Humble BeginningsEdit

Christopher Alexander Redsword the Third, hailing from Stormwind, was born in the middle of a peace period between the First and Second Wars, twenty-seven years ago. He is the eldest of three children; his brother, Daniel Redsword, is currently an active marine, somewhere out in the Great Sea. His sister, Kezia Redsword, currently lives in Stormwind as a Priestess. His parents, Johnathan and Christina Redsword, both had eventful, long lives. Johnathan is a recently deceased war veteran, who was the most recent wielder of the Pride of the Redsword family, which is a one-handed sword that has been passed down for 16 generations (roughly 500 years), along with the Redsword family shield, both of which are destined to end up in Christopher's hands. His mother, Christina, died six years ago, after a ship she was traveling on was caught in the line of fire between two war ships.

Beginning at an early age, he had always retained an interest in swordplay and war tactics. He's always held a great respect for members of the army, and when the death of his mother occured, he finally manned up and joined the Stormwind Army. After word of The Lich King became widespread, he was pulled from duty and sent packing up to the dreaded Northrend, where he was reassigned.

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