"War does not determine who is right- only who is left."

"A clear concience is usually the sign of a bad memory."

"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."

~Caroline Ripley Emmett-Fluery

The TL;DR part.Edit

The basic things people should know about ripley are:

  • Although she was once appart of the Fifth Brigade, but the young priestess has left.
  • She's prone to danger, always seems to be in the way of attacks
  • She was in the war against the Lich King, she was there with the Fifth Brigade.
  • She was one of the select few who heard the voice of Yogg-Saron and was a part of the group who set out to find and slay him. (This failed horribly though)
  • She was once Liuetenant Commander but left the position to help reclaim Lordaeron.
  • She was once wanted by Stormwind for being friends with Gabriel Ambrose and Yakob Merres.
  • Ripley's married to Gabriel Ambrose and they have a son named William together.
  • Her and two others built and own the Chapel in Goldshire, if anyone tells you otherwise they're lying.


Alliance 32 Caroline Ripley Emmett-Fluery
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Priestess Caroline Ripley Emmett-Fluery



Race and Gender

IconSmall Human FemaleHuman. Female




Gabriel Ambrose (Husband)

William Ambrose(Son)

Regina Emmett-Fluery † (Mother)

Gregory Emmett-Fluery † (Father)

Nicholas Emmett-Fluery † (Brother)


Darnassian, Thalassian, Common.


Wrath-Logo-Small Priestess IconSmall Priest


Alliance, The Fifth Brigade (Former)


Vellithel Lightgrace (Former)


Yakob the Lightbringer (Past)

Caroline Ripley Ambrose (Madien: Emmett-Fleury) grew up in the Cathedral Square section of Stormwind City. She grew up with both her parents being Paladins that worked for the Church and a brother who was always rebelling against Stormwind and his parents. Ripley admired her brother, Nicholas, even though she knew what kind of a person he was, she always saw the best in him even though most others couldn't. Since her parents were Paladins they were constantly in the Cathedral praying, raising money for the orphanages, or fighting in the war, Ripley grew up alone. Her brother would always be away with his friends vandalizing Stormwind. Because she grew up during the war, she hardly saw her parents, but it did not matter as she was still a child. When the war ended her parents came back to Stormwind, continuing to work for the Cathedral. As she grew to become a young child, Ripley found a love for nature, spending most of her time reading in the Park and watching the young Night Elves children play. The more time she spent there the more time she grew to love the idea of Darnassus. One day while reading she was approached by a young Druid named Maelandel, he looked to be about a year older than Ripley (In Night Elf years of course) but still not a young adult and he did what Ripley did not think possible, he offered to teach her Darnassian if she taught him better common. She accepted and they spent time together teaching each other what they knew, sometimes bringing books to teach the other to read and write. For hours he would talk about how beautiful Darnassus was, what the people were like, life there, and even about the animals. Even though Ripley was young, she knew that she wanted to go and see Darnassus one day.

The Third WarEdit

As Ripley grew older she grew closer to the Light, Maelandel moved back to Darnassus, and her family decided to move to Stromgarde. On the journey to Stromgarde, her parent's wagon was ambushed by a group of Undead Scourge,they tipped the wagon over, trapping Ripley and her brother inside, while they beat their parents. Luckily, a group of Militia on patrol saw them and slayed the Undeads but left Ripley and Nicholas scarred for life. During their time at Stromgarde, Ripley and her brother lived a hard life. Her brother worked for the Militia, getting paid very little, and she worked at the town square, running errands for those who were busy and found no time to do it. By the time the Third War broke out, Ripley and her brother were starving, in worn out clothes, and their house was caving in, yet they never complained. Nicholas joined the army as soon as he got permission from the Militia and during one of the raids at Stromgarde, Nicholas was called to help fight the Scourge, leaving Ripley alone. During the attack, this time being attacked by Syndicate and the Boulderfist Orges , Nicholas was killed when a Warlock's chaos bolt hit him, sending him down to the ground, burning and rotting. During the attack one of Ripley's close friends, Annabella, snuck into her house and helped Ripley escape from the city. Annabella's family and Ripley traveled back to Stormwind, seeking refuge at the Cathedral of Light

The Fifth BrigadeEdit

Ripley studied at the Cathedral up until the age of 25, where she learned about the Light and how to use it. During her time there she decided to become a priest and help the people around her, something she couldn't do in Stromgarde. On a regular Sunday morning, Ripley was approached by her Mentor, Priestess Laurena and was told about the Fifth Brigade, a new edition to the Stormwind Army. After being talked into joining, Ripley went to the Command Centre for an interview. Ripley's first impression of it was there was no way anything could get better.

Hell WeekEdit

Yes, she was one of the few that had to endure "Hell Week", the week where all the soldiers went through hard core training before being shipped off to Northrend. She, along with the rest of the soldiers, was put through simulations and real-time situations. The most noteable simulation, was when Cody Benedikt Hewitt had a few men put inside a small rowboat in the lake near Goldshire. Cody also had a few mages stationed around the river, where each one had a specific task, whether it was creating tides or a small storm. The boat was rocked slowly, then progressively more and more, until the boat was almost flying into the air, while a rain would pour onto the men. They were instructed to stay inside the boat, as the water had been put at freezing cold temperatures. After that, the boat was pushed through the nearby Murloc village, where the men were being swarmed and overrun by Murlocs, they had been instructed to hold the boat for as long as possible. Everyone made it out of the training, only a few injured. After other simulations (such as the men being put into a freezing cold pond for five minutes) and real-time situations (such as raiding Defias farms) the week had eventually passed.

The Boat TripEdit

As the Brigade had only one day left in Stormwind, before they left to Northrend, Ripley began to say farewell to her fellow friends in the Cathedral and see the places that she appreciated mostly. Once she had said farewell, the Brigade marched towards the Harbor. As they arrived, Cody and Durkon already awaited them. As Cody and Durkon stood before the men, they gave out promotions. Ripley was luckily promoted to Private, though her rank mattered little to her. As she got onto the boat she knew it was going to be a long ride. As the boat began to rock, Ripley started to turn a little green. The waves of the Harbor causing her to get sick, fast. After a day of sea sickness her stomach adjusted to the waves and Ripley was able to enjoy the beautiful images of the water and its creatures.

After they travelled for a month, Ripley began to see ice blocks in the distance and it began to get colder, deadly cold. Ripley began to get somewhat nervous, and after awhile she and a group of soldiers walked up to the Captain of the ship only to see him lying dead on the wooden deck of the ship. No one knew what was going on until a slimy beast from the water crawled unto the ship; they killed it quickly and began to look around nervously. Soon, more slimy beasts came upon the ship, they looked like a distant cousin of a Murlocs, just slimier and brain dead. These Murlocs swarmed the ship, killing several soldiers. Ripley and the remaining soldiers ran to the corner of the ship and they were soon swarmed with these Gorlocs. The Gorlocs fled suddenly, and silence overcame the ship. Suddenly laughter was heard nearby the ship. A ship came closer to the Brigade's ship, and the laughter began to get louder and higher. Once the other ship had come close enough to the Brigades, something threw planks onto the Brigades. Giant "Sea" Vrykuls, also called Kval'dir, charged unto the ship. With the wounded, it would be a tough fight, Ripley began to run towards them, healing as many as possible before having to sit down to take a small rest. Cody took control of the ship's wheel, and began steering the ship right into the other. It crashed the other ship, as the Brigade's was, at least, twice the size, and the Brigade was set free. Once they arrived at Moa'ki Harbor, they were met by Salen, Debretton and Garrock.

The Frozen WastelandsEdit

As Ripley arrived in Northrend with the Brigade, they travelled quickly to Wintergarde. There she worked together with the 7th Legion, but at first they weren't trusted. After some time, Ripley began to do more missions with the Brigade, getting a little more credibility. While she was there, Ripley began to grow closer to the people of the Brigade, becoming close friends with Christopher, Sergei, Garrow, and Kelrania. Doing jobs like patrolling the perimeter of the Keep and allowing people into it. Life was easy for Ripley... until the voice began.

The VoiceEdit

On an average day of the week, after a patrol ended badly, Ripley began to hear a voice. THE voice of death was talking to her, filling her mind with terrible thoughts. The deaths of everyone she once loved with their blood on Ripley was one of the Voice's favorite torments. During these attacks on her mind, Ripley would have no control over her body; the voice would take control for her. It would control Ripley's movements; forcing her to attack her friends and making them think that she was a mindless killer. After these attacks Ripley would find herself chained to beds, chairs, sometimes in a cell chained to the wall. Commander Cody began to take notice of Ripley's unusual behavior and ordered soldiers to chain her, until she was deemed fit. Then Ripley heard of Viola De Feuxxe. Viola was also a victim of The Voice, along with a few others, and she planned to put an end to it. Viola and Ripley, along with Log'toir, Jale Auris, Amary, and Trekkar, journeyed to The Storm Peaks to put an end to the voices. They went to Dalaran to stock up on supplies they might need and Viola, together with Ripley, went to the Black Market to find a map. While in the sewers, they came across two aggressive Goblins. Viola began to haggle over the price of a Storm Peaks map, before finding out it was fake. Afterwards, they stunned the Goblins. Now that they were out of action, Ripley looked through the Goblin's supplies trying to find a staff, and she did find one, Healer's Staff of the Forest. After leaving the Black Market, Ripley and Viola met up with Jale, Log'toir, Amary, and Trekkar to finally embark on their journey. After taking a Zeppelin to the bottom of The Storm Peaks, they had to hike up a mountain, a frozen waterfall, and defeat a worm before finally making it into the Peaks officially. After hours of hiking they encountered a group of Harpies, Amary disguised Viola as the Queen Harpy, making them let the group pass. Half way through they got attacked by a Harpy, which they quickly killed. They continued to hike until coming across a village of Val’Kyr which was very angry with the group. The group was chased until it was far away, Amary and Jale created a portal back to Dalaran. With the mission failed, Ripley went back to the Keep.

Grizzly HillsEdit

After Cody got a letter from Garrock the Fifth Brigade moved to Grizzly Hills. For 11 days, working day and night, the Brigade finally built the camps and towers. Ripley loved Grizzly Hills; she loved the nature, the animals, and the spectacular view from the balcony at the camp. Ripley would spend hours, when not training or on missions, reading on the balcony or merely looking at it. As she spent more time here she grew closer to Jinalina, a mage within the Brigade. On a random day of the week Jinalina and Ripley where talking when a ranger over heard them. The ranger was outraged when he overheard Jina and Ripley talking about how they built the camp by themselves, and the ranger, who turned out to be one of the leaders, quit and took his troops with him. This left Cody outraged and was screaming at Jina when Ripley came up with the idea of getting the rangers back. Together with Jina, Ripley went to look for the rangers. When they found them Ripley and Jina begged for the rangers to come back, and they agreed. Ripley and Jina returned with the Rangers and were not punished. Later that week the fifth brigade moved to their new base, an old "Port."


Ripley's Signature made by sunny.

On that same day the Fifth attacked Voldrune, the Vrykul town. This was a lost battle. (See The Fifth Brigade for full details about the fight.) They fought their way back to the port, happy that at least some people survived. After staying at the Port for a few weeks, arguing with the Horde and recovering from small missions here and there Ripley and the Brigade moved forward with the other Army's in Northrend to meet to scourge that threaten the lands. The Brigade took over the Argent Vanguard. Ripley, who was still weak from The Voice, the travel to Storm Peaks and Dalaran, and the attack on the Voldrune town, was asleep for most of the time there. Only awaking once, when she meet her mad cousin Clary.

The Visit from Cousin ClaryEdit

On the third Sunday at a random month in the year Ripley awoke to find herself in a tent. Confused and dazed Ripley got up to stretch only to find her muscle's stiff so she decided to talk a "harmless" walk around the Vanguard. While half-way through her walk Ripley saw a white figure charging at her. With no weapon on her Ripley was at a loss of what to do. While the figure stabbed Ripley, a sergeant named Christopher was walking past her and was able to stop the attack and bring a bleeding Ripley back to the Vanguard, all while dragging a struggling female behind him. As soon as Christopher was within hearing range of the Vanguard he began yelling for help and Sergei, another sergeant at the time, came rushing out towards him. Sergei took the struggling female from Christopher while Chris ran to get help. When Ripley awoke in a tent again unaware of how she got there and was covered in blood she was a bit confused. She went to go outside her tent but was stopped by Garrow saying that she should rest and Sergei was taking care of the girl. What the Brigade didn't know was that girl was Ripley's close cousin.

Returning to StormwindEdit

Ripley returned to Stormwind through a portal at Dalaran due to her many injuries during the war. She stayed at the Cathedral where she was healed, learned basic first aid, and continued her studies for being a priestess. While there she met her childhood friend Annabeth and her new husband, Peter. They had a young three month old child who adored Ripley and the feeling was shared. Ripley spent her time at the Cathedral wisely, also spending a fair amount of time at the orphanage looking over the children, helping the hurt or sick ones. At the end of the month Ripley was due back in Northrend and when the time came she packed up her bags, said farewell to her friends, and went through a portal back to Dalaran.

The Return: Rescuing Commander CodyEdit

When Ripley came back to Icecrown she was greeted with Hello's from just about everyone she once knew. They also told her about the Tournament that was going to be held soon, and that Commander Cody was missing. Ripley was completely confused about this, having no idea what happened. The most they ever told her was that he was missing and they were going to rescue him soon. Ripley jumped up to help as fast as possible. The Fifth Brigade Soldiers marched through a portal, thanks to the mages at the tournament grounds, and landed in the Ghostlands. They, with the help of a few volunteer soldiers, quickly attacked the scourge there and set off the find the commander, splitting into two groups. One stayed
  • Hugo and Ripley during the rescuing of Cody.
  • Cody screaming about his hammer.
  • Getting Cody's hammer.
behind, defending the portal, and the second went to find the Commander. Ripley was a part of the second group, and with the help of a Paladin whose name is unknown to this day, they defeated many scourge members and found out where the Cultist's were hiding Cody. They sprinted to the hideout and found Cody in the middle of being tortured; the group quickly killed the Cultist and freed Cody. Cody was without his hammer so with his newly found strength and spirit, screamed at the troops to "Find my blasted hammer you maggots!". They of course did and ran back to the portal to Icecrown.

Icecrown: Tournament Grounds.Edit

She didn't like this idea very much but cheered on all those in the Brigade who wanted to enter, this also meant intense training for the Brigade. Ripley's first duel was against Fargus and the fight was very close. He won in the end but gave Ripley a few tips on how to wear out her opponent. She never got to be in a second duel because Hugo, a new private in the Brigade who is Ripley's best friend, knocked out Garrow. Hugo, thinking he killed Garrow ran off and Ripley ordered Garrow to be taken to the camp while she went to find Hugo. When she found him she was able to convince Hugo that he did kill Garrow and brought him back to see Garrow. The next few days where hard-core training for the brigade and Ripley, resulting in a few minor injuries but they were stronger none the less. When the time for the tournament came around Ripley was very excited. She was going to be able to fight once and watch the rest of the tournament in the stands. During the tournament Ripley watched the games next to Gabriel, making small bets here and there but always without money. It wasn't until the last battle that Ripley was able to fight. She managed to blast a troll off his feet, getting him pulled into the crowd, before getting hit by a draenei and getting pulled into the crowd as well. As she cheered on the fighting opponents a strange man would run past her and randomly poke her, causing both her and Sergei to cast un welcomed glances at him. By the end of the tournament Ripley's voice was gone from so much cheering but she was extremely happy for everyone who won.

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  • Ripley at theTournament next to Sergei and Val.Go to .
  • Fargus and Cody making out. Read emote.

During the Closing event of the Tournament Ripley was one of the many that saw the Lich King. She was frozen where she stood, struck with fear as he destroyed the grounds. Instead of the many then jumped down the hole in the ground willingly Ripley was frozen where she stood, only to be pushed into the hole by a klutz undead walking past her. During the attack of the spider's Ripley helped heal Zackaroth while Lancy kept the spiders away. Once she finished it should have Holy Nova's the grounds around her and Lancy while they dragged Zack to the lake. When the lake froze over them Ripley began to pray to make the ice around her melt so she could swim to the shore, once there she helped Whitemane keep up a holy light bubble so they would not be attacked by the bugs. Once the Queen left Ripley ran to the portal to leave the underground caverns once and for all.

Shadowfang KeepEdit

A few weeks after the Tournament, Ripley was talking to the newly returned Hugo, building snow-people to be exact, when Cody found them. After a few short conversations Garrow showed up and eventually Tiran with Nadlina. Tiran told Cody, Ripley, and Garrow about how he needed help in Shadowfang Keep, Ripley agreed to go as long as Cody let her, but Cody decided that all three of them (Hugo seemed to be missing at this time) should go, representing The Fifth Brigade. Together with Nadlina and Tiran, the three of them left to get minor supplies then head to the Kirin'tor encampment to go through a portal to Shadowfang Keep. Once there she teamed up with Cody and Garrow to defeat any Worgen trying to attack them. After defeating the Worgens inside the Keep they moved outside to the grounds. Ripley helped Grakk, the Arakkoa, free prisoner’s only to find out that they were actually test subjects that will soon turn into Worgens. After they defeated the Worgens on the grounds they moved to the Kitchen, only to find butchered humans being fed to the Worgens. Ripley
  • Cody Garrow and Ripley before Shadowfang Keep.
  • Caroline Ripley Emmett-Fluery
quickly ran out, almost barfing, but with the help of Lancy and Gabriel she was able to get past the kitchen, with her eyes squeezed shut, and into the dining hall. Once there, they freed a few ghosts before one told them that Lothos had something that they might want, something beginning with an "S". After the ghost departed (And a few minutes of OOC pvp while Tiran was afk :3) they left to head up some stairs into the Tower, where they were trapped into a room and were forced to play musical chairs or die. After the first round Ripley and Gabriel when to find a way out, but there was none. Gabriel sprinted to the last chair, leaving Ripley to "die".

The Fifth Brigade, along with Gabriel and a few others, where screaming because Ripley "died", this caused Gabriel to stop playing and was burned as well. Cody won the game, and afterwards everyone was freed and they left to go up the tower. In the bat stable's they found a tablet written in Thalassian, Tiran quickly read it and they continued to walk. They found Lothos onto of one of the patrol routes on top of the Keep. Lothos quickly vanished and they rushed into the last tower of the Keep. When they got to the top of the tower they fought Lothos, finding out that only Holy attacks could hit him. Lothos' cultist was channeled into Nadlina, then into Garrow, Cody, and Tiran. These three where brought up, along with Lancy and another. After the battle with Lothos ended they were brought back down, but were bleeding badly and had Worgen bites along them. They ran to the last tower, where the Scythe of Elune stood. They took the Scythe and those who were bitten were forced to stay behind, among them were Garrow and Cody. Cody called Ripley over and told her "Lass, if I die here I want you and Sergei to lead the Brigade, and if I come back... And I'm one of them... I want you to kill me." Noding her head a bit dazed Ripley entered the portal to Northrend, not at all ready to lead the Brigade while Cody is away.

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The Forge of SoulsEdit

With Cody still not back to lead the troops it was up to Sergei and Ripley to lead them into The Forge of Souls. Once there Ripley teamed up with Lindeana and 3 Paladins to fight. At the Forge Ripley stayed in the back, keen on healing people, but as they advanced further into it she had to fight. As they came to the bridge Lindeana and Ripley worked together to cteate chains to shackle the giant Forge beast to the ground, though this attack was useless due to the Blank Knight. After the fall of the Giant Ripley was one of the few crushed by its foot, though because she was a priest got a bubble up and around her so it did less damage to her. After the help of a Blood Elf she didn't know she got out from under the Giants foot and continued on deeper into the Forge. During the next battle Ripley decided to stay in the back and heal people, still a bit tired from producing a bubble in a few seconds. When it came down to the last boss fight Ripley was terrified, not only was it just a spinning cube full of heads but all her Holy Spells were weak. Ripley was defenseless when the Head casted a Soul Ripping spell at the group, dropping down on her knees and crying her eyes out. After this attack she was pushed off the stairs, due to another attack by the head. Not having the energy to get up due to the attacks Ripley stayed there, that is up until a Quilboar told one of her soldiers she was dead and picked her up to "Finish" her. This didn't go well with the Expedition, and Gabriel, at all. They charged after the Quilboar until they came to a ledge that, below it, led to a machine that would kill Ripley if he let go of her. The Expedition charged at the Quilboar and he let Ripley go, thankfully Lindeana was there and used holy shackles to make sure Ripley did not fall off the edge, although it did dislocate on of her arms and caused bruises on her wrists. Gabriel picked her up and took her through the portal back to the Argent Grounds.

The Pit of SaronEdit

At the Argent Grounds, Ripley was able to rest until the next day. Because of her getting so much rest she was hyped up with energy as they approached the Pit of Saron, but that energy quickly turned to fear. Hiding

Grakks picture of Ripley.

behind any Brigade member who was not fighting, Ripley decided to only heal the wounded during the battle, and there where many hurt. As she flitted about, helping random hurt strangers, she never realized the dangers of the Pit until the final fight. Tyrannus did not pick an easy fight at all; Ripley was one of the few priests fighting him. She luckily hit him with a smite but when she was hit by the Soul Ripping curse she stopped and couldn't get back up. Once the curse was lifted she moved about helping and healing anyone she could, but still weak. When Lancy approached her and told her to enchant her axe's she was a bit confused but did it anyways, this took a lot of energy out of her. During the fight Tyrannus threw a necromancy spell at Gabriel, this burned his hand badly and he collapsed to the ground. Ripley, thinking he was dead, ran to Gabriel as swiftly as she could before looking over him. When she realized he was not dead she began to heal his hand. Though she healed his hand the Light would not answer him for a short time. When they defeated Tyrannus Ripley stayed with the Fifth Brigade members who went back to the Argent Tournament Grounds.

The Treasure HuntEdit

With a week left before the Troops of Azeroth set out to finally kill the Lich King, the Fifth Brigade decided it was time to do something productive. Fargus called the troops to the Alliance Pavilion and told them of the treasure hunt they were going to take; they accepted no visitors they did not know. Fargus told them they were going to Sholozar Basin to find a lost diamond, he never told them the size nor where it was. The troops collected their supplies then met up with Fargus as the training rink. There was only a small one pilot plane next to Fargus, the troops were confused. He told them that they were going to attach a long piece of rope to each other, around their waist, while he flies the plan to Sholozar. This didn't go well since they just made it to their destination when the plane exploded, but luckily no one was harmed that badly. They continued towards the river, making great progress until they came across a small camp. At the camp were
  • Fargus speaking about the Treasure Hunt.
  • Murlocs and more Murlocs.
  • Beating Cody and Garrow.
dead dwarfs everywhere, along with a dead messenger and several Murlocs. Fargus read the note the messenger had on him and they continued their journey. They made it to the river where they was half of a pirate ship, on the deck was a treasure chest. The greedy troops, everyone but Ripley of course, ran towards the chest and opened it. Inside was only clothing so the troops let it be. They continued their swim up the river until they camp to the base of a waterfall; they swam out of the water to climb up the waterfall but was quickly surrounded by Murlocs. The group formed a circle as they backed up, up a small hill, until they reached a small cliff with resting baby monkeys. Due to the noise of the hissing Murlocs the group woke up Mother Monkey, the angry monkey charged at the group and Garrow, either thinking quickly or idiotically, threw bananas at it. Catching the bananas in its mouth, the Mother charged towards the Murlocs, siding with the alliance, and the troops were able to sneak up the waterfall. They reached the mouth or the river before they came to a stop. Fargus activated the troops underwater breathing helmets before he jumped into the water and began swimming. They swam for a few minutes before Fargus stopped swimming and began to sink to the bottom of the ocean floor, the Brigade followed him. They sank down to an underwater village, Fargus pointed out a Kraken heading in their direction so the group hid behind a large temple. Once the Kraken left the group swam to one of the taller towers where they found a switch. Garrow and Fargus pulled the switch and a large current hit the group, obviously something was released.

They swam around, looking for more levers and once they found all of them a loud click was heard under group. They swam to the tallest tower and found a large Diamond floating there. They all grabbed a hold of it and began to swim to the surface but a problem was surrounding them. Murlocs. Once more the Murlocs surrounded the brigade, only this time by the thousands, all angry. To the Brigade's luck a passing shark saw the Murlocs and decided to feast. The Brigade got away but the shark finished his feast faster than they would have thought. Swimming while holding the Diamond, the Brigade began to swim faster, only a few feet from the shore. Luckily they made it. Because Fargus called the Argent's Ground after the plane crashed bikes awaited them when they returned to the spot from where they landed. They rode the bikes back to Valiance Keep where they opened the Diamond and gave out the treasures inside of it. They then stayed there for a few days before returning to Icecrown.

The End of NorthrendEdit

After the Fifth Brigade returned to Icecrown, it was time to begin the raid into The Lich Kings Citadel. Ripley, struck with fear, decided that staying in the back, behind the Fifth Brigade, would be the best possible option to survive the raid. This idea was very wise considering for the first half of the raid, Ripley did not get harmed.. That badly. Due to her distress in the Citadel, Ripley did not perform up to her full potention and meekly sat in

Ripley, drawn by Seawulf.

the back, shaking with fear as others ran infront of her, eager to fight. During the first half of the raid, Ripley was lucky enough to survive and make it out of the Citadel with her life. After a days rest, they continued their adventure into the Lick Kings Citadel and Ripley was once more struck with fear of being killed. Later, after many treacherous hours of fighting, they finaly made it to the Lick Kings Throne. There, after a few minutes of fighting, the Lich King killed all of the soldiers while a frozen Jaina, Sylvanas, and Tirion watched. After breaking free of the Lick King, Tirion was able to shatter Frostmourne which released all the stolen souls of the soldiers. With their newly returned souls, the soldiers were able to kill the Lich King, Jaina, Sylvanas, Tirion, and Salen were able to get the killing strike, and Bolvar took his spot on the Lich Kings Throne, but no one was allowed to tell what happened there; Only that Bolvar died in the fight against the Lich King.

Returning HomeEdit

After a week of festivities in Dalaran, it was finally time to return back home. Hugging good-bye to all her non-Brigade friends, Ripley made her way to Stormwinds portal and stepped through. Returning to Stormwind wasn't what Ripley expected it to be. Beggers and strays running all over the street, fights at the bank, and simply fights everywhere. Ripley tried her best to help the poor and hungry, and also tried to help solve the situation with the bank. But, in the end, she wasn't able to do much. Crime in the city seemed to triple while the Brigade was away, with the Defias gaining more power. It was a lot of stress on Ripley, but she didn't seem to mind it. She always found time to simply sit back and read a good book, or study Draconic. Ripley was even able to travel to the new village of 'Lighthaven'.


After hearing the news about a new village being built named 'Lighthaven' Ripley was intrigued to vist there. Setting off to find the path that lead there Ripley was able to find the road after a few minutes of walking through Goldshire. Looking around Lighthaven, Ripley was shocked to see so many people there training and while
WoWScrnShot 031711 133650

Ripley speaking to Lazo, Dalten, and Arthun.

looking around met Arthun. They spoke for a while, Arthun explaing what Lighthaven is, before they were interupted by Lazo, one of the Brigade members and one of the many trouble makers. Lazo decided to stir up trouble when he climbed onto the roof of a house and skip on it before jumping to the next house over and skipping on that one too. Ripley decided the best thing to do was to get Lazo down and send him back to Stormwind for punishment and let him face the wrath of Sergei. Once Lazo left, many Brigade members seemed to show up at Lighthaven for training or to watch others train. Yakob and Ripley once more met there and decided it would be great if Ripley trained with Yakob while she stayed there. After spending a few days at Lighthaven Ripley walked back to Stormwind to resume her work with the Brigade.

Hope's Rebirth ChapelEdit

One day, while randomly walking around the large town of goldshire, Ripley stumbled upon an old Chapel. Looking
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Ripley convincing Sergei and Christopher to help her

around it she realized it was abandoned and decided to take a look inside it. While inspecting it an idea come to her; Why not clean up the chapel and rebuild it? She had people in the Fifth Brigade who would gladly help her with the good cause. She found Sergei and Christopher, two knights from the Brigade to help her, though Sergei couldn't do much because of his current disability. For two weeks they worked, dusting and washing the floors, retiling, getting rid of rotten wood, and blessing the grounds. After many weeks of vigorous hard work, the Chapel was complete. The trio went to the not burnt down(for once) inn of Goldshire where Ripley made sandwiches and drank water.. Well, Ripley did atleast.

The VisionsEdit

It was a sunny day in the lands of Elywnn forest, not a cloud in the sky. The Fifth Brigade was on it's regularly scouting rounds when a group of soldier's including Ripley stumbled across a lone soldier body near a river. The body was worn and bloodied, not a typical animal killing. The few Brigade members, including Alistair, Christopher, and Ferishela, inspected the Soldier. When the soldier's mouth flew open, a strange purple fire surrounded the foursome, locking them in a small circle. In the fire, a large and terrible version of King Varian enter the circle and quickly killed off Ripley and harmed Christopher. With his front facing Ferishela, Varian didn't have time to notice Garrosh Hellscream enter the Ring of Fire, and quickly backstabbed the King. Crumbling to the ground, Varian died. Garrosh then went to kill Ferishela and Alistair. Once both died, the fire collapsed, and the soldier body dissapeared. The four soldier's left the river, planning to never return.

The Dinner Banquet Edit

After the Visions, life for the fifth Brigade seemed normal again. The regular rumors of noble scandles floating about, when Ripley heard about a charity banquet. The Charity Banquet, hosted by Jale and Arthurn, was a perfect reason to hang up her Commander gear, put on a nice robe, and help out others. Convincing Commander Gabriel to go with her, the two along with Garrow, Cody, Fargus, Durkon, and Sergei let to head to Lighthaven. There, they entered the dinning hall along with a few other nobles. Inside the dining hall were many tables placed together to form a small 'T' and chairs near them. On the tabled were a variety of foods along with candles and plates. Taking a seat at the lower end of the table, Ripley was patient while waiting for everyone to seetle down. After eating a two course meal, the group of people got straight to buisness in talking about what to spend the money on. A few got angry with Jale and Arthun in which Ripley tuned out (Aka, I went afk) and didn't listen to their arguement. After they all settled down, they decided to spend the money building a school house and opened the donation box. Overall they gathered a good sum of gold to build the school house with.

The Trails of Grakk and AlistairEdit

It was one of the regular days in Stormwind: training the new recruits in the Fifth Brigade, regular reports of stolen/attacked citizens, and a new rumor floating in the air. This one was about two guards in the Fifth Brigade, a certain Alistair and Grakk. The two were to be taken to trial while most of the Fifth Brigade and other military branches watched. Through the whole Trial, Ripley got to watch as Marshal Jacob Alerius, Cody, Sergei, Fargus, and Garrow(Or..Durkon?) spoke about the incident that happened with Grakk and Alistair. After both of the convicted men stated their storys the men decided their fate. The two were charged with being guilty and Alistair was to be hanged while Grakk had to leave the Fifth Brigade for being an Arakkoa. Although in Ripley's eyes this wasn't very fair to Alistair there was nothing she could do to change it. And so, Alistair was hung while Grakk left.

Stormwind CorruptedEdit

It was a stormy and cold day in Stormwind, no sunlight or anything to brighten ones mood. It was the day Yakob the Lightbringer was branded as a traitor by Archbishop Benedictus. Him and the other Knights of the Silverhand were charged with the highest level of treason and were wanted dead or alive. This included Ripley and her new husband Gabriel. Yakob, Ripley, and a few others were in the Barrens at the time training and had no idea they were wanted until a messenger told them. They quickly left to Stranglethorn Vale, then to Ripley's chapel in Elywnn where the two met up with Garrow, Cody, and Gabriel. Then, the five of them quickly ventured to Ironforge where they were to stay at Garrow's house. After a few days of hiding, Gabriel was fed up with it all and left to the Eastern Plaguelands, leaving Yakob, Ripley, and the other Silver hand knights to figure it all out on their own.

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Soon, the Silver Hand conducted a plan to confront the Archbishop. They all left for Stormwind, marching through the lands towards the Cathedral. With the Lightbringer as their leader, no one dared to attack the Silver hand, much less approach them. Though some Fifth Brigaders and others did join them in their march. (Since my internet went out in the middle of the event I'll simply copy and paste the rest from the event thread) It was there that The Lightbringer confronted the Archbishop about the charges he has had wrongfully placed upon him. After a short exchange of words, it was clear that the people and the Majority of the guards were on Yakob's side, stating that they didn't believe in what had been said about him. It was at this instant that the Archbishop ordered any and all guards still with him to attack and kill the Lightbringer and his followers. After a short skirmish, the Lightbringer stabbed the Archbishop in the stomach, injuring him, but not killing him.

After some confusing words from Benedictus, a cloaked man emerged from the Cathedral and explained that the Archbishop was under his control, and that the group of heroes had done little to affect his plans. He then took a vile of some sort of purple substance and began to mutate uncontrollably. For over an hour, the heroes fought with with this shape-shifting creature until finally, they vanquished it.

The Archbishop managed to be saved due to the acts of a soldier of the Fifth Brigade, and now that he has control over his own mind, has publicly stated that he will step down as Archbishop as he no longer feels that he is strong willed enough to lead the church, and wishes for Yakob to take his place. The Lightbringer was grateful for the offer, but feels that the servants of the light, all the citizens and warriors who follow it, should be the ones to choose.

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The Fifth Brigade's Horrible Chess TournamentEdit

The Fifth Brigade was to be tested, they were teleported inside the compound where they were teleported to a mysterious playground. In this playground, they were tested with a game- which the mysterious echoing, robotic voice explained. A simple game of chess. The Alliance felt pain and some of the members were ashamed of how they were killed by the smart enemy pieces. None of the sides won, as the time was up and brigade had to fight the remaining enemy pieces, who were released from the magical limits of the weird game's ground. Afterwards, the Alliance/Brigade with some casualties reached inside the main archive sector of the compound, where they had to fight mechanical gnomes and full-steel mechanical dwarves. Being surpressed by all kinds of tech weapons, the group pushed forward and reached tram station similar to one at Ulduar and used it to get to the main archive core. Unfortunately, doing so they opened Security sector of the compound, which was previously overrun by the infestation - the shadow minions. The group accidentally pushed big red button, which actually was shiny and initiated self-destruct of entire archive sector, luckily also gaining a mediocre, dark tinted box, which gnomes use to gain stored information out of it. Ultimately, group barely escaped through a portal, which was triggered by pressing the button. Now the Fifth Brigade probably has information on how to combat the shadowy beings who attacked Stormwind's harbor.

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Lt. Commander No moreEdit

Many prople throughout Stormwind City began to notice rapid changes in the Lt. Commander Ripley Swanson. She tnded to get sick during training, constant mood-swings, and her stomach began to swell. About four or five months into the pregnancy, many soldier's were victims to the mood-swings of the Priestess. One in particular. Clifford, one of the newer soldier's was put on probation for a week by Ripley for getting into a fight with an Argent. Without her knowing, Captain Corbin took him off probation and didn't tell her afterwards. And so, one day while looking through the Commander Logs, Ripley stummbled across a line stating that Clifford was taken off probation. Enraged, Ripley hollered for Clifford and Knight Christopher happened to hear her and came aswell. Yelling about how he shouldn't of been taken off probation and wanting to find out who did it, Ripley decided he deserved to go through one of Sergei's Trainings. With the help and ideas of Christopher, Ripley walked to the Canals where Christopher dragged the unconsious Clifford (He knocked him out with a chair). Clifford woke up in the middle of the walk but remained silent as they walked. Christopher then threw him into the canal, but attached a rope onto his waist to pull him up afterwards, knowing plate weighs a lot but Clifford had other plans. He managed to rip the rope off before removing most of his plate armor before swimming off. Another soldier, the time in leather, jumped into to find him to to no avail he came up empty. Sneaking up on the group, Clifford pushed Christopher into the water before getting into a large fight with the leather-wearing dwarf soldier. Once Christopher managed to get out of the water, he pulled the two soldier's appart and Ripley held back the tiny dwarf. Dragging the two soldier's back to the Command Center, Clifford went straight to Corbin, yelling about how he was going to Court-marshal Ripley even though she never laid a hand on him. So, Corbin gave Ripley two options: Leave Stormwind, leave her position as Lt. Commander, and go with Gabriel were-ever he is, or stay in Stormwind for who knows how long until the trail could be held. Going with the first option, Ripley retired her old gear keeping only her staff and other personal items, Ripley left the Command Center once and for all.

The DisappearanceEdit

It was as though Ripley's day could not get any better. Ariving at the Cathedral, a place in which Ripley thought held no corruption, she was faced with a fate worse then death. It was said that William, Ripley's own son, went missing. Rumors said it was a Twilight hidden within the city, others said bandits, a few passer-bys simply thought the child ran-away. Ripley was filled with fear and dread, already faced with loosing her husband, now it was her younger son- but she held strong. She was determined to find the missing child, and with a small group of priests set out to find the young boy, but to no avail.

For a day, Ripley could not eat, sleep, drink, or even sit still. She was jittery and nervious, her speech stuttered and eyes drousy from lack of sleep. It would not be until an entire day later that her forever-racing heart beat would be able to slow, and she would be able to embrace her son in her arms.

Returning HomeEdit

It was just after dawn on the second day, William was still no where to be seen. Ripley was a horribly mess- giant bags below her eyes and hair a fumbled mess. Finaly, she was met by an old friend of hers. Marcie Strong. She had fantastic news on the where-abouts of her son, and a very long story to tell about how she found him. After racing out of the Cathedral, embracing William in a motherly-gripped hug, and completely bawling her eyes out, that Ripley was able to find herself smiling for the first time in what seemed like ages.

William quickly fell asleep, very exhausted from his travels within the two days, and Ripley was able to hear the story from the side of Marcie. Along with some few facts about the person who took him, and a request to not cause to much more drama for Marcie's sake, Ripley was able to sleep. Which she did, for what seemed like longest time.

Cyrena: The AttackEdit

Whilst walking through the worn-down roads of Stormwind, Ripley was starting a new day fresh. On her way to the Cathedral, taking her everyday route, Ripley would quickly pulled behind a large tree and swung against the wall next to it. Her mugger, a young child: Bone-thin, flaming red hair, and brown eyes. Ripley was unsure as to what to do, so instead of taking a violent approach to the mugger, Ripley tried to convince her it wasn't her path, that there were other things for the girl in life. The stubborn girl refused to listen to Ripley so she began to bargian, offering her a warm meal, food, and a blanket in exchange of not getting robbed. Ripley was backing up ever so slightly durring the attack, and after a few seconds, she tried to take the dagger out of the girls hand. This only resulted to them both falling and Ripley quickly getting up and walking away from the tree. The red-head followed her, begging her for a warm meal which Ripley, reluctantly, agree'd to. The two walked to the Cathedral, not bothering for small talk as they went. Once inside, Ripley gave the girl a bowl of soup with bread, along with a small blanket. The lass ate everything, as they spoke for a short bit. Ripley tried to explain to her there was a better option in her life then stealing, but the lass objected and finaly decided to leave- but she gave Ripley a name first. Hers. Cyrena.


Whilst strolling through Hyjal with here husband, Gabriel. Ripley was brutally assassinated by an unknown figure. The cause of her death was unknown, yet it is speculated that her lugs gave way to two large puncture wounds from an unknown object. Although the Argent attempted to ressurect the woman, the result of her ressurection is unknown. 


Ripley has broken the following: eight ribs Twelve fifteen ribs at seperate times, a thigh, a shoulder, both legs, an arm, three fingers, two toes, her nose, her jaw, has been posioned, dislocated a back disk plate, burned by a shadow bolt, had an arrow shot through her, stabbed in the chest, crushed by a gigantic boar, crushed by an ogre, stabbed in the shoulder by a gnoll, a cracked skull, slice almost in half by an axe, a crushed foot, and a dislocated arm. She was attacked by a group of 6 Twilight Cultists and almost died if she wasn't saved by Salen. She also suffered from a Drake roar that almost cost her her hearing. She died during the fight with the Lich King but was ressurected and once died in a strange dream/vision. She has been attacked 30 times in Icecrown overall about 62 times since joining the Brigade.

She was chased by a group of penguins in Northrend but managed to hide behind a statue and get away.

Ripley is afraid of Heights/Flying, the dark, and Sergei when he is angry. (Grakk also creeps her out)

Ripley can speak Darnassian, Thalassian, Common, and is learning Draconic with the help of Noillaz.

Ripley was a part of the infamous Goldshire game of Strip dice and sang the pokemon theme song in Dalaran with the Brigade.

Ripley hates the word "Hnng" but tends to use it when she is grossed out.

Ripley's closes friends are: Hugo, Kulthar, Yakob, Trekkar, Jinalina, Nadlina, (insert the names of all the fifth brigade), Gabriel, and Noillaz. Ripley was the Lieutenant Commander of the Fifth Brigade.

Ripley is currently being hunted by Romeo and his followers.

Ripley has lost ten pounds since shes join the brigade.

And lastly, Ripley is married to Gabriel Ambrose.

Ripley's theme: 

Audiomachine - Eternal Flame

Audiomachine - Eternal Flame