, for doing their job. Ulduar was then done.

Argent TournamentEdit

The tournament, oh boy.

The tournament started slowly, and Durkon was wondering whether he should join or not. Eventually, he decided he would join. He then began to train again, which he had not done for a long time. In the meanwhile before the tournament started, he sparred against a few persons. Most notably Garel and Garrock. His spar with Garrock made a slight crater in the arena, but nonetheless it was a well fought one.

WoWScrnShot 021311 202332

Durkon getting on Tanwryn, as his group eyes up and down the yeti.

As the tournament finally started, people were set to fight against eachother, so the 'judges' could bring them into their respective league, them being; Aspirant, Valiant and Champion. Durkon fought against Fargus, the former going into the Champion's League, while the latter Valiant. At some point later, people were organized into groups to fight against fierce creatures, hailing from Northrend. Some fought against a Val'kyr, some an ooze (which was an easy opponent, in the fighters opinion), others a magnatuar. Durkon was up against a yeti.

His group consisted of: Kawna, Soo-Cha, Zackaroth, Lancy and himself. Durkon quickly got on Tanwryn, flying up and hurled a stormbolt at the yeti, as Soo-Cha and Kawna had make him entirely soaked. The stormbolt missed, hitting its horn. Durkon cursed, before hurling another one. This one hit perfectly, electrifying it. Combined with Kawna's lightning, and the others attack, the beast quickly fell down. Durkon wanted to make sure it stayed down, so he flew close enough to smack his hammer down on its face. - An explosion occured at the same time, blowing off the beasts back, and the impact hitting Durkon. Nonetheless, they won.

After some rest, the aspirant, valiants fought. The winner of the aspirants being Hugo, while the valiants being Krom. (It was actually a tie between him and Sergei, but--..) Durkon was in the champions league, and his first oppponent came out to be Zallion.. Zallion blinded Durkon momentarily, but Durkon 'threw' the electrical energy he had within his palm at Zallion, damaging him. The judges decided that Durkon had won. Although he did some stupid moves, he won.

His next battle would be against Nzerial, which turned out to be in the air. Tanwryn flew with high speed towards Gigaroach and Nzerial, before piercing his claws in and out, just to damage. Durkon also slammed his hammer towards Nzerial, but this hitting Gigaroach, making it fall down on the floor. The undead cursing over its mount having failed, used his fishing pole and a large net to attempt to get Tanwryn and Durkon within- He failed to do said, and Durkon retaliated by flying down towards Nzerial. He bonked him on his head, but Nzerial threw a vial containing acid at his shoulderpad, which melted halfway through. - Bugger, eh? Durkon won this fight, nonetheless.
WoWScrnShot 021511 013802

Durkon 'channeling' electrical energy.

The last fight would be between Durkon and Garrock. It lasted for a long while, and their first move would be to clash two large lightning spells against eachother. It collided, creating a fair sized crater within the middle. Other than that, the two fought valiantly, but Durkon lost. Garrock became the Champion of the tournament, and so forth. While Durkon did loose, he got told by Varian AND Garrosh that he fought well. - Varian even said that even if the Argents did not give him something, he would at the closing ceremonies.

At the closing ceremonies, something odd happened. The skies turned black, and lighting striked across the sky. As Tirion told about this new 'Ashen Verdict', which Garrock got offered to lead together with other faction leaders. He accepted the offer. Not long after this would Arthas, the Lich King, casually walk in. Two priests charged at him, but they fell over dead, like if they were nothing. Tirion and the Lich King exchanged words, before the floor in the arena got cracked open, and they fell down and down and dooooooooown, eventually landing in a pond. Luckily, Durkon managed to get up from the water before drowning, and neither did he die from impact. - Ohoh, magic.

WoWScrnShot 021811 223420

Durkon and all the others, listening to Anub'araks "speech."

As they went on, they came to Anub'arak, who yelled some crazy fanatic things to them. Not long after would they attack Anub'arak, and he would descend down in the ground. After this, BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of spiders came up, nearly overwhelming them. Durkon managed to 'conjure' a two-handed stormbolt, which he threw at Anub'arak, which only dented his shouldercarapace, before he would get overwhelmed by the spiders. The assaulters had to flee to the pond, before they would get killed by the spiders and locusts. As they all went down in the pond, Nerubian Magi began to freeze it, and some were stuck in it. Others were stuck halfly, soon getting attacked by the locusts and spiders again. Some managed to get on the ground, and create a 'safe zone' with their magic, and eventually Durkon came up. They had lost, and so Anub'arak "flew up" and away, towards Icecrown Citadel... Durkon got up, and sighed, returning to the pavillion. He needed some rest.

Icecrown CitadelEdit

Icecrown Citadel.

The 'Capital' of the Scourge. The final assault was nigh; and Durkon had to prepare. Without further ado, the assaults started.

Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and Halls of ReflectionEdit

The "Allies" had to clear out three 'major' Scourge holdings; the Forge of Souls, the Pit of Saron and the Halls of Reflection. It happened sooner than Durkon anticipated, and they swept through the Forge. Vanquishing the foes which stood before them, they managed to get to the end of the Forge.. facing an odd creature. Knowing the fact that this had to be done, he kept his spirit high and charged forward--.. But did not manage to do much. The Allies finished off the creature, and had to get some rest.

WoWScrnShot 030411 200649

The 'Allies' at the entry of the Pit of Saron.

Pit of Saron was the next place to assault. - Once they entered the Pit, a large Scourge force attacked them right away, but they were fended off.

Battling onwards, they fend'd off Scourge minions.. before they faced something rather odd. A large Undead frost giant, and a Blue Dragon. Fighting them for quite the time, they managed to vanquish the Giant.. and set the Dragon free. - But due to the battle, and things that might have happened before; she died.

Onwards they went, before they faced a Leper Gnome and a Plague Eruptor. Not having a long battle, they saw how the Leper Gnome surrendered and told of the Halls of Reflection, where Frostmourne was.

But out of nowhere, a Scourgelord flew down and killed 'Krick' and was then off.

They had to kill this Scourgeland. And after a tiresome, long and fighting against a formidable foe, they succeeded. But Sindragosa was right around the corner, spewing out frost everywhere. Luckily, they were teleported behind a shield. They managed to flee.

And then it was the Halls of Reflections turn. Fighting against some of the fiercest lieutenants of the Scourge; Falric and Marwyn. They actually managed to do it. Surprisingly for Durkon, who thought it was suicide.

WoWScrnShot 031211 222335

Uther the Lightbringer talking to the 'Allies.

But they had come this far; why give up now?

Looking at the pedestal where Frostmourne was; soon Uther's spirit popped out from it. And uninvited visitors too! Teron Gorefiend, and Uther the Painbringer. Teron ran off towards the next chamber, but Uther stayed. Instead of fighting against him, angry spirits vanquished the mocked version of Uther the Lightbringer.

And onwards to the next chamber.

Here they saw Teron Gorefiend, locked in combat. - Or well. Not exactly combat, since the Lich King had him in a spell. Teron fled eventually, and then the Lich King faced the Allies. Not having faced a foe such terrifying as the Lich King himself, Durkon was unprepared for what was to come.

The Lich King launched a spell, directly towards him, 'killing' him. Not knowing what then happened, what happened to be an eternity.. He woke up. Just like that, being dragged along by Yakob.

Having no other chance than to run like the rest, he did. - Completly exhausted like he's never been.. he ran..

Rescue was there; and Durkon had a wish. A wish that he would not fall that easily like he just did; and that he would face the Lich King, getting revenge.. but would he?

Icecrown CitadelEdit

Icecrown Citadel.

WoWScrnShot 031311 193954

The 'battle raging on'.

The day had come. But something had went terribly wrong; and Durkon arrived late. He arrived once they were fighting against Deathbringer Saurfang. - He did not particularily do anything major against this Death Knight, but saw how his father was in sorrow once he was defeated.

Going onwards inside the Citadel, they went inside a 'hallway'; being able to see the Spire which leads up to the Frozen Throne. - Chilling and worried for the horrors he was to face, he gulped and said yet again to himself: "We've come this far. Why th' fel should 'Ah give up noo'?"

And with his mentality somewhat in-check, they went onwards to the Plagueworks. The first Undead scum they faced was an Undead giant, which got killed after a rather odd conversation. - And after that, they faced a creature which he had not seen alike. A twisted and cruel version of the previous said giant, but much bigger and.. vile. Durkon looked around the room, seeing some of his friends and colleagues sighing and gulping; but all of them kept their spirits up. Why should Durkon then not?
WoWScrnShot 031311 211127

The mutated Gorloc and Professor, fighting.

The giant fell eventually by the blades of the allies; and its twin which was in a room that was just alike, was also brutally murdered. And once they went onwards, they faced their creator. A mad Scourge scientist.

The scientist used his broad knowledge, and the things he had at his disposal to fend off the Allies. But it did not happen. But he was a formidable foe; who fell to a Soo-Cha who mutated himself with the Professor's vials, into something akin to him. But just as a Gorloc.

Durkon already being exhausted by now due to the long assault and the various minions who he had helped to kill, they went yet again onwards, to some place called the Crimson Hall. He gained that information from some Death Knight whom he has forgotten now.

WoWScrnShot 031311 220742

Durkon channeling electrical energy for his Stormbolt.

Fending against the Darkfallen Elves who were within the 'Hall', they arrived at a large chamber. Three Darkfallen were infront of them; and they all adressed themselves as Princes. Thinking that these Elven Princes were sissies, was a great mistake from Durkons side. These were formidable foes. But the Allies with the power of luck, tactics and teamwork, managed to kill them. Going onwards, they faced Queen Lana'thel; Queen of the Darkfallen. (Obviously). Durkon hurled a stormbolt directed towards the chandelier above her, trying to wreck her under it.. but to no luck. Lana'thel did a wave with her finger, and she avoided it. Damned elf.

Being struck down by others, they went onwards. - Durkon began to feel the exhaustion within him; but he kept his spirit high. The Lich King was to fall that day, no matter what!

Going on with the assault, they went inside a hall.. taking an elevator down; before they met someone familiar. Guess who?

Teron Gorefiend, of course!

He told his plan of attempting to become the new Lich King and such, but Durkon did not listen. "Why th' fel should 'Ah listen tae' some spoiled brat, who want tae' kill me?" I don't know, sorry--..


Once Teron had finished talking, and he was faced by the "heroes", the inevitable happened. He fell. Durkon not caring that much, who just wanted for this long assault to already be finished and get home.. They went onwards, to face Sindragosa once and for all. This giant Frost-wyrm was like no opponenent he had faced before, due to the size and sheer strength.. Miraculously, she fell. The Queen of the Frostbrood had been vanquished! This cheered Durkon up a little, as he knew only one remained.

The Lich King himself.

It had to be done. His fears was met, as the final confrontation with the sole reason they had come to this lifeless continent.. was right infront of him. It had to be done!

WoWScrnShot 031411 010202

The souls being released from Frostmourne, once it was shattered.

But Tirion was incased in Ice, and slowly the heroes fell. One by one, they all.. left Azeroth. Durkon gulped, saying farewell to his friends around him. - And then fell. Tirion seeing this, and hearing the Lich King saying triumphantly his speech.. removed himself from the ice, leapt towards him, and did a devestating attack against the Lich King; shattering Frostmourne and the Ashbringer. The millions of souls the Lich King had killed was finaly set free; and revived the heroes. The Lich King was now vulnerable, and all attacked him. Eventually, the mighty Lich King had fallen.

And once that happened, something odd did happen too. Bolvar Fordragon, thought to be dead, was sitting on the Frozen Throne. He yelled to Tirion to give him the Crown. And once it did, Bolvar asked that he was forgotten and that never happened. - And that people was to leave Icecrown Citadel, since he sealed it off with the power he had gained.

Durkon, happy that it was finally over, went to Dalaran to rest.. for the upcoming feast. The Lich King had been defeated, and that was to be celebrated!

Many wonderful things happened at the celebration, but Durkon just danced, not giving attention. After that.. it was back. Back home. Back to Ironforge.


Durkon, once home, quickly thought that his time was supposed to be in Ironforge, relaxing and taking care of Dwarven issues.

Oh he was wrong, so wrong.

After some conversations with his close friends, and helping them out.. he began to miss them. Missing being together with friends, laughing and such. - But, as stubborn as he was, he went to Aerie Peak, instead of heading back to them, as he had heard news of happenings up there. While he was in the Hinterlands once again, he re-visisted his friends, showed forth an ancient Stormhammer (which he was given permission by the Wildhammer Elders to use), and met a messenger of the Wyrmrest Accord.

Ruby SanctumEdit

Once Durkon had been in Aerie Peak for awhile, he was met - as said - by a messenger of the Wyrmrest Accord.

The messenger told him of a recent assault upon the Sanctum of the Red Dragonflight, and that he was called upon to help against these intruders. - Durkon gladly accepted, being glad for a good fight. He gained a parchment, on which a sentence was written upon. When the time had come, he was to utter this sentence, to get to Wyrmrest Temple.

WoWScrnShot 052411 202914

Durkon standing next to his close friend, Cody, while listening to the Twilight Dragon, Halion.

Durkon saw some of his friends from the Brigade, notably Cody and Garrow.

The fight in the Sanctum was tough, "but as they were arrayed against the terrible prowess of Halion himself, all had seem lost until he used the power of his Val'anyr, to invoke the bane of death. Couped with the Lifebinder's flames, Halion was utterly destroyed, inside and out with the help of Marshal Cody who rendered the body as impotent, and put out of his pain by a magical jab through the heart by Travis the Red, a Dragonsworn."

Durkon went back to Aerie Peak to rest, his armour had to get repaired.. and his wounds had to mend.

Assisting friendsEdit

He sooner or later realised that nothing was going to happen at Aerie Peak, so he left back home to Ironforge. Here, he read books that he had bought through his life, books he had gained. - And he look mored closely to the objects of titan origin, that he had found in Northrend. He had enough to see to, atleast!

But as the days went on, and he finished surveying the items. He began to speculate once again. - Stay in Ironforge, or help his friends in Stormwind? Even though he loathes the human city - for a reason he will not tell anyone - he still wondered this.

And ofcourse, it became the latter. He went to Stormwind, to seek out his friends and help them. Durkon helped them through the assault on the Harbour (gaining a medal from Varian Wrynn), through the attack on a lost facillity and some minors things, too. But here he was together with his friends, having a good time.

But soon a letter arrived, about dread knews from Dun Morogh.

Task from the Senate of IronforgeEdit

"Hail, Thane Greyhammer!

In these dark times, with our beloved king gone, I must confess.. that-" And the rest is kept secret, due to national security and Durkon having made an oath to keep quiet about it.

Durkon ordered his men to arrive at the little area below the hill to the Pass, where he awaited them. Soon™ people arrived, and he told of the things to come:

Troggs had overrun the Pass, with Frostmane trolls helping them. Oddly enough, these trolls were empowered by something, but what? - But, but, but. They were no match for the 'elite' squad. Durkon would soon find out by what, and was in shock... And another challenege was still ahead with these troggs and trolls.


Durkon isolated himself from the world around him - staying behind in Ironforge. He had things to do, more so figuring out more about Val'anyr. To his sorrow, he learned absolutely nothing.

He got himself into Dwarven politics, learning more of the situation back home. His career within the millitary and his 'ascencion' into nobility opened a few positions - yet he friendly declined. He belonged within the millitary and that is where he wanted to stay - to fight, protect and honour his kin.

"Alas, th' time o' prosperity be nae more.."

thought Durkon to himself, at times. He had heard the terrible news about his beloved King and thought that it would only end out in chaos. And so it did.

With the civil unrest and the Shattering happening; King Magni's daughter - Moira Bronzebeard - took over Ironforge with the help of her Dark Iron kin. Durkon knew what would happen to him - imprisonment. He's not known for loving the Dark Irons, and of course they wanted threats away.

He had blocked off his door with majority of his furniture - hoping that they would not be so daring to explode their way into his house... yet this time they did not- instead, they used their cursed magic to blast their way into his house. Durkon left without any option, grabbed around his ancient - yet powerful - hammers; charged up to the 'invaders' and fought them back. He, infuriated about their intrusion, fought down countless of these bastards - and made his way to the Great Forge, where he was eventually outmatched.

"Hah! Ye' be a fool, Thane, tah dare attack us! But I admit ye' courage.."

was a reply from apparently a Dark Iron general - who ordered him to be stripped of his armour and weaponry; and chained by magic. Once done, he was brought to a dark, ol' tunnel (probably from before the War of Three Hammers). He was left down here.. and was meant to be for the rest of his life--

Untill King Varian and the SI:7 came along. They fought down the Dark Irons, and 'freed' from Dark Iron control. Durkon was also freed, by some of his friends. His equipment was brought back to him, and his hatred for his Dark Iron cousins had grown ever stronger while in the tunnel..

Uldum ExpeditionEdit

He heard about the Fifth Legion's expedition to Uldum (obviously) and packed. He ventured to Stormwind, only to get on a ship and travel for months. Once they arrived in Gadgeztan, he sighed and only concentrated about getting away.

WoWScrnShot 090811 101922

Durkon looking in awe at the 'gate' - while the rest already walking into unknown lands!

Once getting a camel, they travelled through the desert of Tanaris - with plenty of water and food with them. Once they got to the marked location, he stood in awe. The 'gates' marking the entrance to Uldum was not anything alike - and he just stood silent. He was shaked by Cody & Garrow to move along, but he did not move. Although eventually, he would.

The caravan which they moved with was ambushed by what they called "pygmy gnomes" - and Durkon was knocked out; but not without a fight.

They were captured and caged- but freed in the end. Helping out a "Cat-man" (later found out to be known as tol'vir) who said he was Prince Nadun. Helping him with getting him freed, and finding out the source of some of the tol'virs "change" into stone; they left with Prince Nadun into their city of Ramkahen.

Durkon, who could not but be fascinated, left the group and began to wander the streets, looking at the architecture, the tol'vir-- everything. Everything was new, and he loved it.

Continuing the ExploringEdit

Even though Durkon knew he had to be with the primary expedition - when the chance came, he went out to explore himself. Following the water from Ramkahen and the lush oasis around it - he eventually came to that of a small waterfall. Not knowing how to pass it, he darely jumped onto the rocks which was in the water. Barely standing well on them, he continued to jump over- but then he slipped. The wet rock made him fall down in the water; where crocolisks quickly made their into the water.. to eat him.
WoWScrnShot 091011 155607

Durkon looking at the small waterfall and the objects in the far distance

Knowing he either had to fight underwater with a beast, four times the size of himself - or swim as fast as he could over to the other side, the choices were pretty limited. Swimming as fast as he could, he tried to avoid the massive jaw of the beast - and luckily he did so. Once on land again, the beast seemed to.. 'jump' out from the water; trying to eat him. Angered by the situation, he grabbed around the stormhammer strapped to his back - swung it around in a circle, before a stormbolt came hurling down into the maw of the beast. The beasts' organs exploded from within and it died instantly. Knowing that exploring on his own was dangerous - he went annoyed back to Ramkahen, without falling into the water once more.

Albeit coming back late, he saw the people preparing something - a strike against the pygmies which had captured them, and finding Harrison Jones.

Fargus lead the way, and shared his opinion on how to move back - afraid that the pygmies would return to ambush them. They moved around the large tol'vir monument, only to see the kodo from the caravan dead and a person--- and a person!

Moving close enough, they saw it was Harrsin Jones.. who had beaten (killed?) a dousin of pygmies. He explained them the situation; that the Coffer of Promise would be behind the large door infront of them. He asked to all to move behind, as he wanted to blow the door open.

The large amount of explosives obviously exploded; but the door was still intact... and Harrison Jones was not there any further. He was seen to be blown off into the far distance, inside the box he hid himself within - thinking that he might be dead, they all rushed off to find him. Durkon himself was not focused on the 'mission' but angered a very certain bird arakkoa. Grakk. He had nearly got them killed the first day they entered Uldum, and now he was just an everlasting pestilence. Durkon told him, that if he did not listen to them and stopped being a fool - he would make sure he never helped the expedition again.

Grakk, known for his cocky nature, simply replied he did not care. Durkon was getting really, really pissed off at the moment- but Garrow told to his good side, and made him concentrate.

"Don't waste your time on him, Durkon. He ain't worth it.."

Apparently, a scepter had to be retrieved from the nearby pygmy village - to open up something. They went there, got the scepter (though they had to finish of a vile, malicious rabbit - and a huge turtle and the pygmy chieftain). Making their way down to a 'Chamber', Harrison Jones jumped down as the stoic adventurer he is - and awaited them all down there. Once down there, Fargus called over the buzzbox for soldiers to get down.

It was officially claimed in the name of the Alliance.


After a large, harsh trek to Uldum - the Fifth Legion was called back from the desert, leaving the first regiment behind, to help the Ramkahen and still have the possibility to return.

Though, Durkon is glad that they're back from that fellish (hellish) desert and in Stormwind - which is not exactly how he normally is. Nevertheless, he awaits anticipatingly for their first task - the Blackrock orcs.

Missing? Nonsense!Edit

Durkon vanished and was gone for a very long time. Although, he just recently returned and now he is back in action.

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